The NOPE Book Tag

I saw this tag over at Perfectly Tolerable and thought that it just looked so fun, so of course I had to do it myself! Can’t wait to share my negativity 😉

NOPE. ending: A book ending that made you go NOPE either in denial, rage or simply because the ending was crappy. Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. I’m sorry but that ending was just horrible! I mean, I didn’t like the book, but I guess I can admire it objectively, but the ending just threw away all development in the book???

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NOPE. protagonist: A main character you dislike and drives you crazy. Belly from The Summer I Turned Pretty. I mean…she’s just so conceited. And shallow. And irritating. And stupid. And b*tchy. She’s supposed to be 15 I think but she acts about 10?? Please.

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NOPE. series: A series that turned out to be a huge pile of nope after you’ve invested all of that time and energy on it. Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. I feel obligated to put this one because it was just so silly and stupid but I somehow read all 18 books? I admire myself. I would never do that now.

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NOPE. pairing: A “ship” you don’t support. Katniss and Peeta. I have a lot of these ships I don’t support, but this one is the most famous so I’ll just throw #teamgale out there. Why is Peeta so absolutely useless?

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NOPE. plot twist: A twist you didn’t see coming and didn’t like. I actually can’t think of one right now!

NOPE. genre: A genre you will never read. Horror. I am a HUGE scardy cat.


NOPE. book format: A book format you hate and avoid buying until it comes out in a different edition. Hardcover. I don’t hate hardcovers, but I definitely avoid buying until it comes out in a different edition. I see no point in spending twice as much money on a hardcover when I could easily read it for free at the library.

NOPE. trope: A trope that makes you go NOPE. 

Dear Love Triangles,
Please die a most horrible death.
Love, Kay

NOPE. recommendation: A book recommendation that is constantly pushed at you, that you simply refuse to read. Red Queen Series by Victoria Aveyard. I read the first one and didn’t really like it so I see no point in going on!

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NOPE. cliché: A cliché or writing pet peeve that always makes you roll your eyes. High school stereotypes including but not limited to: head cheerleader/queen bee is a b*tch, cheerleaders are horrible and sluts, jocks/athletes are dumb, nerds are lame, everyone knows everyone, everyone fits neatly into one distinct social group and there is no mingling, said social groups are very distinct in the cafeteria, etc

NOPE. love interest: A love interest that’s not worthy of being one. Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss. Why do we like him again? No, really. He’s a cheating piece of scum. I guarantee people wouldn’t be swooning over him if Anna was the Ellie getting cheated on. Rant review on Anna and the French Kiss coming tomorrow! 🙂

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NOPE. book: A book that shouldn’t have existed. Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad. It’s so obvious this only got published because she’s famous. It’s absolute garbage.

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NOPE. villain: A villain you would hate to cross. Voldemort! I would hate to get on his kill list!

NOPE. death: A character death that still haunts you. So many. So, so many. But Sirius Black…I’m not crying, you are!!

Image result for harry potter order of the phoenix

NOPE. author: An author you had a bad experience reading and have decided to quit. Kiersten White. I read 4 of her books, was increasingly less and less impressed, and decided against her books.

Tag! You’re it!! Cailin | Victoria | Marianna | Lucy | Amanda | Sissi | You!



34 thoughts on “The NOPE Book Tag

  1. Great answers! I love the scardy cat pic 😀 I didn’t consider price when answering the book format one. But you made such a great point! Hardcovers are ridiculously expensive! So if I have a choice I will always take the cheaper paperback!

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  2. 18 books in a series is way too many books!! I can totally see why you don’t like Peeta, but I can’t help but love him. I really thought Katniss shouldn’t have ended up with either boy since she was never really set on spending her life with either of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely!!! Haha hunger games is one where I’m more like meh on the love triangle…I’m Team Gale but I’m not super strongly gale, I’m more like, well he’s better than Peeta the Useless xD

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  3. omg the high school stereotypes is so true!! i hate reading books where that’s a thing – so uncreative. also agree with Belly times a million. all the characters in that series are GARBAGE.

    but uh………..anna and the french kiss is my problematic fave. like, it contains so many things i hate. i should hate it. but i love it and i’m not questioning it

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  4. This looks like a fun tag! Never big on Katniss and Peeta. Generally I’m not sure Katniss should have been with anyone (or either of them anyway) by the end but overall character wise I always loved poor shafted Gale!

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  6. Did I just forget to comment on this post? I was sure I had but obviously not, sorry!

    I completely agree with you about hardcovers. They’re all so pretty but they’re all different sizes, they’re so expensive and slightly annoying to read. And Sirius’ death! I had to do the same for this category, it’s one death I wish could be taken back. Probably even more than certain other ones.

    Thank you so much for tagging me and I’m sorry for being so late in saying so!


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