Top Ten Tuesday || Backlist Books To Read

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Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is Freebie! Since I missed Backlist Reads I Want To Read from a few weeks ago but I really wanted to post it, I decided that today was the perfect day! It’s definitely so easy to get lured in by the shiny new releases, but there are some older books that I still can’t believe I haven’t read it!

1. Throne of Glass: Throne of Glass is seriously so hyped I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet! In fact, this time last year I hadn’t read any SJM, but I’ve gotten caught up on ACOTAR now haha. I’m so intimidated by the length but I’ll get around to it!

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2. Everything by Cassandra Claire: Not one specific book but everything! She’s also written so many and I don’t even know where to start! Tips in the comments greatly appreciated haha.

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3. Eleanor and Park: I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and LOVED IT! But I still haven’t gotten around to this one–I need to! Also, everything else by Rowell I haven’t read yet haha.

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4. The Grisha Trilogy: Six of Crows is MY LIFE. I’ve heard that this trilogy isn’t as good, but I definitely still want to give it a try!

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5. The Sun Is Also A Star: I’ve heard such great things for this book! Why haven’t I read it yet?

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6. Mara Dyer: Another series I’ve heard great things about but still has yet to be read!

Image result for the unbecoming of mara dyer

7. The Book Thief: A bit more of a classic, but I’ve had it recommended by numerous people and really can’t believe I haven’t read it yet! And worse–I’ve seen the movie even though I usually read books first so I just have to read it!

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8. Lord of the Rings: Well, this one is a very, very backlist book I haven’t read yet! My brother recently purchased all three books though so I might have to soon haha.

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9. The Storymakers: I’m such a sucker for retellings I have no idea why I haven’t read these books yet!

Image result for the storymakers betsy show

10. An Abundance of Katherines: Like everyone, I went through that phase (for me it was in middle school) when everyone was obsessed with John Green. I really enjoyed Paper Towns, as well as TFIOS, Alaska, Turtles, so I gotta read this one!

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Let’s chat! What are some backlist books you have to read? What did you do for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday freebie? I’ve love to chat in the comments down below 🙂

33 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday || Backlist Books To Read

  1. *rubs hands* OH BOY, I can’t wait to see your thoughts on all of these! Lord of the Rings and The Book Thief are two of my favorite books in existence! Really crossing my fingers you love it! And, I need to read the Mara Dyer books as well! ❤

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  2. Ahh, The Sun Is Also A Star is amazing!! I hope you enjoy all of these! And as for Cassandra Clare, I’d highly recommend reading in publication order. So the first three Mortal Instruments books, then the first Infernal Devices book, then the fourth Mortal Instruments book, then the second Infernal Devices, and so on. Hopefully that helped!!

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  3. This year, I read all of the main Shadowhunters books, starting with City of Bones, and ending with Queen of Air and Darkness this week (12 books total). I recommend starting with The Mortal Instruments, following with The Infernal Devices, and then moving to The Dark Artifaces. If you want to read the others I’m not sure where they fit in. The worldbuilding is interconnected (one of the things I love so much about the series).

    I still have the last three Throne of Glass books to read. I hope to read those, the ACOTAR series, and the Grishaverse books, early in 2019 (and maybe some this month too).

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