The Third Annual 2019 Book Blogger Awards // Screaming My Appreciation For The Best People In The World

I’m so excited that May from Forever and Everly is bringing back the annual Book Blogger Awards! I had so much fun with them last year, and can’t wait for them again this year so I can absolutely gush and scream about my all time favorite bloggers!

2019 bba

There are so many categories I wasn’t sure who to nominate for them all so I’m not doing them all! I did some though 🙂

If you’re somehow living under a rock and haven’t heard of these, be sure to check out May’s post for the rules and all the categories, as I’m not nominating someone for every category.

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Best Of Their Age

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Best Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

Bree @ Bookishly Bree // Bree was the first person I ever talked to in the bookish community way back in January 2018 when I joined Goodreads and she’s remained one of my favorite people! She has some excellent posts such as reviews and memes, and can definitely recommend some great YA books!

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Best Adult Book Blogger (20+) 

Marie @Drizzle Hurricane Books // Marie is such an amazing and friendly blogger. She’s a “big” blogger so at first I was so intimidated by her, but it turns out that she’s so sweet and friendly! She has some incredible book reviews, tags, and other posts on her blog, especially discussions that are super insightful and well thought out and also fun! And she’s so sweet and friendly at replying to comments on her blog or commenting on other blogs! I always love visiting her blog.

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Best Of Book Blogging

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Best Book Reviews

Emma @ Emma Reads Too Much // Emma isn’t around as much lately, but I still love her! Emma’s negative reviews are so much fun!! (This is probably a sign that I’m terrible since I’m gushing about negativity). They’re snarky and hilarious while effectively pointing out book shortcomings. And not gonna lie, a few times I’ve gone to Emma’s goodreads profile when I was bored and just read (or reread) a few of her reviews for fun–tbh more fun than reading the actual book. Also her positive reviews are good too lmao.

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Best Discussion Posts

Pages Unbound Button

Brianna & Krista @Pages Unbound // These two have such fantastic discussion posts that never fail to get me thinking. From talking about libraries, to genres, to families, I’m always excited to click on another one of their posts in my reader.

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Best Blog Aesthetic

Novels & Waffles

Kat @Novels And Waffles // First of all, Kat’s blog looks delicious and makes me hungry every time I see it. But seriously, it looks so distinct and memorable (even when she was still using the free wordpress theme that a bazillion other people use it stood out so much), and everything from her header to her profile picture to her post header images are super cute!

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Best Blogging/Writing Voice

Malanie @ Malanie Loves Fiction // I also haven’t seen much of Malanie lately but that doesn’t make me love her any less! Her voice is so distinct I feel like I can just hear her talking every time I read her posts (which is weird because I’ve never actually heard her voice but internet magic okay it works). I love reading her posts and laughing and smiling and loving the way she writes!

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Most Engaged In The Community

Mel @ Mel To The Any // I feel like I always see and hear of Mel! She runs an amazing blog with fantastic reviews and recommendations, and she’s also active on book twitter and booktube! I definitely heard of her right away when I started blogging and still see her all the time online to this day!

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Best Social Media Influencer

Vicky Who Reads

Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads // I feel like Vicky’s twitter is the place to be. Any time there’s something remotely controversial or interesting happening, I feel like I always see a very insightful interesting thread and I always read it carefully and find myself really thinking the way I do after some interesting discussion posts!

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Best Personality

Read By Tiffany

Tiffany @ Read By Tiffany // Tiffany is so positive and amazing and she has just the best personality! I love chatting with her in the comments, and she’s always so uplifting and I feel so happy after reading her posts or comments!

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Friendliest Member Of The Community

Olivia @Purely Olivia // I feel like Olivia is just a ray of sunshine. I love how passionate and excited she clearly is about books, her blog, this community, life in general… I always have a smile on my face after reading Olivia’s blog.

