April 2020 Monthly Wrap Up // Mediocre Books, Struggling Through Online Classes, And Stress Baking

hELLO world what a world we’re living in.

March just DRAGGED but April somehow flew by! But also dragged so slow. But also flew by in an instant?

let’s talk about it!

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1. Frankly In Love ★ // I am SO LET DOWN everyone hyped it up I was so excited but FRANKLY, I hate Frank Li he’s a horrible person
2. Autoboyography ★★★ // This book was super sweet and cute, although there were some problems that irked me.
3. No Place Like Here ★★★★ // 
This book has super cute summer vibes so we can all pretend that this summer won’t be completely not cute and abnormal yay denial
A Date With Darcy ★★// This book seemed cute and I was so let down because it was actually super annoying

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5. The Surface Breaks ★★★ // I was promised an amazing feminist little mermaid retelling and I got a vaguely feminist kinda weird but still mostly enjoyable version of that.
American Royals ★★★ // This book was 100% trash the characters were horrible the world building was worse and it was vaguely problematic but ohmiGOSH I kind of loved it lmao I need some escapist trash rn

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I read 6 books this month as in I read like 4 in the first week and then 2 in the next 3 weeks after school started murdering me. I’m realizing now that I didn’t actually read very good books this month lol. My average rating was like 2.67 and my usual yearly average is like 4 so.

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My blogging has been fairly regular, although I’m running out of scheduled posts and really don’t have much time to blog these days. I’ve been reading some of your great posts but of course I can’t be organized enough to save them when I read them because me.

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Other Posts:

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Your Posts

There are a million other amazing posts besides these few that I read this month but I’m such a frazzled sad mess that of course I wasn’t organized enough to save them as I read them and now who can remember a thing IM SORRY

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  • Online classes are going horribly. Chemistry lab online is a mess, I have significantly more work than usual (for example a class that normally has 1 midterm now has 4 midterms…), and I really can’t focus with online lectures.
  • I lost my summer job. Before I even started. I expected it, knew it was coming, but that didn’t make it any less sad and I cried for a long time. It was going to be my first job, and it was a dream job not just McDonalds or something so yeah I’m devastated. and poor.
  • I’ve been stress baking. I’ve made cookies, brownies, and cream puffs, muffins… But I can’t even stress bake properly because there’s literally no flour anywhere so stress baking is good and makes me less stressed until I get stressed about the fact that I’m using up precious flour and I feel guilty and get more stressed.
  • I’ve been playing the guitar more, and wrote a few songs. Sad songs, but still fun.
  • I’m really not doing well.

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Let’s Chat

How was your April? How is working/school from home going? Read any of these books? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



42 thoughts on “April 2020 Monthly Wrap Up // Mediocre Books, Struggling Through Online Classes, And Stress Baking

  1. Oh, Kay – I’m so sorry that April was such a mess. Losing you dream job must suck so dang bad and I’m so lucky I don’t have to deal with the whole online classes debacle. Keep that chin up – things will turn around soon. I know I sound like I’m spurting a whole bunch of crap but I honestly believe that things work out for a reason. You might find something else for the summer right around the corner. Or, if all else fails, at least you’ll have time to go adventuring [that is if the world gets it’s act together and behaves].

    Sending much love [and a big social-distance-approved hug] your way. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. HAHA I agree with your thoughts on American Royals!! It was lowkey trash, but I really enjoyed it while reading because I honestly needed an escape during the time I read it 🙈And I’m so sorry about your summer job 😦 I know many companies reneged on internship offers and such. I hope you’ll have an enjoyable summer nonetheless, and I hope May is good towards you ❤

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  3. Hang in there, Kay. I know times are tough but whenever things get bad I think something really great must be just around the corner! ❤ Sending good vibes your way, don't lose hope!!

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  4. I can so relate with not being able to focus during online classes. There will always be that one kid who doesn’t mute their Mic and their dog keeps barking in the background lol. I am so sorry that you lost your job. I too baked a cake for my parents’ anniversary this month. It was fun!
    Stay safe,
    -Prutha xoxo

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  5. I’m sorry to hear things have not been going well for you! I can’t even imagine doing online chemistry labs. I understand labs are important as practical application, but, at some point, I think you have to realize you may just not be able to transfer all parts of a course online.

    I feel you with the stress baking, too. I’d love to bake, but the baking aisle at the stores are always empty! I can’t even get yeast for pizza anymore. I had no idea bread making was so popular, but apparently it is and I will never see a pizza again until the lockdown ends, I guess.

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    1. Thanks Krysta ❤ Yeah it really doesn't transfer online writing lab reports on labs we never physically did is super rough because I don't understand anything without actually doing the lab… 😦 I feel you on the yeast too I've been wanting to try making cinnamon rolls but they require yeast… someday


      1. Yes, that would be so confusing! Do you do computer simulations or just get data to analyze? I know instructors are trying their best, but sometimes online doesn’t work well for everyone.

        My friend keeps posting pictures of bread and I want to know where she got the seemingly unending supply of yeast. Suspicious. 😉


  6. Sorry about the disappointment of the book front – I hope May is much better. Take care and thank you for all of the good posts recently! Your blog is such a great escape 🙃

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  7. I felt that same way about American Royals. At first I liked Samantha but than I felt like she got a bit boring and spineless 🙃 but this drama is intriguing and addictive so I will probs read the next book 😆 great wrap up!

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  8. Oh, No!!! I bought Frankly in Love (discounted) but still! Someone just told me it was a really good read. With your rating.. I’ll be happy in the middle at like 3 stars. I really hope you have much better luck in May! ❤

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  9. I haven’t read any of your April reads! I’m feeling you with the online school stuff! I was supposed to be done with clinical about 2 or 3 weeks ago and just finished this week 😭. We were having to do online simulations that took me anywhere from 1-3 hours to finish a piece and some days we had 3 or 4 due *major sigh*.

    I hope that you’re able to do well in your chemistry class with the online lab!

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    1. Haha glad you think so. I mean… you really don’t. We just watch videos of the prof doing the experiment and have to do our lab reports based on that… which is impossible since I don’t understand the experiments without physically doing them. So basically it’s made lab harder, and also taken away all the fun parts (we were supposed to be synthesizing crystals and bright pink metals aGH) and also we’re screwed for future labs bc we didn’t build up the techniques in this one… RIP
      being a blob is a mood. blogging who?? blobbing more like it

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  10. I’m sorry you’ve had a tough month – things will get better soon. 💖 I’ve been struggling with anxiety this month, but I’m hoping May will be better!

    I never bake but I’ve been baking some things lately. Have you tried using coconut or almond flour? I’ve been using that, maybe it will be more easily available than regular flour?

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  11. i’m so sorry to hear that april wasn’t your month, kay. i’m sending all the love and light your way, and hoping that may will be better for you!! my reading this month was also not very good like yours — and i also didn’t really notice until i was writing my wrap-up! i am so sorry about losing your job, i truly do hope may brings better things for you 😭💗

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  12. I’m sorry life is so stressful right now! Hopefully your school year is almost over? And I’m sorry about your job. That really sucks. Try not to feel bad about Stress baking, if it helps you it is worth it, even if you are using the flour! I don’t know where you are, but staples like flour are starting to reappear on shelves here, so hopefully there will be more there soon! ❤ Hang in there!

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