2020 Recap & My Three Year Blovigersary!!

Well, 2020 year sucked. (understatement of the century)

anyways, let us all be very very happy that that hellhole of a year is over!!! and only one month too late, I’m going to post my yearly recap!!

But I also started blogging on January 21st 2018, and somehow it has been… three whole years???? wtf that’s genuinely shocking and upsetting because it means I’m old. Like I started blogging when I was 16 and I’m going to be 20 this year… not even a teen blogger… oof what happened to me

Anyways, I meant to publish this recap on my blogiversary but… I somehow convinced myself that my blogiversary was actually January 28th when it’s the 21st… whoops so a week late but then plot twist ~procrastination~ I would have been late publishing this post even if I remembered the date correctly which I didn’t why am I like this.

Well at least it’s still January as I’m finally getting this out so here we go, my 2020 and three years of blogging recap!!!

asset 4


I set my goodreads goal at 75 books this year, then surpassed it with 104. I surpassed it because in lockdown I suddenly had so much more free time lol, so it’s not necessarily a good thing. I mean, I would rather have been out doing things than in reading, but since I was stuck inside anyways, it’s a good thing that I was able to read instead of just squandering it all away! actually I did squander it all away.


2020 was really the year of rereads for me. I reread 30 books, which is more than usual, but honestly, I needed the comfort more than usual, and I don’t regret it. 

I read 41,855 words across 104 books. My average book length was 402 pages, which is actually rather shocking lmao because I thought I didn’t really like books over 400 pages but I guess on average I did? So go me lol. My average rating was 3.8 stars, which is pretty standard for me.

If you’re interested, I already published lists of my favorite and least favorite books of the year!

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This was a big year for me blogging! I really focused on quality over quantity, and for the most part, I’m really satisfied with it. I much less than I have in the past, but my posts were all much higher quality. I also focused much more on discussions and writing out thorough answers to tags I was interested in instead of just churning out memes. And!!! This year I also got 2,000 followers!!! That number is absolutely surreal, so thank you all so much for listening to my rambles ❤ Super grateful to everyone who has ever clicked my little blog!

I also wrote some posts that did really well. What I really learned is that you should write the blog posts that you want to, don’t worry about what you think will do well or anything. Because some of the blog posts that I’m most proud of that I had the most fun writing and just wrote because I wanted to, were the ones that got the most views, and that I had really insightful conversations with people in the comments in.

asset 1 

Here are a few of the posts I’m most proud of from this year!

Also my most viewed post on my blog is… my Supernova by Marissa Meyer review that I posted in December 2019 and… your guess why is as good as mine lmao because it’s already been viewed 200+ times this year. like it has very few likes and comments but for some reason people view it every day. anyways, I guess don’t believe people when they say book reviews don’t do well lmaoo. (they don’t… but this one does apparently)

asset 1

And of course, I wanted to share, in no particular order, some of the people who made my 2020 amazing ❤ this year I felt really isolated from my irl friends, not being able to see them, so I really appreciated internet friends ❤ also there’s probably other amazing people I forgot to write, and also other people I remembered but didn’t put on this list because then it would be a zillion people long because straight up everyone in the book community is amazing

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So this summer I pounded out a novel (maybe 90k I don’t remember) because why not lol I mean really why not considering I lost my summer job due to covid. Anyways, it was my first time ever writing an Asian fantasy. I mean if other asians read it I would get cancelled so quick for bad rep but it’s probably never going to be read by anyone besides me so it was fun to write something with my whole heart: a halfie princess and a sorcerer in a world partly inspired by European fairy tales and partly inspired by my Taiwanese heritage. 

Anyways I’m all about that ~aesthetic~ so I might as well drop the moodboard and character piccrews I made in July lol. 

Also yes about half my characters are wHite and the other half are Asian and my main character is a halfie because guess what I’m a halfie and I’m tired of having to pick one or the other in fantasy. 

