Struggles And Insecurities With Online Friends ||Hard But I Love It

Hello guys! Today, I thought I’d write a discussion post on online/blogging friends! Since I started book blogging a little over a year ago, I’ve made some incredible blog friends I love with all my heart! However, there are definitely some things I struggle with that just isn’t the same with “real life” or “in person” whatever you want to say friends! These struggles can make me a bit insecure, so I really wanted to share out and see if anyone else feels the same way as me!

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Not Remembering Faces

For me, I tend to remember people’s faces more than their names. There are some people in my high school whose faces I know quite well, as I’ve had many classes with them, but I (shamefully) still don’t know their names! With blogging, many people (myself included) don’t put their face on the internet, using perhaps a picture of the back of their head, a vector drawing, or something instead of their actual face. And with the people who do upload their faces, it’s just that one picture of their face I have to associate with them, not seeing their physical body and their face with so many different emotions each day.

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Hard To Remember They’re A Person!

Sometimes, it’s kind of weird to think that my internet friends are real people to? I love my internet friends so much, but I’ve never interacted with them in person, only writing messages online and sooner or later another message appears back to me. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that there’s an actual person being the screen, an actual person who is writing back at me!

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Not Knowing Many Personal Details

Internet safety! There are a lot of things I don’t share online for obvious reasons, such as where I live and where I go to school. These things frequently pop up in conversation with my real life friends! I even haven’t shared my real name online–although it does begin with the letter K! As much as I love connecting with my internet friends, it does feel weird like we can’t have the closest relationship compared with my in person friends since there is a lot we don’t know about each other.

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Messaging Effort

Listen, I’ll say it here, I really suck at texting people. It just seems like that time could be better spent saying better things? I often leave my in person friends on read, or forget or “forget” to reply to their messages, which can annoy them, but in the end I still see them at school five days a week and we talk in person then so we’re still close friends! With internet friends, my only means of communication is messaging, so when I don’t message people, I just don’t talk to them at all! And that’s no way to have a friendship!

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Having So Many!

…for me, anyways. I have a fair amount of internet friends, some I know better than others. But in this case, counting the people I don’t really message, but I still try to comment regularly on their blogs, I have a ton! Compared to real life–I’m not a social person, at all. (and nobody is surprised lol). I have basically five friends who I’ll actually hang out with outside of school and I don’t instigate conversations with anyone else. I’m more comfortable having online bookish friends, but I definitely follow more than five blogs, and it can be hard to keep them straight!

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So there are a lot of struggles I have with having online friends. But the thing is, at the end of the day, it’s so incredibly rewarding and I’m so, so, so grateful to have these friends! I love how I can chat with people about books, which I do really do with my in person friends. I love how people from such different backgrounds, different ages living in different countries with different jobs who would normally not really be acquainted or friends can connect with each other! It’s so so clear to me that the number one reason I continue blogging and I love book blogging is without a doubt for this amazing community and the amazing people I can connect with ❤ ❤ ❤

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Let’s Chat

What are some things you struggle with having online friends? Can you relate to any of these? I’d love to chat in the comments below



Amazing Female Characters I Love || Celebrating International Women’s Day

Hey loves! Once again, it seems like I’m late because I apparently can’t do anything else. But two days ago, Friday March 8th, was International Women’s Day! This is such a great day to celebrate, so I felt I just had to share a post with some of my absolute favorite female characters!

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Hermione Granger from Harry Potter


Hermione is such an incredible character to admire! She’s so passionate about her studies and such an absolutely adorable nerd, yet she also knows that there are more important things in the world. She’s loyal and brave, and stood by her friends and her beliefs in the face of near certain death facing down Voldemort.

“Books! And cleverness! There are more important things – friendship and bravery”

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Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games


When I think of strong, fierce, badass female characters, of course I have to think of Katniss! She’s amazingly strong and fierce, surviving the hunger games not just once but twice, and then becoming a revolutionary against the corrupt government. And at the same time, she’s such an all around amazing person, volunteering to save her little sister and caring fiercely for her loved ones.

“At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead.The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.”

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Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows


How can I not admire Inej? Firstly, she’s an amazingly talented girl, a wraith and a spy who can climb anything and sneak anywhere and goes on insanely hard heists. She’s been dealt a horrible life, but she still manages to make a place for herself with her friends, and she still knows what matters to her, without being corrupted by the barrel and all its criminals.

We learn to hold our heads as if we wear crowns. We learn to wring magic from the ordinary. That was how you survived when you weren’t chosen, when there was no royal blood in your veins. When the world owed you nothing, you demanded something of it anyway.”

