The Entertaining Blogger Award


Hey! A little while ago I was nominated for The Entertaining Blogger Award by the best, Kelly from Another Book In The Wall ❤ ❤ Honestly, I feel like at this point if you compiled all my praise for Kelly it could be long enough to be a post by itself, and 11/10 I have no problem with that so here’s more praise–Kelly is AMAZING and she’s so sweet and has such a beautiful blog and has the BEST discussion posts and go check her out asap ❤


The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
  • Add the rules so others can follow.
  • Answer the questions that have been asked.
  • Nominate a handful of entertaining bloggers.


Kelly’s Questions

1. What genre did you read the most before starting your blog? Definitely fantasy! I like to say I’m that girl who never outgrew the princess faze ❤ I just love fantasy and all the adventures, quests, royals, magic…everything!!!

2. What genre did fellow bloggers influence your opinion on? I’ve noticed that I’m reading a lot more contemporary since starting this blog! I think it’s partially just because I’m liking contemporary more personally lately not related to blog, but also there are so many popular contemporary books that I had never heard of before blogging! Fangirl (+all Rowell books), To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (+Han books), Geekerella, I’ll Give You The Sun (+Nelson books), Since You’ve Been Gone (+Matson books)…to name just a few!

Image result for to all the boys i loved before

3. Favorite book format? I really like paperbacks! They’re light and easy to read, and possible to read holding with only one hand! They’re also cheap, which is a definite plus!

4. Plants without flowers or plants with flowers? Flowers! I love all things girly and pretty, and flowers are no exception. Although…I’ve tried a few times to have a pot of flowers in my room and they always die…the only plant I’ve managed to keep alive for years is a pretty bamboo shoot and I love that ❤

Image result for bamboo plant

5. Some tropes you love seeing in books? I really like seeing hate to love!

6. A book character you relate to a lot? There are just so many, but most recently, Cath from Fangirl ❤ She’s so obsessed with Simon Snow and I’m obsessed with Harry Potter (although not quite that obsessed… xD). She loves creative writing, and so do I! And her antisocial-ness and anxiety…when it said in the beginning that she thought of an answer for the prof’s question but would never raise her hand and say it…me literally every day in class. And I would 11/10 rather stay in reading than go to a party–parties would make me so uncomfortable! One thing I don’t relate to is having a Levi, but I can dream ❤

Image result for fangirl book

My Questions: 

So I’m super duper lazy and don’t want to think up new questions, so why not just answer Kelly’s questions?


I nominate:

Emma | Malanie | Brittany | Cassie | Lily | Beca |


Also in other news… yesterday was the last day of school!!!! I’m freeeeeeeee!!!! I’m so excited and down–I’ve been mentally checked out for months so YAY! It’s bittersweet, saying goodbye to some friends, but I’m too pumped for summer to be sad 🙂 Now, if only I could have a summer like those from Morgan Matson…

38 thoughts on “The Entertaining Blogger Award

  1. *fists raised in the air. flailing*
    *whispers* Princess books….Give us more princess books….
    I literally will never tire of books with like warrior princesses. More specifically, I adore the lost-princess-had-been-found-by-a-group-of-rebels-and-has-come-to-reclaim-her-throne-and-kick-some-butt.

    Paperbacks are so much cheaper though? Like by a lot. On Amazon I bought a paperback for like £5 when the hardcover was like £17…. it’s crazy… They have the same story in them.


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  2. tell me that you have read I’ll Give You the Sun! I love hardcovers because they are stronger to deal with the struggle of carrying them around but paperbacks are way easier to carry but easier to get all messed up XD

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              1. awww I get you… I hated when in Allegiant we changed from Tris to Four… like nobody cares about Four Sweet Jesus… XD fluffy :3 it’s so fluffy haha I think that is one thing that I really liked XD my BF didn’t haha

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  3. I’ve always been a bit more of contemporary fan, but I feel like I’ve been reading a lot more of that since starting my blog too. But on the other hand, people have helped me branch out which is awesome! Contrats on the nom! ❤

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    yes to staying in and reading and being antisocial and yes to being on summer breakkkk????!!!!!!!!
    *giannt high five of friendship*

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