Legendary Review // A Legendary Fantasy


Title // Legendary

Author // Stephanie Garber

Publisher // Flatiron Books

Publication Date // May 29, 2018

My Rating // ★★★★☆ (4.5)

Synopsis // A heart to protect. A debt to repay. A game to win.

After being swept up in the magical world of Caraval, Donatella Dragna has finally escaped her father and saved her sister, Scarlett, from a disastrous arranged marriage. The girls should be celebrating, but Tella isn’t yet free. She made a desperate bargain with a mysterious criminal, and what Tella owes him no one has ever been able to deliver: Caraval Master Legend’s true name.

The only chance of uncovering Legend’s identity is to win Caraval, so Tella throws herself into the legendary competition once more—and into the path of the murderous heir to the throne, a doomed love story, and a web of secrets…including her sister’s. Caraval has always demanded bravery, cunning, and sacrifice, but now the game is asking for more. If Tella can’t fulfill her bargain and deliver Legend’s name, she’ll lose everything she cares about—maybe even her life. But if she wins, Legend and Caraval will be destroyed forever…

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This book was…dare I say it…LEGENDARY! Seriously. I had heard such great things before I read this book, and it definitely did not disappoint. I liked Caraval enough, but it wasn’t my favorite…well, this book was everything its the first was and more and I am so impressed and also I need to read the next book very very much.

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This book takes place in another game of Caraval like the first one. Caraval…be careful of being swept away. Well, I was certainly swept away. Even at the end of the book, like with the first one, I’m still not one hundred percent certain what’s real and what’s just part of the game. The stakes were definitely higher, with Tella getting swept up in a very real mess with the heir and the nobles, the fates, and, of course, the players of Caraval.

And Legend! We got to see who Legend is!! I figured it out partway through the book, and was giving myself many many pats on the back at the end when I got it right haha. I have so many questions though now aahhhh I need to know more about him!!

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I loved Tella! It was such a welcome surprise to see that this book wasn’t going to be narrated by Scarlet, but by her sister! Tella had already watched a game of Caraval being played, so she had a distinct new perspective on this one that I loved seeing. But more than that, she’s just so fierce and strong and badass and herself. She rises to all the challenges, lying to get into court, kissing guys and making others jealous, and honestly I just loved her.

But while I enjoyed Scarlet and Tella both by themselves, it’s definitely the interactions between the sisters that really sell this book for me. It’s so clear how much they both care about each other, and how much of their motivations are set around making sure that the other one is happy, or at least safe. This story also dives more into the backstory of their mother, who disappeared years ago, and who exactly she was…not who they thought she was, for sure! Tella is so furious with her mother for leaving her, but at the same time loves her so much, and aoasiljfdk I just loved the sisters and family themes in this one.

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I loved Stephanie Gaber’s writing style. Most of the time fluffy purple prose annoys me, but in these books it really doesn’t. It’s so beautiful, and really adds to the whimsical, magical, enchanting world created, and when reading this book, I could really imagine and fully immerse myself in her world.

The romance! This book was more romance centered than the last book, and I was all here for it! From mysterious Dante who keeps following Tella around, to the cruel Prince of Hearts who might be more than he appears, I was just swept away! It kind of felt like a love triangle though…which was annoying…but I still have high hopes for the way this romance it going to end up in the third book!

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9 thoughts on “Legendary Review // A Legendary Fantasy

  1. Love your review! This is everything I felt while reading this book! I didn’t love Caraval like everyone else seemed to but I did absolutely love Legendary. Tella was such a fun character, far more interesting than Scarlett in my opinion. And I loved the expansion of the world and the mythology and I totally loved the writing. I didn’t really like the writing in the first book, I found it to be a bit much but I found it wonderful in this book for some reason. Overall a great book and a wonderful review!

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