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This was by far the worst year of my life. It was covid, a pandemic, and all of us had to change our lives in some ways. Zoom university has really not treated me well, and I’ve been extremely lonely. At this point I’ve been doing university over zoom for longer than I did it in person. Trying to remain friends with people I knew in person for one month and haven’t seen in 10 months… has failed. Being in America too… well, let’s just say it felt pretty hopeless at times. There have been so many little things adding up.

That little paragraph barely scratched the surface of how awful this year has been to me. But I know that others have it much worse than me, and at least this year taught me to not take things for granted.

Tbh, all I have to say about 2020 is that we survived. 

(and then 6 days into the year 2021 was like bish you thought. the good news though is that we got rid of the cheeto formerly in washington!!)

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And trying not to end on such a downer I had a few good moments last year. I did a ton of baking. I’ve gotten way better at hand lettering. I also started writing songs last year, and it’s a really good outlet for my emotions, and pretty fun and rewarding. Here’s a bit I wrote a few days ago 🙂

I didn’t feel your warmth til I was out shivering in the cold // I didn’t see your light til the darkness took me in its fold // guess I’m alone now since you left me here but you’re still in my memory // still I wonder are you really happier or are you broken too missing me

asset 1

Looking ahead…  As you may have noticed, I’ve also been blogging way less. This is my first post of the year (yikes), and I barely posted in the fall too. That’s mainly because I’ve been drowning in school work. I’m taking biology, organic chemistry, and physics, plus labs (“labs” lol zoom labs) all together (including labs I’m in 6 science classes rn) so basically all I do everyday is get up and do science lmao, and by the end of the day when I used to blog, I’m so exhausted all I want to do is watch videos and sleep. I want to try to start posting more, but will I probably not but I swear I’m going to try!!!

2020 was a shit year, but on the plus side, hopefully it can’t get much worse? knocking very much on all the wood 

asset 4

Let’s Chat

How was your 2020? Are you hecking glad it’s over too? How many books did you read? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤




58 thoughts on “2020 Recap & My Three Year Blovigersary!!

  1. OMG!! HAPPY THREE YEARS KAY!! i haven’t been around for very long, but i love your blog so much ahh!! you’re also like the nicest person 💖 your these violent delights quote art is so gorgeous!! i know you haven’t been posting much, but i always love reading your posts every time you do!! congratulations on 2,000 followers as well!! that’s super awesome, and i’m honoured to be one of them 🥰💘

    those macarons also look so yummy!! i’ve heard that they’re super hard to make – and my mum hasn’t let me yet, because she knows that i’m going to fail – so good job on that!! 2020 was definitely the worst year of my life as well, because i mean, i don’t think any of us expected a global pandemic with so many lockdowns!! ahaha yes we survived 😂😭 ahh 90k words is also so so fantastic, and i’m loving all the picrews and the moodboard you’ve made!! i’m an asian too, and i can promise you won’t get cancelled lmao, because your posts show how much you care about diversity, and we all love you for that 💝

    i hope you’re having a great 2021 so far, and january is treating you well!! i loved reading this post!! 💕

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    1. ahhh thanks so much ahaana ❤ ❤ I love your blog and chatting with you so much as well ❤ haha those are some of the prettier macarons I've made–I've definitely made a few awful ones that I didn't feel the need to post online loll. 2020 was so bad for so many of us but yes we did survive and that alone is an achievement ❤ I hope you're having an amazing 2021 as well!!

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  2. Aaah congrats on three years!!! Those macarons look delicious, once I tried to make them and they turned out… um, interestingly 😂 Also, 2,000 that’s fantastic!

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  3. Happy three years of blogging!! That’s such an amazing achievement and you should be so proud of yourself! 2020 seems like a great year for you reading/blogging/writing-wise – that’s so cool that you wrote a whole novel?? I’m always so jealous of people that can write haha. I’m sorry that the year wasn’t great from a personal perspective though – corona really messed up the year.
    I do hope that 2021 is better for you and I hope you reach any goals you may have set <3.

