Mini Reviews & Ranking All Of Marissa Meyer’s Books // Best of the Best Space Opera, Super Battles, & Swoony Romance

Hello everyone my name is Kay and my favorite author is Marissa Meyer.

If you know me, this is no surprise. My obsession with Marissa Meyer is very high. It’s some next level obsession. I literally own 5 of her books…which is a lot for me considering I only own like 12 YA books.

The past two years of my life have been defined by waiting for Archenemies and then Supernova to come out. Now I’m obsessively waiting for Instant Karma. I’m obsessed, people. In the meantime, as I waited, I’ve reread many of her books. In fact, I’ve read Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Winter, 3 times each, Renegades, and Heartless 2 times each, and Stars Above, Fairest, Archenemies, and Supernova once.

I even forced my mom and brother, who aren’t into YA, to read the entire Lunar Chronicles series!

And don’t even get me started on how excited I am for Instant Karma!

The bottom line is that Marissa Meyer can do no wrong in my eyes. She is amazing.

Anyways, I was super obsessed with Renegades and just finished the trilogy in December! So then I was craving more Marissa Meyer and reread Heartless! And I’ve still been craving more so just last week I reread the entire Lunar Chronicles. And hence I’ve been inspired to rank and mini review them all.

(also I didn’t give star ratings because… tbh they’re like all 5 stars)

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10. Archenemies

35425827. sx318 white and brown city buildings during daytime

I’m sad that this is in last place, but something has to be, and that surely doesn’t mean it’s bad! I loved the conflict between the Renegades and the Anarchists, the increased stakes, the love/hate between Nightmare and the Sentinel! The ending was shocking and incredible! Unfortunately, it just dragged in parts and felt unnecessarily long, and there wasn’t as much character development as I would have liked.

Best Parts: The ending of course seeing Nightmare be so badass was amazing!

Click for my full review of Archenemies

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9. Stars Above

25689074. sy475 night sky with stars

It’s low on the list, but it’s an anthology of stories so I’m sorry! It’s maybe unfair to rank it with all these amazing novels? It was still wonderful! There were many stories I loved, particularly the extra epilogue, and, even though it didn’t directly involve our character, The Little Android! It didn’t rip out my heart and soul as it would be hard for short stories to do, but I still loved them a remarkable amount!

Best Parts: the first chapter of Cinder from Kai’s pov, the wedding!!

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8. Supernova

42771754aerial view of city buildings with lightning strike

wish I could have given this a perfect five stars! There were so many things I loved–the tension! The stakes! The battles! So. Many. Intense. Battles! The ramifications of things, the shocking twists and discoveries! I loved all those things, but there were some things I didn’t like as much, particularly the ending… it wasn’t the best ending in my opinion unfortunately, but still great!

Best Part: “everyone has a nightmare… I guess I’m yours” AHHHHHHH

Click for my spoiler and spoiler free review of Supernova

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7. Fairest

22489107silver-colored crown

It‘s only a novella, but wow is it powerful and absolutely amazing! It gets so dark and twisted, as is totally fitting for a villain as cruel and evil as Levana! It was entrancing to read about all her evilness! It didn’t absolutely destroy me since it was just a novella and I wasn’t that invested in Levana’s story, but still amazing!

Best parts: any bit where I got to see baby Winter and Jacin!!

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6. Scarlet

13206760. sy475 tomatoes hanging on tomato plant

Scarlet is my least favorite of the Lunar Chronicles, but as you can see, that just means it’s the least perfect of perfection. I loved the Little Red Riding hood story, I loved how the universe was just starting to expand from just Cinder! Scarlet is a badass fighter, and yeah I’m so happy Thorne showed up! I liked Scarlet and Wolf, but I did think their relationship moved a bit too fast and was too instalovey for my taste unfortunately…

Best parts: tbh anything with Thorne. breaking out of prison with Thorne was hilarious. Also Iko’s new body

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5. Heartless

18584855. sy475 macarons in white ball selective focus photography

Heartless completely destroyed me and ripped out my heart so I was… heartless ahaha I’m not funny. I loved the whimsical craziness of Wonderland, and the ending was so twisted and intense and tragic and I was bewitched, hooked on Cath’s descent from sweet girl into insane queen! It could get a bit slow, but overall still amazing!

