To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Casting || Being Biracial (Discussion)

This is actually super random and maybe the random-est post I’ve ever done and also has not much to do with anything but, I don’t know, I just wanted to write it so bear with me and thanks for putting my with my weirdness.

So, if you read my blog you probably know by now that I absolutely adore Jenny Han’s book/series, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I love love love it for a lot of reasons, but one of the reasons I was really drawn to it was because the protagonist, Lara Jean, is half Asian and half white, just like me.

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As of now, To All The Boys is one of only two books I’ve ever read with a half Asian protagonist. I feel that half Asians are extremely underrepresented, and you have no idea how much I connected with Lara Jean for being biracial alone!!! (Among other things, but still!!) I have a close friend who is also “waisan” (white/Asian) and she also agrees that part of the reason she loves the book/read it is because of Lara Jean’s race!!

So you probably know that there’s going to be a movie coming out on August 17th!! I honestly CAN’T WAIT!!! I’ve seen the trailer TONS of times! I was basically watching it on repeat the day it came out. Seriously. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!!!

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I noticed in the comments of the trailer a lot of people expressing their feelings on how happy they are that beautiful Asian girls are finally getting represented in movies!! And this made me SOOOO happy to see because tbh it’s about time. I’m so happy too!!!

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BUT ALSO I did notice that Lara Jean doesn’t look biracial. She’s being played by a Asian actress (she’s Vietnamese), and she look like that. Trust me, I know. I know several waisan people and that’s not what they look like. At this point, my biracial friend and I agreed that we’re just waiting for a **plot twist!!** Their dad isn’t their dad!!! (not really haha but the meaning stands).

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There’s a lot that comes with being biracial that doesn’t come with being full Asian or white. There’s looking weird and nobody knowing what the heck you’re supposed to be. (Oh, are you Latina?) There’s not fitting in because all of your white friends say you aren’t like them, can’t relate, and all your Asian friends say you aren’t like them either, can’t relate. (Oh no, you aren’t really Asian). There’s not really looking like either of your parents, and both sides of the family saying I look like a foreigner in their respective countries (She doesn’t look a thing like us!).

The thing is, I think everyone would be furious if Lara Jean was played by a full white actress. But is that really any different from her being played by a full Asian actress? Obviously I know that it’s different because Hollywood and the movie industry have such a problem with whitewashing, and POC never really get to be seen on the big screen compared to white people, but still… She’s equal parts white and Asian! 

I feel like the bottom line is that I rarely get to see people who look like me in movies or popular media, or just my everyday life! And I was really hoping to see someone I related to in Lara Jean… Anyways, I’ll still watch the trailer obsessively on repeat and do the same when the movie comes out. I’m still excited that Asian actresses are getting their time to shine. But I’m still not entirely happy…

Sorry this was so long; I’ve just been thinking about it a lot and want to get it off my chest!! Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments below 🙂 Any other biracial friends? ❤ ❤ ❤


23 thoughts on “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Casting || Being Biracial (Discussion)

  1. Great post! You’ve really raised some important issues here. While I cannot relate totally, as I am not biracial, I think it’s really important that people hear about the problems associated with being biracial, as well as your under-representation in the media, as this is a huge problem for so many groups, and is barely ever mentioned. Fantastic discussion point 🙂

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  2. Hi Kay! I haven’t read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before yet, but the sole reason why I put it on my TBR was because of the same reason: that the main character was half-Caucasian and half-Asian (like me as well!) Being part of two cultures is something that has shaped my identity so much, so I would definitely love to read more books with main characters who have footholds in two places or cultures in this world. I hope you do end up enjoying the movie though!

    And by the way, I’ve written a blog post called “Which Side of Me Do I Feel Closer To? & Other Eurasian-Related Questions” where I talked about my experience being half-white and half-Chinese… I don’t know many people who share the same experiences as me, so maybe you can relate or shed some insight on what experiences you have had yourself being biracial?

    Anyways, I loved this post so, so much! This was such a fun (and relatable) post to read 😊

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  3. Ah, yes, I’m glad someone spoke up about this. Mostly, I enjoy when book-to-movie adaptations stay as closely to the book as possible. Although, with the new live action Little Mermaid Ariel being played by Halle Bailey, I can also vouch for a refreshing change to stories, especially if it doesn’t affect the plot line *that* much (in this case, at all lol). However, I also believe it’s more progressive to represent every dynamic as much as possible, and the topic of being biracial/multiracial isn’t really discussed or given the space to tell their stories. Right now, I’m loving and absorbing as many stories, despite its medium, starring/written/directed by people of color, but would definitely love a slew of biracial/multiracial to enter the mix as well! Recently, I finished Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now, and that’s another really great book with some great multi-race rep that I like to recommend, if you’ve never read it!

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  4. This resonates with me so hard! Espeically now that the second film has come out as well. It’s an entirely different experience being a halfie! The fact a full-asian was cast as Lara Jean really feels just as bad as someone who was full-white being cast. As amazing as Lara Condor was, each scene featuring her dad or her with her sisters was completely shattered for me. Her dad, Kitty and Margot look like my family and then Lara Jean straight up looks adopted/out of place due to her clearly being Vietnamese… and not even Korean. It’s like whoever cast the show thought all Asians look the same or that half-asians don’t actually look so incredibly different.
    I guess I was just so excited to see a half-asian portraying the protagonist, showcasing our unique experience but was so disappointed.

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  5. so glad you said something! i’m biracial (white/filipino) and was so excited to see who they would cast and was like uhh what? her acting was great, this isn’t the actresses fault, but come on casting directors!!!


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