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Best At Promoting Diverse Books

Shut up, Shealea | She is sunflowers & thunderstorms

Shealea @Shut Up Shealea // This one was so obvious, without question. I mean, Shealea does everything? She’s co hosting the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge, she’s putting together an Asian book blogger directory, she organizes diverse blog tours, and now she’s doing an Audvocacy thing? Wow I am in awe.

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Most Importantly

asset 1

Best New Book Blogger

Xandra @Starry Sky Books // Xandra has such an amazing blog that I always want to read! She has so excellent posts, especially discussion posts, and I know that her blog is going to go far!

asset 1

Best Small Book Blogger

Malka and Chana @ Paper Procrastinators // I always enjoy reading posts and chatting with Malka and Chana! I love how they blog together so there are often multiple perspectives in the same post such as tags and wrap ups, and also their blog is so cute!

asset 1

Best Overall Book Blogger

Another Book in the Wall

Kelly @ Another Book In The Wall // I’m, like, legally obligated to nominate my favorite blogger and one of my favorite people in the entire world here, right? Seriously, I think I could write an entire five paragraph essay gushing about how much I love Kelly! Right away I clicked with Kelly when we both started blogging around the same month (January 2018), I love chatting with her about books! All of her discussions are absolute goals, her reviews have introduced me to so many amazing books, her aesthetic is and has always been great, and she’s so friendly to everyone! And then not to mention that she created the amazing Teen Influencers Book Blog Directory! When I first started blogging, I was hesitant to reveal my age, but chatting with Kelly has made me proud to be a teen blogger! When I was writing this post I wanted to nominate her for all the categories, so I came to the conclusion that she absolutely belongs here as the best blogger ❤ ❤ ❤

asset 2

This post took way too long to write haha. It was so hard to make the decisions, and also I felt simultaneously like I knew everyone and couldn’t possibly cram in everyone I wanted to nominate and also I knew nobody and had no friends and nobody to nominate at the same time haha. Ultimately there were so many people I wanted to nominate, and I love each and every person here, as well as a ton of other people not on this list!! All book bloggers are absolutely amazing people who deserve all the awards!!

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Let’s Chat

Who are some of your favorite book bloggers? Anyone on this list you absolutely love? Have you written your Book Blogger Award nominations yet? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤




24 thoughts on “The Third Annual 2019 Book Blogger Awards // Screaming My Appreciation For The Best People In The World

  1. Aahh Kay! Thank you so much for participating in these awards — everything you wrote about all the bloggers you nominated was so detailed and kind and it made me so happy to read! I spot a lot of my own favorites on your list, but I definitely will have to check out some bloggers I don’t follow but are popping up on a lot of nominations posts!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AHH KAY ahhhhh I’m going to cry 😭 thank you so, so much for mentioning me and for thinking of me for these awards, it means so, so much 😭 and I am honestly so, so happy and thrilled that we started chatting, I always love talking to you through comments and hope this continues on and on, you’re such a lovely blogger ❤ ❤
    I LOVE all of your nominations just as well, so many bloggers I adore and admire there ahh ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness, Kay, thank you SO MUCH!!💓😭You’re an incredible blogger and human and I really can’t tell you how much your words meant to me. It makes me smile (and tear up) that I make you smile, because that’s my goal!! It’s such a honor to be on your list and I so appreciate your kindness. Thank you thank you!!

    I see so many bloggers I love on here, and some more I need to check out. Thank you for this awesome post!! <33

    Liked by 1 person

  4. KAYYYYY!! Let me just say I am all up in my ~feels~ from this post, and you are too kind and too sweet. You deserve all the hugs. Thank you so much for nominating me, especially as best personality. It truly means so much. ❤️🥰 I honestly feel so happy when I see your posts and comments because I love interacting with you so what you said really touched my heart. I also loved all the other bloggers that you nominated as well~ These were such great picks!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. oh my god I LOVE YOU. shoutout to me being sooo absent that i’m replying to this more than a month late but i’m trying to be back now??? anyway thank you this is so kind


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