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  4. Congrats on your three-year anniversary of blogging! That’s an amazing feat. I hope you continue to enjoy blogging and reading, and that 2021 is better for you.

    Also, I love the mood board and character piccrews you made for your story. I agree: creating an aesthetic for your story is just as fun as the writing (if not more sometimes, haha!).

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  5. Wow Kay, 3 years is incredible and despite how awful this year was for life in general you managed to do SO much! Truly, quality over quantity, you are the perfect example and I’m trying my best to learn – AHH the Marissa Meyer ranking one! Also, a novel?? Thank you for sharing all those lovely picrews ahh. Hoping that 2021 would turn out better for you as well, congrats once more!! 🥰

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  6. Congratulations on everything you achieved in 2020, Kay! It was a bad year for sure but writing a novel is so impressive, as is reading 104 books. These Violent Delights was definitely a highlight for me as well!

    I’m so honoured to be included on your list, you are an amazing blogging friend too ❤ Yay for three years of blogging and I hope 2021 is a great year for you!

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  7. Congrats on your blog anniversary! You’ve accomplished so much already, and I’m sure this year will be much better for us all (or at least I’m hoping so because honestly, I don’t think anyone can deal with 2020 part 2). 90k words is so impressive! Good luck with your classes, and I hope we’ll see you more often

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  8. Congrats on all the wonderful things you accomplished last year Kay! It was a terrible year, but at least it wasn’t 100% bad and we’ve left it behind us. We’ll just ignore the fact that January was…not so amazing as expected. And btw, those macarons look positively amazing!!! Do you have a recipe for it, so I can give it a try?
    That’s so cool that you wrote an entire novel!! Honestly, I never cease to be amazed at people writing an entire book in a month or over the summer when it takes me like half a year to even write 40 pages smh.
    I’m so happy I helped make your year better 💕✨🥺 So many of your posts have offered me relief and made my day so much better so it means a lot that I could have done the same for you! Thank you!

    I hope you get a chance to breathe soon with school! It’s totally okay to take a blogging break if you need it; no one will judge, least of all me (first semester was a disaster blogging wise lol). We’ll be waiting whenever you post ❤✨

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    1. ahh rukky thanks so much!! we’ll ignore January for sure and let me live in denial since I’m still processing last march and it’s almost march again nooooo. I’ve tried like 5 different macaron recipes and my favorite is the one by preppy kitchen–if you google it he has both a written blog recipe and a youtube video. it’s a good base vanilla recipe anyways and then I just play around with it (especially with the fillings!) to get different flavors (I could ramble on about macarons forever lol but I’ll stop myself)

      haha tbh the only reason I wrote so much was because I had no life (thx covid) don’t worry I’ve barely written a single word (besides, like, lab reports rip) in the five months since school restarted (as you can probably see by my replying to this comment three weeks late–which, in the grand scheme of things isn’t even that bad for me?)

      ahh truly your blog (especially lets talk bookish posts those are so much fun to read and I would totally participate if I was more organized and posted more than once a month apparently lmao) and chatting with you has been such a highlight of a awful year ❤


  9. Wow, happy blogiversary, Kay!! (Also, my 3 year blogiversary is next week so, you know, twinsies.) I’m so, so honored to be among the people that made 2020 better for you ❤ Thank you for being such an amazing part of this little online community!!

    Fully relate to 2020 being the Absolute Worst Year, so here’s hoping 2021 is at least slightly better for both of us. (I was about to type ‘it can’t get much worse,’ but let’s not jinx it.)

