Books > Boyfriends

Today is Valentines Day! Maybe that means that you’re going to have a romantic date with your partner, enjoy chocolates and flowers, etc, etc. But if you’re anything like me, it means that you’re going to be sulking alone, buying yourself chocolate tomorrow when it goes on sale, and contemplate why you’re going to die alone! (Honestly, I’m sure it has nothing to do with my social awkwardness; wouldn’t everyone much rather be curled up in their bed with a book than out with friends on a friday night? Not that anyone ever invites me to hang out on friday nights…yeah…anyways….).

So on behalf of all us single people out there, I’ve compiled a list of why books are infinitely better than boyfriends!

1. They’re much better shared. Whenever you read a really good book, of course you forcewant all your friends to read it! And then you can all fangirl about it and talk about how awesome it is, and overall, it’s much more full when everyone has read it! None of this being jealous over its relationship with another girl. Please, all the girls (and guys!) in the universe READ IT!

Image result for belle gif book

2. And they’ll share you! Your book isn’t going to get upset and jealous when you read another. You can read hundreds of books. Thousands. Millions. Every single book in the entire universe! (I wish…)

Image result for belle reading gif

3. You can brace yourself for the end. Inevitably, of course, a book must come to an end. But there will not be an unexpected breakup over text! You can count exactly how many pages are left and mentally prepare yourself so you have a tub of ice cream handy when it comes.

4. But it doesn’t really have to end. Even after it ends, you can read it again. And again. And again. For the rest of you lifetime and then AGAIN!

Related image

5. You can skip all the sad parts. If you’re reading a book for the second or third or 40233103849th time, you know exactly what to do. Where to go. Where to avoid so all can be happy go lucky yay!

6. There’s no shortage of them. Just look at that mile long TBR! And walk into the library and see shelves and shelves and shelves of books you might never get around to reading! Maybe I’myou’re having a boyfriend shortage, but you’ll never have a book shortage!

Image result for library gif

7. You can make them look however you want. Maybe there’s a guy who’s super nice and awesome but also lowkey ugly. Well if you’re reading a book that’s awesome, you can imagine the characters and world and everything just as perfect as you want!

8. They won’t complain about your habits. Have you ever had a book complain about something you do? About you always being late or biting your fingers or being super disorganized? No! Books love you just the way you are!

Image result for belle eating gif

9. They’re so much cheaper. No paying to buy them a valentines gift, a birthday gift, pay for a date, etc, etc. You can get them for 10 bucks paid once and that’s it. Or better yet: go to the library and they’re absolutely FREE!

10. You can get rid of them easily. You read a book from the library, don’t like it, return it and never think about it again. Or, if you bought it, sell it/give it away. You won’t have to deal with a messy breakup, or have pictures of your relationship haunt you forever. Just pick up another and never look back!


(I’m not sure how I ended up with the Beauty and the Beast gifs but eh).

Well, from one single girl to the world, here were my ten reasons why books are better than boyfriends. For all of you having romantic dates tonight, BE JEALOUS because I’m having a romantic date with A BOOK! xD


37 thoughts on “Books > Boyfriends

  1. my favorite valentine’s day post & I STAND BY THIS ARGUMENT FOREVER ❤ and belle was with beast for his library and it was 100% the right decision 😀

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  2. I love this post!!! And while I do agree with everything you just said, I do very much love my boyfriend… Specially because he buys me books and goes with me to book festivals =)

    But I do love my BOOKS… quite a lot haha

    Liked by 1 person

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