Supernova Spoiler & Non Spoiler Reviews // An Insane, Epic, Yet Not Perfect Super Conclusion (ft. my longest ever review & a discussion on my old theories and how i wish it had ended)


Title // Supernova

Author // Marissa Meyer

Publisher // Fewer & Friends

Publication Date // November 5th, 2019

Synopsis // The epic conclusion to Marissa Meyer’s thrilling Renegades Trilogy finds Nova and Adrian fighting to keep their identities secret. While the battle rages on between their alter egos and their allies, there is a darker threat shrouding Gatlon City.

The Renegades’ worst enemy is back among them, threatening to reclaim Gatlon City. Nova and Adrian must brave lies and betrayal to protect those they love. Their greatest fears are about to come to life, and unless they can bridge the divide between heroes and villains, they stand to lose everything. Including each other.

Intrigue and action will leave readers on edge until the final, shocking secrets are revealed.

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My Rating: ★★★☆ 

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Most of my reviews are all spoiler free, but I have so many thoughts about this book that I just HAD to get into spoilers! The top will be spoiler free, and I will mark the spoiler part at the bottom!

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Two long years later after originally reading Renegades, I finally finished this series. This is big for me because this is really the first series I really read along with its release and was eagerly anticipating for years? There are other series where I say I want to read the next one, but then I kind of forget about it, but I could never forget this because Marissa Meyer is my favorite author. Also it’s kind of crazy for me because when I read the first book Nova and I were 16, and now Nova’s still 18 and I’m eighteen and I’ve grown up while reading about her and that’s weird and cool? Anyways, this has been big in my life and I HAVE THOUGHTS.

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I devoured this book. I started it at midnight, took a short break to sleep (pft sleep is for the weak), and finished it at noon. It’s kind of a shame that I read it so quickly and I’m sort of mourning the fact that it’s over now because I was waiting so long, but this book was so intense and fast paced and stressful that I absolutely had to read it that quickly and just couldn’t put it down! I had to see what happened next! And when I finished the book, I set it down and was like WOW AMAZING 5 STARS!

bUT. Now it’s been a whole day since I’ve finished it, a whole day where I was book hungover and spent the entire time thinking about it and, well, I’m a bit disappointed. After the book high has worn off, I still love it, but there are some things I didn’t love as much. For me that’s mostly the ending. I did enjoy the way it ended, but I’ve been waiting so long that I’ve read a bunch of fan theories and formulated some of my own, and I think that Meyer could have ended it in a better way. There were a few things left not fully tied up and addressed which disappointed me.

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Something I’m a bit concerned of though is that Marissa Meyer is my absolute all time favorite author and so, well, I’ve developed rather high expectations for her. So I think that maybe if anyone else wrote this book I would really like it, but since Meyer wrote it, I spent a year waiting and thinking that it was going to be amazing 6 stars, which is why I’m a bit disappointed that it didn’t absolutely change my life and shatter my soul. So basically if you’re not an insane Marissa Meyer superfan like me, you’ll probably be fully satisfied and love it and it’s just that my expectations are unattainably high after her other books have changed my life, which is why I’m a bit disappointed.

But now that I’ve rambled enough about myself, let’s talk about what I absolutely adored!

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There is so much TENSION and the STAKES are SO HIGH in this one it’s insane!! My heart was racing the entire time and I couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough! With all the small clues that Nova has been leaving this whole time, and especially with Danna knowing her identity trapped as a butterfly, it’s only a short matter of time until Nova’s secret identity is revealed! This makes the stakes so much higher, and wow there was so much tension about it! Particularly with the friends and connections Nova has made who like her but hate Nightmare, it was so amazing to read!

While the second book, Anarchists, suffered a bit of second book syndrome and was slow at times, this book was anything but! There was so much action! The fight sequences were so high stakes and intense and amazing, and there were so many of them it was crazy! I absolutely loved reading about them! I kept thinking, oh this is the climax now, but then I would see I still had a good 200 pages left to read and get stressed about everything that’s going to go wrong in those pages and it was so ahh!

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Speaking of those friends, Adrian!! The romance between Nova and Adrian definitely wasn’t the center of this book, which is good because there were so many bigger things happening, but I was definitely still loving it! Especially knowing how betrayed they’ll feel when they know their secret identities, knowing how their time is limited, and seeing how that plays out and affects them is so amazing!! We love a good forbidden love!!

I loved the interactions the characters had with each other! Ace Anarchy plays a much more prominent role in this book than the previous two, and after how he was built up and how we’ve heard about him, this was so exciting!! I loved seeing the internal conflict Nova experiences when she’s kind of forced to choose between the Anarchists who are like her family and raised her, and her new friends within the Renegades. Narcissa the mirror walker from the first book was back in this one, and I loved seeing her interact with Nova! And I loved the emphasis on family, on how much of Nova’s beliefs rest on the tragic fate of her family and the truth about that, and seeing Adrian’s dads struggle with what they preach on the Renegades caring about the greater good versus loving their son so much.

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There were so many plot twists happening throughout the book at and the ending and I was just in shock and had to keep reading! Some of them I guessed (in part because I’ve spent the past year obsessively thinking about this book and reading fan theories), but some of them I just had no clue and they absolutely shook me! Basically nothing is as it seems from the previous books and we know nothing.

Anyways, this book was great! It’s definitely left me thinking about it (when my mom asked if I liked the book, I accidentally went on a screaming excited rant and rave and droned on and on and on about my thoughts on it for a solid 15 minutes oops), and I’ll probably continue my book hangover for a few more days. Marissa Meyer remains in my mind a fantastic author, and I highly recommend this book and series! If you weren’t a huge fan of the second book because it was a bit slow, this one was definitely better so give it a go!

