Reasons Why Someone Might Not Be A Reader

Hey friends. Everyone here is a friend because we are all normal human beings and we are readers. It might seem strange to you (it’s very strange to me!), but some people actually aren’t readers! Crazy, right? However, after looking into it, I have determined some reasonable reasons why someone might not be a reader, and am here to share them with you.

They’ve been exposed to too much Dickens (or other related author). Otherwise known as school reading, which has sucked the life out of many a person. I mean, after reading drivel like Tale of Two Cities, you might fall into a pit of despair that you can only be recovered from by Sparknotes, and forget why reading is fun at all.

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Terrible movie adaptations. I’m looking at you, Percy Jackson. And Divergent. And all the terrible movie adaptations that make you want to strangle someone because the book is PERFECTION and they’ve turned it into THIS? And then you don’t even want to read because you think it’s terrible!!

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They’ve accidentally broken books. I’m here to shamefully admit that I’ve tried to open a book wider and then, like, broken the pages free from the spine? And one time I dropped a book into a swimming pool? They might be too scared to damage those babies and want to steer clear for the book’s own good.

Too much other reading. You know, the not fun kind. Like the kind all about quadratics and whatever else might be in your math book. Or the kind about bacteriophages and other stuff that makes your head combust. And then by the end of all that you’re like enough! I can’t read a second longer!

Person Holding a Chalk in Front of the Chalk Board

Standardized testing. You know that moment when you’re taking the SAT and you have something like five minutes to read a passage and answer ten questions and all you can think about is stress stress stress and then whenever you read something like that passage you have PTSD?

They fear exposure. Maybe they’re secretly a sparkly vampire. And then don’t want to be exposed for the wimp sorry excuse for a vampire that they are, so they just steer clear of any sparkly vampire books that might expose them

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They’re an alien. If all else fails, I think we might just have to assume that they’re an alien from a strange planet where people don’t read. I mean, after all of this, that’s the only explanation I can think of.



25 thoughts on “Reasons Why Someone Might Not Be A Reader

  1. I completely agree with everything on this list, especially about the aliens!, haha! But I do think school reading is a big reason why people don’t read outside of school, like I (obviously) absolutely love reading but when I started uni I didn’t read a book for pleasure for months because I was just so bogged down in all my academic stuff! Great post! 🙂

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  2. hahaha this is such a hilarious post!! I really do get what you mean about terrible movie adaptations putting people off (though a lot of the time even good movies put people off because they think there’s no need to watch it) And standardised testing definitely puts other people off. but honestly I think the last two reasons are most apt 😉

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  3. LOL I think they’re aliens hahahha! I’ve heard school books are not that great haha we were never forced to read books at school! and I know about the other reading, I’m constantly trying to mantain the balance between numbers and scientific laws and my other lovely books haha ❤ LOVE THIS POST ❤

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  4. Oh gosh, thus made me laugh. The alien theory sounds extremely plausible. 😁
    Most of my friends don’t really read and the main excuse the give is ‘I already have to study this boring book for school! Don’t make me read another!’

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  5. This is such a great post! I feel like “Too much other reading” is totally true for people in school. I know when I’m in school, I don’t really feel like reading books because I have so much reading for school

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  6. I definitely agree about forcing books on you at school. We have certain authors we read at school in the UK (Dickens, Shakespeare…) and I’ve always enjoyed the books by them that I chose to read as an adult, rather than those forced on me at school

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