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Linh Cinder from Cinder


All of the girls from The Lunar Chronicles are amazing, but I have a special spot in my heart for my favorite Cinder. I love how she’s an incredible mechanic, always wearing cargo pants and covered in grease in a role traditionally for boys, breaking out of the prissy perfect princess stereotype! And then of course she’s incredibly fierce and badass, leading a revolution on Luna, fighting for cyborg and lunar citizens rights, getting thrown into a harsh situation she never asked for and facing death and torture so many times, but prevailing and persevering to the end.

“You said yourself that the people of Luna need a revolutionary.” She lifted her chin, holding his gaze. “So I’m going to Luna, and I’m going to start a revolution.”

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Starr Carter from The Hate U Give


Starr’s character struck me so much since it’s so real, not facing down evil fantasy villains, but the cruel injustice of the real world. Her life is anything but easy, seeing two friends die and having the world unfairly stacked against her, but she still stands up for her friend and speaks out, fighting for what is right no matter what.

“What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?”

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Let’s Chat

Who are some of your favorite female characters? Do you love these ones as well? I’d love to chat in the comments below 🙂


Why I Dislike Required Reading And That’s Okay || A High Schooler’s Perspective

Hey loves! I’ve seen so many posts about assigned reading in school, and whether it’s good or bad, and I’ve always thought about it, but never written a post of my own. But instead of arguing whether of not it’s good, I wanted to just be honest and share why I dislike it, and why I’ve come to terms that that’s okay.

At first when I joined the online bookish community I felt obligated to pretend to like school reading when in reality I don’t. In fact, one of my very first posts was my top ten favorite books of 2018, and that post was a total lie because I pretended Pride and Prejudice and Gatsby were some of my favorites in order to seem cool because everyone likes Pride and Prejudice right and who would I be if it wasn’t one of my favorites I’ll seem so educated and cool! In reality, I did like those books, but they were nowhere near my top ten favorites. So now I’m going to list a few reasons why I, as a current high schooler who is subjected to daily required reading, dislike it.

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It’s Not Relatable

In my free time I read almost exclusively Young Adult, and I love it because it’s so relatable. I am the same age as and share many experiences with these teenagers. Most required reading books are classics that take place in the far past and with adults, and I really can’t relate to the lives of French aristocrats during the revolution as in A Tale of Two Cities. Even some of the books with teenagers can feel outdated and I personally think they wouldn’t be beloved if they were released today: for example, Juliet was only 12 and she and Romeo met and then killed themselves for love in the course of three days (instalove anyone?)

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Dense Writing Style

Young adult books are really easy to read. The characters think and speak in the way that we do today and the writing is clear. I think I’m not alone when I say that I don’t really like fluffy, extremely descriptive purple prose, but that’s basically what the writing style for classics is. I am really not down to read Raskolnikov from Crime and Punishment describe socks for five pages straight, and I’m sick of people speaking in a way that I have to reread the passage five times to understand what the heck they’re actually saying.

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Poor Teaching

So nobody I know understood The Sound and the Fury. I read the entire book, understood nothing, then looked it up on Sparknotes and wrote my entire essay on that, and got the same score as a classmate who didn’t read the book. The classics taught in advanced high school classes have a very high reading level, and combining complex themes with dense style, they can be very hard to understand. We need guidance and teachers to explain the books to us, and having a bad English teacher can make anyone frustrated or hate reading..

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Infuriating Tests

This might just be my school, or it may be a lot of other schools as well–if you’re a teen, let me know in the comments below! At my school, we have these infuriatingly hard “quote quizzes,” which basically just test our ability to memorize the text. When we read Pride and Prejudice last year, we didn’t write an essay on it nor did we take any tests on content and themes or any of that; instead, we had fill in the blank quote quizzes where we were given a quote from the book and asked to identify the speaker, who they are speaking to, who they are speaking about, and who their parents were.

In other words, we aren’t reading the books for enjoyment of the themes. We’re reading them to memorize the text, which is stupid and impossible. It makes everyone hate reading and the books. When the education system is set up like this, reading books becomes a frustrating chore and can quickly turn someone who read and understood and loved a book…but missed a quote and got a C on a quiz…against it.

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Procrastination… Makes It Overwhelming

Procrastination. The thing is, everyone procrastinates reading. You can blame the students and say if we just didn’t procrastinate we would enjoy the books more or whatever, but there’s no use pretending it isn’t a thing; last week, my AP Lit teacher asked who was caught up with the reading…3 people out of 40 (I was not one of those 3). If we’re assigned 100 pages a week, but won’t be tested until the essay at the end of five weeks, we’re suddenly trying to read 500 pages the night before the essay, which becomes overwhelming and impossible. Yeah, I can read a 300 page contemporary in a day, but trying to read just 200 pages of dense Hamlet in one night basically made me have a mental breakdown.

