Six Month Blogiversary! (+some changes!!)

Yes, you’re reading it right!!! I’m reading it right!!! It’s finally my six month blogiversary!!!!!

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Well, technically, my six months was last Sunday, not today, but woaslkjdfwapoesjfkdl this is how scheduling posts worked out so hush up with the technicalities.

I honestly canNOT believe I’ve come so far from day one where I skeptically created a blog, playing around with the themes and gazing lovingly at “famous” blogs, wondering just how they ended up being so great.


And now…six months later…my blog is still fairly generic with a basic theme and no cute logos and minimal original images.

I mean, that’s true. BUT…I’ve also gotten a lot better at blogging and grown beyond what I could have ever imagined!!!! I mean, I have more than 12,000 views!!!! That might not seem like too much…but it is to me ❤

Anyways, if you read my post LAST Sunday (which was the actual day of my blogiversary), you know that I just came back from a sort of semi hiatus and it was GREAT! I didn’t know how stressed this blog was making me until I was finally F R E E ! !

I’ve discovered that for blogging, you really do get out of it what you put into it. When I pretty much stopped checking WordPress, my weekly stats were literally cut in half. I still had some scheduled posts, but I had no interaction! So with half the work, I got half the benefit!!


The problem is…my life is about to get a whole lot harder. All my abundant free time of the summer is about to go to zero in about a month when I’m starting up with a course load that’s literally twice as hard as last year.

I think I could probably get a lot more readers, friends, and interaction by creating a Twitter account, since I’m one of the only bloggers I know who doesn’t have one, but as life gets crazier, I really don’t want to get sucked down that social media hole! Especially as my free time decreases, I’d rather spend my minutes writing, not scrolling! (especially since I already waste hours every day on Facebook…)

I’m pretty sure I’m going to stop participating in WWW Wednesday. It was a bit stressful and not too much fun trying to comment back on posts of people who read books I wasn’t even remotely interested in! I do love talking about my reading week though, so I think I might try doing a sort of weekly wrap up, like my monthly wrap ups, every Saturday! Posting discussions on Sunday (does this count as a discussion? who nose) works really well for me, and if I do wrap ups on Saturday, I can do a mini follow up and discuss the comments I got! This especially works for ones with lots of divided opinions, like my most popular one to date, Where Are The Parents In YA?

Here’s a tentative new schedule I’m thinking of!

  • Sunday: Discussion/sometimes tag
  • Monday: Review
  • Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday
  • Thursday: Review
  • Saturday: Wrap Up

In other exciting news, my birthday is this month!! I didn’t even realize before that my blog’s half birthday and my birthday are in the same month but that’s super fun 😀

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28 thoughts on “Six Month Blogiversary! (+some changes!!)

  1. Congrats Kay!! I’ve recently been on a bit of a break too and I just had a lot more time to do everything really. Good luck with your new course!

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  2. Congrats on the blogiversary!! Excited for the new schedule 💛 and make sure to take care of yourself, okay? Don’t burn out ✨ blogging takes a lot out of you.


  3. It’s amazing how much interaction your blog has in only six months! I honestly thought you’d been blogging longer than six months — congratulations! 😆🎉 And definitely give yourself time to relax, maybe even more than you think you need. I hope blogging goes well for you this school year, and best of luck following your blogging plans! 😊

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