Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Me Blue!

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is Books With My Favorite Color On The Cover. I don’t know my favorite color. I usually say pink, because let’s be real, I haven’t aged past six and I love pink. However, I also really love blue and I honestly have more blue things than pink sooooo I’m gonna go with that ❤

1. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas: Aka the best sequel ever. And one of my best books ever. And it was just amazing. And Rhys. Did I mention Rhys?

2. Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowly: This is one of my favorite contemporaries!!! It’s so cute and sweet but also desperately sad and tear worthy but also just beautiful.

3. Renegades by Marissa Meyer: I am STILL waiting on the sequel!!!! I love anything and everything by Marissa Meyer and this is no exception–ahhhhh looooove!!!

4. Wendy Darling by Colleen Oakes: One of the most underrated series ever because it’s amazing and perfect and ahhh all the feelies I love so much and you all must read pronto because I love it!!!

5. Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi: So intense! So amazing! Girl power! (Maybe not so much this one but the rest of the series for sure!!) And of course I love the love interest–who doesn’t??

6. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix by J. K. Rowling: I don’t think I need to say anything here. It’s Harry Potter. Of course it’s here.

7. Forever Princess by Meg Cabot: I loooove the Princess Diaries books!!! This was such a perfect ending to the series. My second favorite, after Princess Diaries the original of course.

8. Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr: The original book that introduced me to my love of faeries will always have a soft spot in my heart ❤ I love Aisling and Keenan and all the faeries!!!

9. Wake by Amanda Hocking: My favorite Hocking book for sure!!! I just love the sirens! I love a little darker themes and mythology, and this definitely has it all :))

10. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: One of my first contemporaries I read aww the memories ❤ I feel so old because I remember how young I was when this came out omg. Also John Green is great because he became an inside joke in my friend group xD

Image result for a court of mist and furyImage result for words in deep blueImage result for renegades bookRelated imageRelated imageImage result for order of phoenix bookRelated imageImage result for wicked lovelyImage result for wake amanda hockingRelated image

LOOK HOW AESTHETIC all that blue is (okay not really but shh) now I can be happy 🙂

What’s on your TTT this week? What’s your favorite color? Comment below and I’ll check out yours :))


73 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Me Blue!

  1. Ooo, “Words in Deep Blue” is a book I still REALLY want to read. Glad to know it’s a good read – also, all the pretty shades of blue look so nice in this post. 🙂

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  2. I’ve always wanted to read the Princess Diaries series in full! Maybe that will be my summer project in between all of my other work….. Anyways, great list! 🙂

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  3. I love the Renegades cover! I can’t wait to see the cover for the sequel too! Ahh Words in Deep Blue is so gorgeous and it’s on my TBR too!

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  4. Awesome post! That aesthetic looks so gorgeous!! Also I love so many of the books on here! Rhys is amazing! And Words in deep blue is one of my favourite contemporaries now too! I really need the sequel for Renegades too!!! And yes to unravel me 😀

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  5. I really like the picks you made for this week’s topic. I feel all serene after looking at them lol. I guess that’s the case with a calming color. I hadn’t ever looked into the Princess Diaries series so I wasn’t aware what one of the latter covers looked like, but I like the design! I went the bright yellow route if you’d like to peruse my list:

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  6. I can completely relate with not being able to pick a color and stick with it, I do the same. Of course I also can’t pick one favorite pretty much anything…. LOL

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  7. I am such a huge fan of blue so I am so excited to see you picked blue covers as well. I have only read Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix and The Fault In Our Stars. Words In Deep Blue and Renegades are on my TBR list.

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