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I’ve always felt like there was a sort of pressure to support required reading as a book blogger. Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by adult bloggers, and the older you are the more appreciation you get for classics. Maybe it’s because there are so many people here with (or studying to get) English degrees, who are teachers or librarians. Whatever the reason, I felt surrounded by people praising the literary merit of classics and didn’t want to come across as a shallow teenager with no “respect” for classics or whatever. 

Is required reading necessary for school? Sure, probably, and I’ll suffer through English class the way I suffer through calculus; I’m not trying to argue yes or no. Instead, I’m accepting that I dislike required reading, but I still love YA and reading in general, and that doesn’t make me a bad book nerd.

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Let’s Chat

Do you enjoy reading classics? Do/did you enjoy required reading in high school? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤


How Similar Is Too Similar || On Reviewing Books That Feel The Same

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Hey loves! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a discussion post, but this one was just demanding to be written after the past few books I’ve read, so I’m here to discuss. The topic I want to talk about today is books that are very, very similar, so similar that they almost start to feel like the same book!


What Are Some Examples?

A lot of books these days feel very similar. Some tropes are used time and time again, some love stories feel like one another. With so many books out in the world, stories are bound to seem slightly similar!

With that being said, there are some books that feel just so similar that they start to feel like rip offs and plagiarism.

One such book that I’ve mentioned before is Carry On (I gave 3.5 stars).Rowell’s take on the “chosen one” story is really just a take on Harry Potter (I gave 5 stars). There are so many parallels is feels like the same story! The orphan boy goes to live in a magical boarding school, and meets all the same characters: counterparts for Draco, Hermione, Cho, Dumbledore, Hagrid, and more that I’m sure I’ve forgotten.


The next book that I recently read was a book that’s been extremely hyped lately: The Gilded Wolves (I gave 4 stars). Some of the similarities to Six of Crows (I gave 5 stars) include: a six person (four guys and two girls) heist, and characters that read exactly like Kaz, Inej, and Wylan.


Finally, I recently read The Girl At Midnight (I gave 4 stars), which ended up exactly like Daughter of Smoke and Bone (I gave 5 stars). It’s about a human girl raised by monsters, two races of creatures at war forever, and characters that felt exactly like Karou, Akiva, Brimstone, the White Wolf, and more.



What About Rating Them?

Now the thing is, I really enjoyed all six of the books I mentioned here. All of the original books I feel were ripped off were five star reads for me, and as I really enjoyed the plots and stories of those books, I also really enjoyed the plots and stories of the other ones!

But, while reading these books, I couldn’t help but drawing comparisons for the other books. Every time something similar happened, I immediately thought of the other book so that I couldn’t even fully immerse myself in that new world. While on their own these books were good, they were nowhere near as good as the other ones, and that made them seem all the worse by comparison.

Another thing was I felt a bit hesitant giving them glowing reviews while they were so similar to the other books. I can’t help but think that surely they must have read the original books and taken bits from those for their stories; I know that there are coincidences, different people have similar opinions, but these books are so widely known and their stories echo so similarly it would be insane if it were coincidence! I just feel like if I were an author and I read a book so similar to mine I would be upset, and that it would almost feel like plagiarism, like someone too my idea and sold it and made money. And so because of that I don’t feel completely comfortable giving them amazing reviews and ratings

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What Makes Books Distinct?

So now I’ve come to wondering just what exactly makes a book so similar that I feel I simply can’t love it. For me, I think that ultimately it’s the characters. Above, I stated that all of the books that so closely mirrored the other books had characters that seemed like essentially the same person with a different name.

With so many stories in the world, some of them are bound to have similar plots. There are so many, hundreds probably of stories about chosen ones, wizards saving the world. There are tons of heist stories, both in books and movies, that people love to read. And urban fantasies about monsters and wars are hardly scarce.

Image result for harry potter chosen one gif

But the characters…

  • Draco and Baz: both The Chosen One’s enemies, obsessed with him in school, coming from wealthy almost noble families, cruel on the outside but with more depth beneath.
  • Inej and Laila: both performers, spies, the close confident and love interest of the leader of their crew, determined to work for him temporarily to accomplish their ultimate goal.
  • Akiva and Caius: in the past and now again they were both in love with a member of the enemy race, one of them now being the main character human girl, both fought in the war and killed many of her family, both searching for a peaceful end to the war.

