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Helloo! So the other day I was scrolling through my WordPress reader and I saw someone, I don’t remember who, doing the blog name in books tag! But I was clearly sleep deprived because I thought it was blog name in book blog names. And I was like…huh, that’s interesting, but then I saw what it really was, and I was like okay.

But I kept thinking and I thought that to do my blog name in book blog names would be super fun and great because, let’s be real, my blog would be nothing without you guys, the amazing bloggers who read my blog and make it something, as well as posting incredible material on your own blogs that I love to read and inspires me to post more!

So I’ve decided to create my own original tag (at least I hope it’s original…I’ve done a lot of googling and I can’t find anything like it but it doesn’t seem that original so I’m lowkey worried? So if you’ve seen this before, please let me know so I can give credit ❤ ), the My Name in Blogs Tag!


  • Spell your blog name with other blog names
    • If you have a long blog name, feel free to shorten it/only use part of it!
  • Write a little bit about each blog you mention to tell the world how much you love them ❤
  • Pingback to the creater of this tag (HammockofBooks) and whoever tagged you so we can see your post 🙂
  • Pingback all the blogs you mentioned so they can see why you love them ❤ Feel free to tag either the blogs you mentioned, or anyone else you want!

Screenshot (18)

H –Howling LibrariesDestiny is pretty much the master of Top Ten Tuesday! I love reading her lists, and her other amazing posts as well!

A –Another Book In The Wall. Ahh Kelly is one of my favorite bloggers; she’s so nice and sweet, she has the best posts (especially discussions!) and her blog is so aesthetic!

M –Malanie Loves Fiction. Malanieeeee is the best! She was so friendly to me when I was just a new baby blogger, she has the best posts and reviews, and reading her blog always makes me smile!

M –Marianna’s Corner. I love reading Marianna’s blog! She posts great stuff and also her blog is just adorable!

O –One’s PeculiarArwa has a lovely blog and puts out some great posts!

C –Chrissi Reads. I love Chrissi’s blog! She’s super friendly, and I always love her Top Ten Tuesdays!

K –Kalina ReadsKalina posts such great stuff, especially her weekly memes in TTT, WWW Wednesday, and more!

O –Owl Reads. Julia has such a pretty blog it’s so aesthetic! And she does such great WWW Wednesdays ever week 🙂

F –For The Lover of Books. Moira has such a lovely blog, and she gave me some great advice when I first started blogging and I’m so grateful!

B –Bound to Writing. I always look forwards to reading Jenn’s comments on my blog, and reading her posts on her blog! She’s definitely a master of WWW Wednesday!

O –Orang-utan Librarian. The Orangutan Librarian is always so friendly and has the best posts! I see the Orangutan everywhere around the blogsphere always being amazing!

O –Odd and BookishJessica has such great thoughts about bookish and non bookish stuff and I love reading her blog!

K –KarisbooksKaris is so friendly and has such a pretty blog–I love interacting with her!

S –Sprinkles of Dreams. Lily’s blog is so aesthetically pleasing I just love it so much! And she’s so friendly and has the best posts! Also shout out to another Asian here!

That was my stab at making a tag (please tell me this doesn’t already exist somewhere)! I hope you enjoyed, and know that there are so many other amazing bloggers that I absolutely adore but did not make my list because their blog names don’t start with a letter in my blog name 😦

I tag all of you that I mentioned! Of course, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, and also feel free to do this tag if you weren’t mentioned!


44 thoughts on “My Name in Blogs Tag

  1. Great tag! I’m def checking out some of the bloggers you mentioned! Side note: how do you get notified when someone links to your blog in their post? Like where in WordPress does that notification show up? Just something I’ve been curious about! 🙂

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    1. Thanks 🙂 They’re all fantastic bloggers ❤ You have to "pingback" or put the link to a specific blog post, and then the pingback should show up in the comments of that post and the person linked should also get a notification. If you just link to their home page where there's no comments, they won't get notified. Hope that helps 🙂

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  2. I lOVE YOU SO MUcH 😭😭😭

    I feel so honored to have known u so long!!!!!! now look how popular and amazing your blog is!!!! *cries*

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