Best Parts: Jest being Jest! The not quite mad tea party! And, well, while I didn’t like how the ending destroyed me… it was pretty powerful

Click for my full review of Heartless

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4. Renegades

28421168long exposure photography of road and cars

I love Renegades!! I love Meyer’s take on superhero! I love how everything is so morally grey, with the story being told from the perspectives of Nova, the super villain, and Adrian, the superhero, and both believe that they’re right! I loved the squad banter, and I loved loved seeing Nova and Adrian falling for each other while their alter egos were trying to kill each other!

Best Parts: The ending battle! (might be a reoccurring theme that I like Marissa Meyer’s endings lol), also the opening battle (another reoccurring theme?)

Click for my full review of Renegades

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3. Cinder

36381037gray and black concrete building near body of water

I know some people think Cinder is the weakest of Meyer’s book, but I absolutely adored it! There’s something so magical and nostalgic about the simple Cinderella story that started it all! It’s a bit predictable and not as grand scale epic as the later installments, but wow did I love seeing Cinder work her way from rags to not quite riches but more awesome badass fighter, loved seeing her go from complacent to determined! And I loved the beginning of the world, falling into it all for the first time and seeing that amazing and unique blend of science fiction and technology with fantasy and fairytales!

Best Parts: At the ball, also pretty much any time Cinder and Kai interact (like at her market stall!)

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2. Cress

13206828. sy475 desert dune with blue sky

Cress is such a fantastic story and I was so swept away with it! The stakes are significantly higher in this one, with Levana waging war on the Earth, and so much more action and character growth, with Cinder learning to really use her powers! Cress is cute and I loved seeing the juxtaposition between dreamy scared little girl on Earth for the first time with amazing skilled hacker! And the ending is just incredible as it sets up the finale! Which, speaking of…

Best Parts: Thorne, Thorne, Thorne!!! Thorne and Cress keeping each other alive in the dessert. Also Cinder finally getting the hang of her gift! aLSO the wedding!!!!!

Click for my full review of Cress

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1. Winter

13206900. sy475 full moon

Winter is definitely the best of Marissa Meyer’s books, and one of the best books that I’ve ever read! It’s a bit of a beast at over 800 pages, but it really never feels slow, and there’s so much action and adventure with such high stakes that I was hooked and entranced on every page! There are so many perspectives in this one, but I truly loved them all, loved all of the characters, their friendships, their romances, and their squad! The ending battle between was so intense and what the whole series was leading up to and I was beyond satisfied with it!

Best Parts: ahhh the whole book!!! The wedding reception dinner aftermath was insane!!! The ending battle and the way Levana was unraveled! Literally Winter because she’s underrated Winter and Jacin together!! But tbh all of the couples, literally any scene with a couple. This whole book.

Click for my full review of Winter

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Let’s Chat

Have you read all of Marissa Meyer’s books? Which is your favorite? Are you as obsessed with her as I am? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



66 thoughts on “Mini Reviews & Ranking All Of Marissa Meyer’s Books // Best of the Best Space Opera, Super Battles, & Swoony Romance

  1. Omg I love this post so much! The only series I’ve read from Marissa Meyer is The Lunar Chronicles and I can’t wait to read more! This is so helpful and of course, it’s a lovely post!