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  10. happy three year blogiversary and congrats on reading 104 books in 2020, those are some wonderful accomplishments!! 😊 i totally hear you on 2020 being a terrible year, i’m just so glad it’s over lmao and hopefully, the second half of 2021 will be better (?) :’) fingers crossed. i’m a second-year in college rn and literally same, i’ve been doing online classes more than i’ve been in college in-person at this point, which is truly so sad 😩 Zoom University is NOT it, you’re not alone 💓 wishing you the best with all of your science classes and labs this sem!! you got this and hopefully we can return to in-person college soon!

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    1. Ahh thanks so much Dezzy ❤ lmao 2020 was the absolute worst ripperoni pls let the rest of 2021 not let us down. agh college sucks for us but glad to hear I'm not the only one lol. yeah at this point I'm like… was I ever a real college student did those 6 months really exist?? or did I hallucinate it was it all a fever dream?? remember lecture halls??? were those even real??? wishing you the best with zoom university to you too ❤

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      1. OMGGG i literally have had the same exact conversation with my friends lmao, college definitely feels like a fever dream at this point, like did it even happen ????? how did i used to wake up and actually *walk* to classes and lecture halls every day?? haha :’) and thank you so much, sending you good vibes 💕


  11. late but happy anniversary!! you made 2020 a more bearable year for me too 😭💖 i genuinely always love reading your posts and comments!! i’m so sorry 2020 was a bad year for you, and i really hope 2021 brings you better things. on the homework front i relate so much! i don’t have it as bad as you, but i am on the STEM track, so i’m taking calculus, general math, earth science, and biology, along with seven other classes that range from filipino academic writing and philosophy to chinese. you described it so perfectly that at the end of the day & you’re done with all the homework you just want to do something mindless (in my case it’s scrolling through twitter lol)

    also your book sounds so cool!! i relate so much on the getting canceled for bad rep front even tho i’m asian i constantly wonder whether i’ll accidentally write something problematic about my own asian characters djkfjd

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    1. ahh thanks so much Caitlin ❤ ❤ you were definitely one of the brighter spots in the black hole that was 2020. eek I'm dying all those stem classes plus SEVEN other classes??? respect. also in my mind you're like a baby so I'm even more impressed that you're taking calculus honestly you deserve all the mindless twitter scrolls

      eek thanks ❤ loll I'm pretty much certain I wrote stuff people (*cough book twitter*) would consider "problematic" because I did almost no research, especially since I'm asian american and wrote a fictional asia asian kingdom. obviously if I were to ever try to get it published I would do way more research and get sensitivity readers etc, but I was just writing my experience for fun and I loved it so I don't really care loll

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      1. yeah it’s so tiring lmao 😭 and it’s just basic calculus, probably so much easier than the kind of math you’re taking!

        samee omg i personally don’t really care for fantasy worlds that are copy pasted versions of the real world & i’m all for authors taking some creative freedom with worldbuilding, but ik some won’t be happy with that LMAO


  12. Ahh Kay I’m sorry I’m so late to this but this is so sweet, thank you :)) I’m so glad we became friends!! And ugh 2020 sucked but that’s so amazing that you read 104 books, wrote a novel, and started writing songs! (and the cheeto part hehe) And you’re juggling SIX science classes omg, you’re killing it! I hope you’re having an ok February so far ❤

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  13. Happy late blog birthday!! I’m sorry I’m very late to this post, I loved reading it though.❤️ I’m so proud of you for all your reading and blogging and writing accomplishments the past year, and for the fact that you’re just doing amazing okay?? This last year just was not good and I really hope 2021 is treating you better so far. Sending you a lot of love and a virtual hug and I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to become friends through blogging. I’m always here if you ever need anyone to talk to! xx

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  14. Oh. My. Actual. Gosh. I can’t believe I made your list of people who made 2020 amazing??? 😭😭😭 I am so beyond touched – Kay our friendship honestly got me through EVERYTHING this year and I appreciate you more than I can ever express. We had some LEGENDARY discussions in the comments! You are such a bright, positive light in this community and I’m so thankful we both stumbled onto each other’s blogs. Also, while we’re being thankful, I totally owe you one for switching me onto my newest favorite series! #Rampioncrew.

