The 80s Movie Tag || Going Back… To The Past!

Hey loves! A while ago, I was tagged by Siobhan from Siobhan’s Novelties for the 80s Movie Tag! I started doing it, and then I kind of forgot about it, but then I was tagged again by JR Lynn from Eternity Books so I figured that I just had to do it! To be honest, I actually haven’t seen very many of these movies on this list, but I figured I’d participate anyways because let’s just roll with it

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Restore Me | I have a distinct memory of reading this…just one more chapter…just one more chapter…just one more chapter…OMG WHAT…okay I’ll just finish it.

Movie Note: No I haven’t seen this one and no I don’t plan to because ya girl is an absolute scardy cat!

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A Court of Mist and Fury | I mean… to the stars who listen…and the dreams that are answered ❤ ❤

Movie Note: This movie is the actual cutest and I love it so much…as you wish ❤

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The Way You Make Me Feel | To be clear, I hate this book and I hate Clara. She loves breaking the rules and that’s not a good thing because she’s downright cruel. But she does fit this category!

Movie Note: Unpopular opinion alert this movie is overrated and not that good.

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Kaz and Inej | I mean, are they even really together at the end we never get to see them kiss but damn Leigh Bardugo made hand holding a thousand times more sensual and incredible than so many other authors’s sex scenes. These two characters are broken and healing and what they go through together asoidfjlk it’s too much for my heart

Movie Note: Literally never even heard of this movie loll

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Tempest | I typically don’t enjoy time travel books because they’re too much for my small brain to process but I loved this one so much it was incredible!

Movie Note: This is one of the best movies ever I love it so much it’s amazing

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we are sending you back…to the FUTURE!!!

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The Princess Diaries | Mia Thermopolis, the princess who wears combat boots, has a great unique style!

Movie Note: ahaha I also haven’t seen this one I’m terrible


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Shadow and Bone |  I really enjoyed seeing Alina train and figure out her power!

Movie Note: haven’t watched

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Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour | Yep, this detour definitely doesn’t stick to the plan, but it’s amazing and I just love this book with all my heart!

Movie Note: also haven’t watched

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Harry Potter | Well, I mean, his name is in seven books!

Movie Note: I watched this so long ago I barely even remember it but also the Indiana Jones Disneyland ride is actually the best thing ever

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To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before | Lara Jean definitely comes out of her shell with Peter Kavinsky and also I really really love this book so much!

Movie Note: I LOVE THIS MOVIE also that lift? iCONIC.

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i c o n i c

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The Gilded Wolves | I won’t say who because spoilers but when the character dies at the end of this I was so shook and also devastated

Movie Note: Literally never even heard of this lolll

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Second Chance Summer | This ending is pretty much the definition of bittersweet!

Movie note: wow childhood throwback okay

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Let’s Chat

What are some of your favorite 80s movies? Are there some here that I need to watch? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤




Top Ten Tuesday || Books On My Spring 2019 TBR

Hey loves! Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is Books On My Spring 2019 TBR. As always, I really don’t stick to a TBR ever, 110% mood reader here, but this spring there are definitely some releases I’m super excited for!

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1. You Asked For Perfect | This book with the tryhard nerd stressful student life sounds like 110% me so naturally I must read it.


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2. Legendary | I really enjoyed Caraval so I’m super excited for the sequel!


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3. A Curse So Dark and Lonley | This dark Beauty and the Beast retelling seems incredible!


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4. Bloodleaf | Apparently this is a Goose Girl retelling and Goose Girl is one of my all time favorite fairytales soooo


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5. We Rule The Night | These girls sound so badass and fierce of course I must read!


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6. The Tiger At Midnight | This book about an assassin sounds incredible!


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7. Again But Better | I’ve been anticipating this book for so long! I love Christine’s channel, and this story and character sounds so relatable and cute!


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8. The Fever King | I have heard nothing but good things about this book I’m so excited!


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9. King of Scars | Late to the hype again loll but I’ve had it on hold forever at the library and it’s almost my turn to read 😀


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10. The Princess and the Fangirl | Geekerella but with girls. That is all I have to say.


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Let’s Chat

Are you super excited to read these books like me? What are some of the books on your spring TBR? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life Review || Basically A Wikipedia Article On Japan

38491757In the Land of the Rising Sun, where high culture meets high kitsch, and fashion and technology are at the forefront of the First World’s future, the foreign-born teen elite attend ICS-the International Collegiate School of Tokyo. Their accents are fluid. Their homes are ridiculously posh. Their sports games often involve a (private) plane trip to another country. They miss school because of jet lag and visa issues. When they get in trouble, they seek diplomatic immunity.

