Top Ten Tuesday: My OTPs

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme post hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is Love Freebie. I decided to go with my Top Ten OTPs. Ah, how much I love a good romance.

1. Cinder and Kai from The Lunar Chronicles: It’s no secret that I love The Lunar Chronicles. And I formed an attachment to Cinder early on; she’s so badass and I love her so much! So cute!

Image result for the lunar chronicles

2. America and Maxon from The Selection: Maxon is so adorable and cute and caring and America is such a relatable and likeable heroine and their conversations are so cute I can’t even ahh!

Image result for the selection trilogy

3. Lara Jean and Peter from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: They’re just so adorable together! I love how much they care about each other! And Peter is so good to Kitty. And always looking out for Lara Jean. Awwwweeeee!

4. Mia and Michael from The Princess Diaries: How can you not love these two after watching them grow up for ten whole books? They are just so perfect for each other! Who needs a prince or a jock when you can have this nerd?

Image result

5. Mia and Adam from If I Stay: Another Mia xD. I love how these two are so completely different, but were brought together by their mutual love of music. It’s amazing what music can do to us. And they’re willing to sacrifice everything for each other.

Related image

6. Lila and Cassel from The Curse Workers: These two have been through so much yet they’re still so in love. They would know each other anywhere. Even when they’re not themselves. Literally. Eeek!

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7. Zara and Astley from Need: I love how these two can choose each other even when the world is telling them not to. When everyone they know (especially Zara) says it’s wrong, but they find each other anyways.

Image result for need series

8. Holly and Jackson from Tempest: These two have literally fallen in love something like four times in all different timelines. No matter what happens, even when history is erased over and over again, despite all efforts to stay away, they find each other. No matter what.

Related image

9. Bianca and Wesley from The Duff: I love how they both change for each other, grow better for each other. They’re there when they most need it, and form the most unlikely and beautiful love.

10. Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice: Do I even need to say anything about this one?

(I lowkey had to use two book covers so it would match everything else on this post xD)


And those are my Top Ten OTPs! Writing this post made me feel all happy and giggly and cute, and then I remembered that I have no boyfriend and will be forever alone, and now I think I’ll go eat some chocolate by myself (or on the day after Valentines Day when it’s on sale). Did you do TTT? Comment below and I’ll check yours out 😀

58 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My OTPs

  1. YAY for Elizabeth and Darcy. They’re a must. I like Bianca and Wesley (judging from the film) and also America and Maxon. From book one, I do like Mia and Adam too (still have to read the follow up) and was sad Michael wasn’t back in the film sequel of “Princess Diaries.” Those two were SO cute together in the first film. 🙂

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    1. Yesss I’m so glad we have similar ships 😀 Lizzy and Darcy are, well, classic ❤ Bianca and Wesley are awesome in the movie but even better in the book–it's way more intense and powerful ❤ ❤ And I've never even seen Princess Diaries 2 bc I read all the books first and can't bear to see Mia with anyone else!


    1. Yesss I love The Lunar Chronicles I’ll re read them forEVER! I almost never buy books since I get them from the library but I have all the lunar chronicles because I LOVE THEM SO MUCHHHHH


  2. I need to reread Pride and Prejudice it’s been so long!!! and it was my very first classic novel so I was unused to the language and didn’t know what they were saying half the time. I wanted to ship Kai and Cinder but after Cress and Thorne my cyborg was forgotten because CRESS AND CAPTAIN ❤ ❤

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    1. P&P ❤ ❤ And eeeeee I looooove Thorne soooo much he's def my absolute favorite male character in the series and one of my favorite characters period. I love Cinder and Kai together most of all but Thorne by himself okay sorry Cress but can I just marry him myself 😀


  3. ♥ This TTT was one of my favorites so far! It’s so different from one blog to the next one and amazing all the same! I love Mia and Adam, I don’t know how I left them out of my list when their story was so touching!!

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  4. Elizabeth and Darcy, of course!! I’ve been surprised how few bloggers I’ve seen put these two on similar lists for today.

    I did also squeee a bit when I saw The Princess Diaries haha

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    1. You have to read the rest because there are four fabulous amazing awesome shops in TLC and no love triangles! 😀 I actually haven’t even seen the second movie bc I read the books first and its Michael all the way and I refuse to acknowledge Mia with someone else! I highly recommend the books they’re hilarious AND cute so yay ❤️

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  5. Love the OTPs here. Peter and Lara Jean!!! Swoon. I cannot wait to see the movie. I just hope it’s as good as the books.

    I need to add and read the other books on your list so I can join you in fangirling =)

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    1. Omg yes I can’t WAIT for the movie! Hopefully it’ll blow up and everyone will know it and then I can force all my real life non reader friends to read the books so we can all fangirl together 😀

      Yesss you should I highly recommend every book on this list :)))

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