    But I’m sorry to hear that 2020 has been the worst year for you. I’m sending you all the good vibes and crossing my fingers [and my toes] that 2021 will be much kinder to you.

    Sending all my love – here’s to another year of amazing books and friendship! 💙💙💙


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    1. Ahhh yess Alexandra of course how could I not shout you out after our legendary comment chains?? truly 2020 was such absolute trash but I loved chatting with you through it all. And ahh yess I am cackling with joy that I you loved the lunar chronicles just another step on my master plan for Marissa Meyer world domination… (did I say that out loud?) haha my fingers and toes are all crossed too, and I hope you have an amazing 2021 ❤ excited for more chatting with you in this year ❤


  15. Congratulations on your amazing book adventure and so many other successes! And I’m sorry to hear your year has been so unpleasant. I really hope this one brings you better and brighter days! Stay strong! 😊

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  16. KAY OMG!!! I am so so so behind on blog posts but now I’m ashamed because you mentioned me,,, I ADORE YOU <3<3<3<3

    Literally still crying tbh

    Okay I'll stop but I absolutely loved reading this post. First of all, I DID NOT know that we were the same age but that's lowkey amazing. I started my blog in 2017 (so was 15) and feel exactly the same. Kinda sad I can't say I'm a teen blogger anymore hahaha

    So so so amazed that you read so many and also reached such amazing milestones. Yay for 2000, you deserve it so so much!!!! And for writing so much!! (oops that's def a goal for me this year *hides*)

    Also, kinda feel exactly the same about university. I have been doing it more online that in-person and am going to continue to do so for at least another semester. But tbh I kinda prefer that because I was having a hard time with homesickness. Anyways lots of love your way and we can cry together if you wanna hehe

    You the bestest and expect maybe spam after this comment as I catch up xoxoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RUBY OMG!! I am literally even more behind lmao I just finished replying to some comments from December… whoops… but I adore you!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      Agh I didn't know we were the same age either!! that's super cool though!! I think maybe I thought we were super different ages because we live in opposite hemispheres so our university schedules don't match or something lol. but yess I will (1) be sad to not be a teen blogger and (2) also have a mid life (quarter life?) crisis at not being a teen in general anymore because I am really not adultish enough to be an adult

      yike uni sucks for us all but glad I'm not the only one in my feelings about it lol. at this point I've not been doing it online for… an entire year??? and I was only on campus for 6 months so it feels very weird. tbh I was kinda homesick when I was on campus last year but now I'm homesick as in I'm very sick of being at home and am like getmeouttahere!! so you know, it's all about perspective lmao.

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  17. Acting very much on brand, I’m responding to this post 7 months late. Oooooops!

    While 2020 was a hell of a year, 2021 seems to be the one that’s influencing my blogging the most. Meaning that I have not been blog hopping at all this year and my posting has been sporadic. I feel like a fraud even being mentioned on your list when I’ve been so absent from the blogosphere, but I nonetheless want to thank you for including us in your list.

    I also 100000% understand that feeling of isolation and loneliness that COVID brings. I’ve definitely had times where I just wanted to chat with someone. I know we usually only chat through the comments but I want to put out an offer that never expires to slide into my Insta DMs at any time to chat with me! I’ve become friends with a few other bloggers this way, and it’s been so nice to have someone to reach out to when I feel the need to chat and no IRL friends are available. I assure you that you’ll make my day if you end up taking me up on my offer!

    And I have to end by saying SIX SCIENCE CLASSES?!?!?! ARE YOU OKAY!?!?!? Like, I’m an engineering major and regularly take a ton of STEM classes at once, but you even had me sweating just reading that list!

    Anywho, I hope that the first half of 2021 had things looking brighter and better than 2020! I hope that next year’s recap will just be filled with happiness and all other sorts of good things!


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