Top Ten Tuesday Book Titles That Would Make Good Band Names // ft. me making up heartbreakers and assigning band roles to the six crows (nina is lead singer)

Hey loves! Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s prompt is Book Titles That Would Make Good Band Names. I haven’t participated in Top Ten Tuesday in quite a while, but when I saw this prompt it sounded so fun so I absolutely had to jump into it.

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1. Six of Crows


This would literally be the best band name and also can you imagine the crows as a band? Nina would be lead singer and face of the band, flirting with everyone. I can see Jesper and Inej as guitarists, Jesper being all flamboyant and Inej more subdued but super talented. Wylan would be on keyboard. Nina could probably wrangle Matthias into banging on some drums and Kaz… okay it would be Five of Crows and Kaz would be responsible for pickpocketing everyone in the crowd while they’re distracted by his bandmates.

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2. Ignite The Stars 


This is such a cool band name at each concert they would be like okay… ignite!! And their fans would be the Stars

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3. The Gilded Wolves 


There may be a trend here with this and Six of Crows… but this heist squad would make a good band too and their book title is already the perfect band name! I don’t remember this well enough to assign them roles haha

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4. Descendant of the Crane 

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But like DescendantS of the Crane, plural, of course. You can’t tell me that that’s not a cool sounding squad

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5. Eliza and her Monsters 

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Much as I hate this book I must admit that a band led by a girl named Eliza with a few backup “monsters” would be amazing

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6. Queens of Geek

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Another great band name in my opinion for a squad of sort of geeky, non traditional artists.

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7. Heartless 

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I feel like this is so simple but would be enticing? Are they heartless because they steal hearts of all the teen girls at their concerts? Or they only sing Taylor Swift style breakup songs? So many possibilities

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8. Seven Black Diamonds


Okay so maybe I just like titles with number – noun style but hey a lot of legit bands have names like that! Black diamonds though isn’t that cool?

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9. Words in Deep Blue

31952703. sy475

Like– words as in song lyrics. Song lyrics that are so powerful and moving they’re words in deep blue? idk I would listen to them

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10. The Wrath and the Dawn


For a two person duo–but which of them is the wrath and which is the dawn hmmm?

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Let’s Chat

What titles do you think would make good band names? Any on this list? What roles in a band would you assign the six crows? I’d love to chat in the comments below!



63 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Book Titles That Would Make Good Band Names // ft. me making up heartbreakers and assigning band roles to the six crows (nina is lead singer)

  1. omg this post made me realize how many book titles would make such great band names! i can totally imagine Nina as the lead singer of Six of Crows, but I feel like Jesper would also be a lead singer alongside her, haha. also, Ignite the Stars and Words in Deep Blue are probably the best hypothetical band names in existence

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  2. These are Q U A L I T Y!! I didn’t do this ttt but here’s mine- This Savage Song/ Our Dark Duet (for obvious reasons), Serpent & Dove (I’m thinking like a duo-couple who eventually break up and then touring gets awkward so they’re on an indefinite hiatus)


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