Fate, Fame, and the First Kiss Review // A Fluffy Fun Contemporary


Title // Fame, Fate, and the First Kiss

Author // Kasie West

Publisher // HarperTeen

Publication Date // February 5, 2019

My Rating // ★★★★☆

Synopsis // Lacey Barnes has dreamt of being in a movie for as long as she can remember. However, while her dream did include working alongside the hottest actor in Hollywood, it didn’t involve having to finish up her senior year of high school at the same time she was getting her big break. Although that is nothing compared to Donavan, the straight-laced student her father hires to tutor her, who is a full-on nightmare.

As Lacey struggles to juggle her burgeoning career, some on-set sabotage, and an off-screen romance with the unlikeliest of leading men, she quickly learns that sometimes the best stories happen when you go off script.

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So after reading a few of Kasie West’s books and really hating them, I basically swore off her books. But then I was browsing through the library and I saw this book and I was like eeehhhhh and aaaahhh and then I lost my self control because it sounded so cute! After all, I thought to myself that most of Kasie West’s books that I hate are her earlier books, and I actually enjoyed her later books! Well, I’m so glad that I lost my self control because this book was super cute and I actually really enjoyed it!

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This book follows Lacey, who we got to meet for a little bit back in Love, Life, and the List, which is a book I really enjoyed (and by the way we get cameos from other characters in that book so yay!). Lacey has always wanted to be an actress, and here she may be getting her big break in her first starring role in a movie!

I’m kind of trash for books about famous people and Hollywood, so there was so much in this book I really liked. I loved seeing behind the scenes in a movie, with actors shooting and reshooting scenes, hanging out in trailers, dealing with fans, and being nervous about having on screen kisses! There was a lot of random drama about actors worrying about how they’re portrayed in the media and stuff like that, and it was so much fun to read along to.

However, in addition to her new actress life, Lacey is still trying to finish up her senior year of high school, so she was a bit more grounded and it was a certainly more relatable. Trying to do math homework when you could be hanging out with actors on a movie set is definitely a problem! I really enjoyed seeing her trying to balance out her life.

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Donovan, Lacey’s love interest, was the sweetest! I loved how Lacey was just randomly showing up with her face made up to look like a zombie and stressing about creating chemistry with his costar and he was so over it like I didn’t sign up for this I’m just here to help you do math. I also loved Lacey’s banter with her friends. I loved seeing her hang out with her costars, and scheme over how to set up one of her friends with her other friend. It was just such a light hearted fluffy cinnamon roll book!

There was also a sort of mystery aspect to the book; it seems like someone is trying to sabotage Lacey and get her fired from the movie set, and she has to figure out who it is! I honestly didn’t guess who it was, and enjoyed trying to figure out and piece together the clues to figure it out along with Lacey! I had so much fun guessing, and then second guessing myself.

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Overall, this book was such a fun fluffy read. Was it particularly deep? No. Did it seriously mess with my feelings and leave me a wreck? Nope. Was it especially insightful, or something that’s really going to stick with me and leave me thinking about it for months to come? Nah. But it was definitely so much fun to read in one sitting, and if you’re looking for a light contemporary to devour, I recommend!



12 thoughts on “Fate, Fame, and the First Kiss Review // A Fluffy Fun Contemporary

  1. This was such a great review! I’ve only read one Kasie West book so far, and it’s The Distance Between Us, which was so enjoyable and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a light, fluffy read that you can just breeze through with a smile on your face. Besides that, none of her other books have intrigued me so far, but this one just might interest me enough that I’ll add it to my tbr, because I love seeing the behind the scenes of movie sets as well, and I feel like this will be really fun to just breeze through! I’m so happy that you enjoyed this despite your qualms about this author’s other books 😍😍

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  2. I got so excited when I saw this in my Reader because I just finished this book today! I agree, it was super cute and fluffy and just everything I could want in a summery contemporary. 🤗Donavan was literally adorable and I loved how their romance was so drama free?? And they had the best banter and teasing, aww. I also loved the friendships with Grant and Amanda because they were so realistically portrayed. Overall, it was so great, and I’m glad you liked it too! Wonderful review ❤

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