Characters really drive books for me, and while I know that many books share the same premises, I feel like characters and their personalities should really be unique to a book. Maybe if one is the same it’s okay, but above I just listed one of many duplicate characters from the books, and with these similarities I just can’t read these books without comparing them to the other ones, and, consequently, don’t feel right giving them high ratings.


Let’s Chat

This post ended up a lot longer than I intended it to be! Have you read these books and do you think they’re really similar as well? Do you feel comfortable giving books that are so similar to other books high ratings? What makes a book too similar for you? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤


All Of My Book Boyfriends I Can Think Of Right Now || Ft. Incomprehensible Squealing

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Hello! So you may have noticed that today is Valentines Day! If you’re like me, that means absolutely nothing because #singlelife amirite and honestly the best part of Valentines Day is the day after when all the chocolate goes on sale!!

Anyways, despite being forever alone, I do enjoy romancy books, and I do have quite a few book boyfriends. So I decided why not squeal in an incomprehensible way about how much I love them??


Kaz Brekker

from Six of Crows


  • aoisjdfklaoisjdfkl
  • I love him so much
  • Life dealt him such a hard hand and he’s secretly just a smol tortured boy who needs a little love??
  • But also hes so ruthless and I’d be lying if I said I don’t like reading about bad boys
  • But like actual Kaz Brekker bad boys not like wimpy watered down high school bad boys because high school boys < kaz brekker
  • But you know what if something needs to be done he’ll get it done and that’s a trait that’s really valuable in people you know
  • tbh idek why I love him so much just accept it and move on


Peter Kavinsky

from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


  • I mean he’s gorgeous isn’t he??
  • The way he gets Lara Jean out of her shell and gets her to really live her best life is so amazing omg I need someone like that in my life because I honestly live in my bed why get out of bed when you could be lying in bed??
  • Also he read Harry Potter for Lara Jean owiasjfldk get a boy who will read Harry Potter for you (although ngl it would be preferable if the boy had already read HP because everyone should have already read HP they should come out of the womb quoting HP)
  • He bakes with Lara Jean!! He bakes for Lara Jean!!!! He goes to get the perfect choco chip cookie for her!!! I need someone like that in my life so I don’t end up getting fat from eating all my cake (except I’m okay with eating all my cake bc its delicioso)
  • He’s so good with Kitty awww


Carswell Thorne

from Cress


  • He’s so hilarious omg I love his cocky attitude it’s the actual best he cracks me up I need this personality in my life
  • He’s so confident in himself even when he shouldn’t be loll and I love itttt
  • But also even though he seems so egotistical at first he’s secretly willing to put himself into so much danger to help save the world
  • He’s the best enough said



from A Court of Mist and Fury


  • I mean don’t we all swoon over Rhys a little? (or a lot)
  • Seriously he cares about Feyre so much its so sweet
  • But also not just Feyre he cares so much about his inner circle and the people important to him are really really important to him
  • Also he’s lowkey secretly a feminist promoting his High Lady of the Night Court stuff when nobody else would
  • Also he’s willing to suffer so much just to protect everyone he takes the weight of the world onto his shoulders so I must protect him


Michael Moscovitz

from The Princess Diaries


  • PSA: enough people have read this isn’t not that popular but tbh I love it way way way more than the movie
  • He’s such a nerd and I’m such a nerd and also nerds are the best people
  • Seriously he has such interesting intellectual conversations and thoughts I would love talking with him
  • But also he’s so sweet and designs an amazing Beauty and the Beast computer thing for Mia because he lurvessss her
  • Also he’s a dog person and also he’s so good with little kids ie Rocky such a sweetieeee



from The Cruel Prince


  • Ngl I wasn’t feeling him so much after I read The Cruel Prince but after reading The Wicked King I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY SOUL
  • He’s such a scheming bastard and cruel and wicked I guess but I still love him anyway again with the badboy thing
  • Because I can tell secretly he’s also a smol bean who wants to be loved and wants to prove his worth and trust???
  • Also I don’t know if I can forgive him after the ending of The Wicked King but I trust Holly Black will let me love him again so I’ll keep loving him for now



from Geekerella


  • He’s such a geek I am a geek geeks are the best people around honestly
  • Seriously I could spend so much time fangirling with him and it would be AMAZING
  • Like he secretly is such a fanboy and knows all the quotes and goes to the cons and its great
  • Also there is the fact that he’s a famous hot actor with insured abs
  • And he’s basically prince charming to cinderella and ily prince charming sweep me off my feet to disneyland pls and ty



Let’s Chat

Who are some of your favorite book boyfriends? Do you love these bois as much as I do? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