Enter foster-kid-out-of-water Elle Zoellner, who, on her sixteenth birthday discovers that her long-lost father, Kenji Takahari, is actually a Japanese hotel mogul and wants her to come live with him. Um, yes, please! Elle jets off first class from Washington D.C. to Tokyo, which seems like a dream come true. Until she meets her enigmatic father, her way-too-fab aunt, and her hyper-critical grandmother, who seems to wish Elle didn’t exist. In an effort to please her new family, Elle falls in with the Ex-Brats, a troupe of uber-cool international kids who spend money like it’s air. But when she starts to crush on a boy named Ryuu, who’s frozen out by the Brats and despised by her new family, her already tenuous living situation just might implode.

My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life is about learning what it is to be a family, and finding the inner strength to be yourself, even in the most extreme circumstances.

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This cover is basically the cutest thing ever. And I had such high hopes for this one! It’s really a shame that I was so let down. The premise of this is really cute! It’s a Cinderella-esque rags to riches story, about a poor girl in foster care being whisked away to live with her previously unknown fabulously wealthy Japanese dad in Tokyo! I’ve read so many books with a similar premise, but never before in Asia, so I was really excited for this book!

Alas…this really didn’t feel so much like a novel as it felt like a travel guide for Japan. We got descriptions of the locations, the food, the clothes, the traditions…basically everything. And that would normally be a great thing! I really did enjoy reading about all of that, since I’m all about that Asian rep! BUT, what I would really like to see is to really experience all of this, instead of having is straightforward narrated. This really felt like one of those classic “show not tell” worksheets we all got in third grade, but this was told instead of shown and I kind of felt like I was reading a Wikipedia article about Japan, not really living it through Elle, the main character. Maybe this will appeal more to people who aren’t familiar with Asian/Japanese culture, because you really get to learn about it, but since I already knew most of what Elle was discovering, it was all very boring and annoying and I was like skip skip skip.

asset 1With that said, of course the Asian rep was really nice to see! Elle is mixed race, half Japanese, and half ambiguous white/black/native American, and since I’m also half Asian this rep is so hard to find and this made me really happy! Of course, this story takes place in Japan, so there are many other Asian characters, and another half Asian main character as well! I loved seeing Japan represented and displayed! There were a few minor things that seemed off to me, such as the pronunciation of names, but for the most part, it was very clear that the author (who is not Asian) really did her research!

Unfortunately, speaking of rep, there was one mention of lgbtq+ rep that I didn’t really like. At one point, Elle sees a text on a woman’s phone from another woman who is probably her girlfriend/lover/whatever, and Elle is immediately like: Wow she’s lesbian I guess that’s why she divorced her husband! And I was like…um…literally why would you jump to that conclusion bisexual people exist too just because she likes women doesn’t mean she doesn’t like men and didn’t love her ex-husband at some time…

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Beyond just this, I didn’t really like Elle as a character. She was in foster care, which is a situation I obviously have no experience with, and I don’t want to come across as privileged here, but Elle struck me as really whiny and annoying, and judgmental. She meets a woman, who went to Harvard but is not working as a secretary, and her immediate thought is: wow I guess she wasn’t very smart. When she learns that Japanese people take their shoes off indoors, she goes like: that’s weird what do they have against shoes. It felt like she was constantly judging Japanese customs, and just people in general, so I never really warmed up to her.

Her thoughts, and basically the entire book also felt very juvenile. Elle is sixteen, and a junior in high school, but she felt much younger, like a freshman or a middle schooler or something. I kind of have no patience for people who talk like “my fav” and “yessss” and “OMG WTF.” I mean, yeah that’s text language and I text that to people, but can anyone take a book seriously that has people talking with multiple s’s in yes?

However, the book had some content that felt pretty mature: there was a lot of swearing, and there was attempted date rape, as well as mentions of a guy getting a girl pregnant when she was too drunk to remember. I feel like the content itself is more upper YA, high school at least, but the writing style was more lower YA, like middle school, and overall it really didn’t match, and as someone who tends to read more upper YA I was pretty frustrated by the irritating juvenile tone.

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Besides just Elle, all of the characters felt very flat and to be honest I didn’t really like any of them. The ex-brats just felt like steryotypical mean girls from a high school movie or something, like the plastics, and not like the way actual people act. Basically all of the guys were douchbags. I couldn’t care less about Elle’s love interest and felt zero chemistry between them and honestly the romance was probably the weakest part of the book.

I didn’t really like the ending of the book. There were some issues left unsolved that I felt really needed to be resolved, but were kind of just forgotten about. In addition, some of the changes that did happen, the sort of people becoming better people felt rushed and unrealistic given everything else we learned about their characters throughout the book. Overall, this book had such a great premise and such a kawaii cover, but I definitely won’t be recommending.

screen shot 2019-03-01 at 4.51.40 pm

1.5 stars


Book Blogger Memory Challenge || In Which You See How Weird My Brain Is

Hello loves! I was over on Kristin Kraves Books and I saw the Book Blogger Memory Challenge and I thought to myself, hmm, I don’t know anything, guess I should try this out to see how terrible my memory actually is!