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  2. This is such a lovely post Kay. I love that you love MM so much hehe. I’ve only read the first two books in the Renegades series, NEED to get to Supernova asap, but really want to read TLC and Heartless.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a fun post!! I love Marissa Meyer as well, though I don’t know if I can officially claim that since I haven’t actually finished the Renegades trilogy (whoops!). The Lunar Chronicles are forever some of my favorites, though, I agree w you on Winter being #1! Maybe a tie between that and Scarlet…lovely post!! (:

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  4. Winter indeed is one of the greatest novels ever written! I’m sad to say that despite loving The Lunar Chronicles I’ve only read Renegades and no other Meyers books as of now though I’m really excited after seeing how you’ve ranked them!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I loved reading this post so much!💜 Seriously Marissa Meyer is an ICONIC queen. It’s really interesting that you ranked Heartless so high, I know a lot of people were disappointed by it! But it really was excellent! And any scene with Thorne is a top-notch scene😂😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🙂 she truly is iconic ❤ Yeah I know some people didn't like Heartless that much but I LOVED it haha the ending absolutely destroyed me and was tbh probably the first major book hangover I ever got. I read it before I joined the online book community though so I wasn't reading as critically as I am now so maybe I wouldn't like it as much now… but also I'm such Marissa Meyer trash I probably would like it anyways lmao. Thorneeeeee ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved this ranking 😁 Funny enough, I’ve only read Cinder and Scarlet, and left Scarlet a little let down. Seeing your rankings makes me eager for Cress and Winter. Also have Heartless on my shelf so glad to see that had such a punch!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh my gosh I have so much respect for how much you’ve reread the Lunar Chronicles series! I keep telling myself I’m going to revisit the stories haha. The Fairest is one of my favorite novellas ever and I sadly DNFed Heartless 😅. Loved this post and your enthusiasm for Marissa Meyer 😄!

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  8. marissa meyer is a great author, i totally get why you love her! i really enjoyed the lunar chronicles, but tbh my love for it is tainted by the fact that the chinese rep in it is trash lmao. (but i don’t really hold it against marissa meyer because things were different back then, and i know she’s doing better!) i carry the unpopular opinion that cress was pretty boring? the chapters where cress and thorne were just trudging through the desert and doing nothing seemed a little pointless to me, but idk it’s been a while since i read the book. but winter is a great finale! it didn’t feel like 800 pages at all, and it was such an epic conclusion ❤

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    1. Oh that’s too bad your love for TLC is tainted. Tbh I know that the rep isn’t objectively good in today’s context, but also it doesn’t really bother me given that it’s set so far in the future where there’s literally a race of magic mind controlling moon people lol and I feel like it’s not inconceivable that countries and cultures could come together so Earth can ally against psychotic moon people? It also doesn’t really bother me because the story isn’t a completely Asian story or fairytale, it’s a huge story that takes place in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the literal moon lol. I mean yeah I’m not gonna recommend it to anyone as great Asian rep or praise the Asian world building or anything, but the rep doesn’t take away from my enjoyment, personally. Idk, that’s just what I thought reading it, and I’m Asian, but also I know that that’s just my one opinion, I obviously can’t speak for anyone else, and you and anyone who doesn’t like the rep or doesn’t like the book because of the rep is totally valid ❤

      haha I see where you're coming from maybe the chapters trudging through the desert aren't the most eventful… but Thorne lol we are all just trash for Captain Carswell Thorne ❤

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      1. i did think about the fact that the story is set far into the future and you kind of have to suspend your disbelief when it comes to the worldbuilding. i think what irks me the most is the fact that marissa meyer probably didn’t do much research when writing about a culture that isn’t hers, and idk, even if your story is set in the future, maybe don’t change a marginalized culture that you’re not a part of?

        that being said, i completely get why other people wouldn’t find it offensive, and i’m not saying that you should ❤ this is just my perspective on it, and i'm not even that mad about it, because sadly, there are worse things to be mad about 😔

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  9. I’ve read The Lunar Chronicles + Stars Above some time ago and fell in love with it!! 💗 Scarlet and Winter are my favs but honestly, all of them are amazing. Definitely one of my favourite fantasy series. Heartless is on my radar and has been for quite some time… since I am a big Alice fan I need to read it. This year I started reading Renegades (~100 pages) and somehow I couldn’t get into it ?! Maybe it’s the superhero concept, maybe it’s the translation, idk, but I dnfed it (😅). Marissa Meyer is still great though. Can’t wait to see what she’s up to next. 😊

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  10. The only book I’ve read by Marissa Meyer is Heartless and I did not love it. That being said, I own Cinder so I will definitely give it a try. And I can’t wait to read Renegades!