Overall, I would give this book four starsI’m mostly gushing here so from this review I would think 5 stars, but most of my problems with the book as I said are from the ending, so I can’t discuss them without giving major spoilers! But have MORE THOUGHTS!! I MUST DISCUS! So here’s an even longer spoilery review and analysis!! (and critiques and complains instead of all just gushing. But also more gushing).

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Can I just say that I was absolutely shook about how early Nova was outed as Nightmare?? It happened so early in the book I was like WHat/?? What’s going to happen?? I was also shocked when Narcissa posed as her and she got released from prison!!

I do wish that we had gotten to have an epic prison break though. I thought that Nova going to prison and then getting out would be so she could get insider knowledge and see how it worked so she would be able to successfully break Ace out, but she didn’t, so I was a little disappointed like what was even the point of her going to prison in the first place? The scene towards the end with the battle at the public reveal of Agent N was still AMAZING though where Ace got his helmet back though so I can’t really complain because then we wouldn’t have gotten that phenomenal scene!

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So now that I’m on the topic of Ace, let’s talk about him because I am WOWED but I am also slightly disappointed. After reading Archenemies, I started to suspect that he might not be as great as Nova thought him to be, and might have something to do with the deaths of Nova’s family and Lady Indomitable, but I hoped that wasn’t true.

Because while it was cool to see him being a super villain, and I’m so proud of badass Nova for defeating him, I liked how the other books were leaning more morally grey. Like in those books it showed that all the Renegades weren’t all good and the Anarchists weren’t all bad, but at the end of this book, it turned out that the Renegades were pretty much good all along and the Anarchists were bad, sort of brainwashing and lying to Nova all along.

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And I’m not sure I liked how the Anarchists sort of one by one turned on Nova. First Ingrid in Renegades and then Honey in Supernova, with Nova eventually killing them both. I know it sort of shows what we’ve been told all along of the Anarchists thinking of themselves first, but we also learned that they’re sort of like family to Nova, and I thought they cared about her, but in the end she ends up killing them and choosing the Renegade friends she’s only known for a short while over her found (albeit somewhat disturbed) family.

With how evil they ended up being, I understand why she killed them and chose the Renegades, but I wish that they hadn’t been quite so evil and Meyer had leaned more into the morally grey territory. I was also a bit annoyed that most of the Anarchists died but not the important Renegades. I mean, of the original Anarchists from the first book, five (Ace, Winston, Ingrid, Phobia, Honey) out of seven (also Leroy and Nova) ended up dead, but Adrian’s whole team (Adrian, Oscar, Danna, Ruby, Nova) survive and while I obviously wouldn’t want any of Adrian’s team to die because I LOVE THEM, I think it would be more impactful and emphasize the morally grayness that I enjoyed instead of just classic “bad guys” die and “good guys” win.

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More on the morally grey thing, I think I was kind of hoping that neither the Renegades nor the Anarchists would strictly win. Nova raises a lot of points of the Renegades being bad, from the whole Agent N being questionable thing, to how they quarantine Max, to how they are the the entire government and Adrian even calls it a dictatorship, to especially how they were going to kill Nightmare without even giving her a fair trial!!–that aren’t so great. I was kind of hoping especially when the Rejects were introduced that the Anarchists would cause the Renegades to fall and a new government that’s more just, with civilians and prodigys together governing instead of just the Renegade council deciding everything rising up. Or when Nova at the end suggested they start a new city their own from scratch the way they like it!

I liked how it showed they were more fair and anyone could be a hero at the end, especially with everyone now having powers, but I still thought it fell back to the good guys win ending and could have had more potential and tied up the story better and been more meaningful if it had showed that the good guys aren’t perfect after all and they should try again to create a more perfect world.

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Finally, the Magpie is Evie reveal at the end was shocking!!! But also I’m kind of annoyed because why was this just in the epilogue? I feel like there could have been so much development if it had been like in the epilogue of Archenemies and Nova and Magpie had realized they were sisters in this one. They could have had such meaningful developments and connections that would have affected both of their motives! I feel like the fact that it’s in the epilogue for a series that’s finished and it’ll never be addressed feels like a tease and it irked me.

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But so much of this part has been negative I can’t end my review of such an amazing series on a negative note!! The reveals at the end were so amazing with all the plot twists! The part where Adrian realizes for real and certain at the end that Nova is Nightmare was SO AAMZING!! When she was like everybody has a nightmare… I guess I’m yours I was like OAIUJFKLSOIEFJDKLSEFOIJDKL. That ending battle was so intense and shocking and I reread it already like 3 times and I only finished the book yesterday!!

Overall, as you can see I have some complaints, but overall AMAZING BOOK I SAY AMAZING!

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Let’s Chat

Have you read the Renegades trilogy? What did you think of the ending? If you haven’t read it yet, do you want the Renegades or Anarchists to win out, or some other ending? I’d love to chat in the comments below.



12 thoughts on “Supernova Spoiler & Non Spoiler Reviews // An Insane, Epic, Yet Not Perfect Super Conclusion (ft. my longest ever review & a discussion on my old theories and how i wish it had ended)

  1. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ALL YOUR THOUGHTS ASDFGHJKL. I was so high on the series ending that I didn’t even realize some of the negatives but you’re totally right! I feel like the ending was *almost* morally gray but then it kinda swerved back into the whole good vs. evil thing again. And I’m not sure how well the whole epilogue was foreshadowed! But YES this was such a good series and I loved reading your review!!💜

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    i really like your point on the morally grey territory! another thing i love love about this series is that the powers nova has isn’t that spectacular… like being able to put people to sleep is pretty cool but it has its restrictions (like needs direct skin contact) which means she has to depend on her wit and physical fighting skills (*squeals at the memory of fight with Gargoyle*)

    thanks again for making my day 🙂

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