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You must answer these questions without looking anything up on the internet and without looking at your bookshelves!

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1. Name a book written by an author called Michael

aaaanndd…off to a great start since I literally can’t think of one single book haha rip

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2. Name a book with a dragon on the cover


A Tale of Two Castles | This isn’t even YA but it’s the only dragon I can think of haha and what a nice looking dragon it is.

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3. Name a book about a character called George


Curious George | Okay okay it’s literally in the title okay pls let me live

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4. Name a book written by an author with the surname Smith

I officially fail at this challenge. The only Smith I can think of is my seventh grade pre-algebra teacher Mr. Smith loll.

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5. Name a book set in Australia


Words in Deep Blue | Yes! Finally one that I can do! This book is so beautiful and sad and amazing and I definitely recommend!

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6. Name a book with the name of a month in the title


September Girls | I literally don’t even remember what this book is about it’s been years since I read it but for some reason I remember the title? I’m weird.

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7. Name a book with a knife on the cover


Stalking Jack The Ripper | Why do I know this I haven’t even read this book why do I know what the cover for a book I’ve never read looks like but I can’t think of a knife on one of the hundreds of books I’ve read???

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8. Name a book with the word ‘one’ in the title


Just One Day | Funnily enough, most of this book takes place over the course of just one day!

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9. Name a book with an eponymous title


Fortunately Kristin defined eponymous: (of a thing) named after a particular person. I had no idea haha.

Harry Potter | Going with the obvious here because hey, his name is in the title of seven books!

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10. Name a book turned into a movie


The Hunger Games | Finally, an easy one! I could go on and on about my favorite book to movie adaptations!

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Tag! You’re It

Soooo…I pretty much failed this tag but I had fun? Tagging these lovelies to see if your memory is any better than mine xD

Bree | Taylor | Alexandra | Lydia | Eva | You!

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Let’s Chat

How good do you think your bookish memory is? Are you always referring to Goodreads like me, or are you spot on top of your game? Do you know any author Smiths (I thought it’s a common last name but I literally can’t think of one!!) I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤


The Folk Of The Air Book Tag || I Am Totally Obsessed And It Shows

Hello loves! A little while ago I was tagged by Xandra from Starry Sky Books to do her original Folk Of The Air Book Tag! Since I recently finished The Wicked King and am nothing short of obsessed with it, I knew I had to do this one!!



  1. You must tag the original creator (Xandra @ Starry Sky Books)
  2. Spoilers galore! You should probably read The Cruel Prince first! (You don’t really need to read The Wicked King, but that would be nice.)
  3. Answer all the questions.
  4. Try to tag at least 3 other bloggers.

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JudeA character who would probably kill you in your sleep.


This is such an apt description of her haha. I’ll go with Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows because there is nothing Dirtyhands won’t do.

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Cardan: A character who seems like a Bad Guy™ but is ultimately more complex than you thought


Hypnos from The Gilded Wolves. I really hated him at first he seemed terrible but by the end I was definitely coming around.

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Locke: A character (or plot twist) that made you want to throw the book.


Anna from Anna and the French Kiss is such a stupid idiot I wanted to throw the book to get away from her annoying stupidity.

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Taryn: A character who deceived you.


(My heart is still shattered from that ending omggg) Alexi from A Spark of White Fire completely deceived me and I’m still reeling from the ending

Related image

i’ll never be this trusting again how could you???

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Vivi: A book that was significantly different from the others in its series.


Definitely Allegiant. That book was nothing like the rest of the series in a very bad way.

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Valerian: A character who just needs to die (or, you know, get stabbed).


Branwen from Sweet Black Waves is literally the protagonist and the reason this crappy book got 1 star from me and she had so many opportunities to die in her book but she stubbornly kept living unfortunately.

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Oak: A smol™ character you would protect at all costs.


I will protect Simon from Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda at all costs because he is too pure and perfect for this world.

Image result for love simon gif

he is too precious!!

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The Cruel Prince: A book that surprised you with a twist.


The ending of Caraval had me completely shook!!

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The Wicked King: A book you thought was better (or worse) than the first in the series.


Definitely better for me!! Like everyone it seems, I preferred A Court of Mist and Fury to A Court of Thorns and Roses.

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The Queen of Nothing: A book you’re excited for, but know nothing about.


Holy shit I need The Queen of Nothing more than I need life itself. I know a bit about Supernova I guess, but not that much I have no idea what’s going to happen and I need it so badly!

Image result for elsa give me gif

i need

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Sapphire | Kelly | Cailin | Julianna| Olivia | Maria | Tiffany | Anyone obsessed with Cruel Prince!!

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Let’s Chat

Are you as totally and insanely obsessed with Cruel Prince/Wicked King as I am?? Do yourself needing The Queen of Nothing more than you need oxygen and water as well? I’d love to chat in the comments below 🙂