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  11. Ahh, I’ve barely read any Marissa Meyer, but maybe I should give her books another try! I did read Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress back in middle school when they were all the rage, and I think I do remember enjoying them, but then I got swept up into contemporaries and sort of forgot. Your love for the books really showed in this post, though, and you made me want to read more of her novels!!❤️

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  12. KAYYY!!! This post is sooo gorgeous with those beautiful aesthetics! 😍😍😍 MAKES ME WANT TO READ ALL OF THESE AT ONCE! Loved this SOOO MUCHHH!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  13. kay!!!! i love this post, the way i love *all* your posts ❤❤ i sadly haven’t read that much my marissa meyer except cinder which i enjoyed a lot! i’m so glad you like her a lot though because the rest of the books in the lunar chronicles series + the rest of marissa meyer’s books are in my high priority tbr! i’ve heard so many amazing things about winter that tbh, even if i didn’t like the other books in tlc, i’d still push through just for it haha!
    also, i read the synopsis of heartless, and it just??? sounds SO GOOD??? like just the whole concept!!! i love it!!!!
    anyways, love this post and love you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww yay thanks ❤ Cinder is amazing and they get better and better aslkfjsad Cress is amazing and Winter is out of this world (literally on the moon lol) incredible!! and Heartless ripped out my heart and soul and crushed me it's THAT GOOD. Ahh I hope you get to her books and like them ❤


      1. Thanks ❤ ❤ Marissa Meyer's books conjure up all the a e s t h e t i c images in my brain so I had to put them on this post. And ahhh you haven't read any of her books??? I hope this post has convinced you that that absolutely needs to change she is a qUEEN ❤

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  14. this post was super cool! i only ever read HEARTLESS (i agree with everything about jest) but it was… so cool and i was hooked and i definitely need to read more marissa meyer books. i did think she was the one who wrote the twilight series for the longest time (stephanie meyer who). but it turns out i was thinking of the lunar chronicles, which i’ve heard of in passing forever and seems SO GOOD the way you’ve described it?! all of these books seem SO GOOD tbh. loved your post ♥

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  15. Ahhhhh, the Lunar Chronicles has been sitting on my TBR ever since I read Cinder [and adored it] from my local library. Spoiler alert: that was like, three or four years ago. Whoops. I promise I have every intention of reading this series… it just always seems to get pushed to the back burner. Probably because I don’t actually own physical copies and I have so many other unread books on my shelf.

    BUT you have 100% inspired [and reminded] me that it’s about dang time I finish reading this series. And, considering how much I LOVE Disney, it’s criminal that I haven’t. 😉

    Amazing idea for a post, Kay! Sending much love! 💙

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  16. I’ve only read The Lunar Chronicles but I have Renegades on my physical shelf! I don’t know why I haven’t read it yet since I loved Lunar so much. I also want to read Heartless and I also actually have the physical copy for it so I don’t even know why I keep putting it off 😂 Maybe I’ll bump it up on my TBR this year (or maybe I’ll do that with Renegades). Great post!

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  17. AHAHAHAHA WHEN I SAW THIS POST I CLICKED ON IT RIGHT AWAY!!!!!!!!!! I love your breakdown of the books and the Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite book series of all time!!!!!!!! I totally agree — Winter is the best novel from the quartet. I haven’t read the Renegades books but the way you describe them makes me want to! Wow the line “everyone has a nightmare… I guess I’m yours” sounds like a ship quote 😀 and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Ah you’re SO TALENTED at these reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  18. ahhh kay!!! i love this post 💓 unfortunately, i haven’t read much marissa meyer, but i do own e-copies of all the books in the renegades series, so i can’t wait to get to that soon!! the lunar chronicles are also high on my tbr, and i NEED them in my life!! loved reading this ❤

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