My Least Favorite Books of 2019 // I Read These Books So You Don’t Have To (Ft. Mini Rant Reviews)

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I’m not doing Blogmas this year but I made this great header last year that I still love so why not use it???

So yeah we all try to be positive. But also I have to admit that it’s fun to be negative? I mean I’m not trying to be mean but it can be more amusing to read negative ranty reviews than positive; sometimes I even have more fun reading rant negative reviews of some of my favorite books than glowing positive reviews!

Anyways, so last year I made a post of My Least Favorite Books of 2018, and I read some pretty bad books this year, so I wanted to do it again.

Don’t worry though, I’m definitely going to post some glowing posts of my favorite books of the year!! But to tide you over, I present: snark.

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10. Spectacle

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This book wasn’t even terrible for some specific reason it was just like really really boring. And dull. I feel like I don’t even remember anything happening I just skimmed it and never cared about anything and couldn’t wait to finish it because I’m stubborn and refuse to dnf lmao

This was way too boring and unmemorable for me to waste time reviewing 

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9. A Prom To Remember

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I literally could not remember who anyone was and thus formed no attachments to anyone. This one I actually was excited for and liked the premise! But it was trying to be Love Actually as YA fiction or something and there were so many characters it definitely didn’t work out.

A Prom To Remember Review || Too Many Characters In A Cute Prom

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8. No One Here Is Lonely


This was just… super weird. It didn’t make sense and the entire premise of a guy’s collective voice being turned into this AI you can talk to was so bizarre and I thought it would be kind of different and cool when I read the synopsis but no it was just weird and bad.

I never reviewed this book whoops you’ll just have to take my word for it here. 

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7. My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life


This wasn’t a novel it was a wikipedia article on Japan. I was really excited for this one because Tokyo!! Sounds so cool and fun to read about! But unfortunately the main character was super unlikable and the characters were shallow and the plot was a garbled together mess.

My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life Review || Basically A Wikipedia Article On Japan

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6. Defy Me


In other words: proof that we seriously did NOT need more than a trilogy. In other words, ruining all character development from the prior books. Spending the entire book in useless flashbacks. Irritating, annoying, and just bad.

Defy Me Rant Review // A Boring, Filler, Let Down

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5. Tell Me Everything

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This book was super annoying because it made no sense. The premise was so thinly strung together it really didn’t make any sense. And also the main character was extremely unlikeable and there was also really problematic statements about anxiety and poor lgbt rep so yeah no thanks.

Tell Me Everything Review // An Unrealistic Contemporary With Questionable Rep

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4. Tarot


This was like a drawing I would do when I was five years old it was so underdeveloped and flat. It had so much potential with such a great premise but ultimately there was no world building, no character development or fleshed out characters, no romantic development (read: instalove), and no point in reading this book.

Tarot Review // A Boring, Underdeveloped Fantasy Fail

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3. I Believe In A Thing Called Love


Desi is Sweet But A Psycho and that is all. (Seriously go listen to that song I love it and 10/10 it describes Desi). I mean, she’s sweet and cute but she’s also a psychopath and insane crazy person and I was like… girl you don’t need a boyfriend you need a therapist and I found it very hard to root for a person when I was concerned she was going to be a serial killer.

My full review coming soon!

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2. The Way You Make Me Feel


The main character is so cruel and I hate her with my whole heart. She’s mean, rude, mocks people and makes cruel jokes at their expense, sabotages things that are important to people, calls them mean things, is a huge bully, and I basically hate her. Also the romance trash. Maurene Goo is on a roll.

The Way You Make Me Feel Rant Review // A Cute Book With A Cruel Unlikeable Main Character

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1. This Is Not A Love Scene


This is not a good book. It’s potentially the worst book I’ve ever read in my whole life? The main character is absolutely obsessed with sex and nothing else, the book is full of awkward sex references shoved in that were awkward and cringe and uncomfortable to read. There’s also sexism/demeaning actions toward girls, problematic lgbtq+ statements, and extremely unrealistic depiction of high school/getting into college so yeah no.

This Is Not A Love Scene Rant Review // Over Sexualization Of Everything, An Unlikabe MC, And Problematic LGBTQ+ Statements

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18 thoughts on “My Least Favorite Books of 2019 // I Read These Books So You Don’t Have To (Ft. Mini Rant Reviews)

  1. Oh gee, I totally know what you mean about Maurene Goo’s writing. I tried so desperately to love The Way You Make Me Feel because of all the rep/diversity, but it was hard to focus on enjoying the read because of her completely unlikable MC. I was hoping to give I Believe in a Thing Called Love, because again, yes! rep and yes! diversity, but you’re the now maybe the third book blogger with truly informed opinions that’s been disappointed with this read. I’m still holding out hope that Goo writes something I’ll love though!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. oh, wow, i could really feel the salt coming through in this post. thank you for reading these books, so that I don’t have to. some of these seem really nasty, especially the Maurene Goo books and This Is Not a Love Scene. Also, I didn’t even like the original Shatter Me trilogy, so I have no idea why I read Restore Me… Oh well, at least I didn’t read Defy Me. Suffice it to say, I’m done with the entire Shatter Me series. Let it serve as a reminder that expanding completed series almost never ends well.

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  3. Thank you for this post and for all the ranting haha, it always helps me in choosing wisely my next reads ahah 🙂 I’m so sorry you were so disappointed in Defy Me – I have to admit that I was surprised and confused by the end of the previous book, so I haven’t gotten to that one just yet. Also, This is Not a Love Scene sounds like a massive NOPE. Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome post, Kay!! I totally understand the feeling of enjoying writing negative reviews. It’s so much fun to rant sometimes. Haha! I had considered reading My Almost Flawless Tokyo Dream Life and the Maurene Goo book, but after reading your reviews for both …. I’ll be passing. Lol! 🙈


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