Harry Potter Anniversary Day 4: A Story

It’s Harry Potter Anniversary Week over at Margaret from Weird Zeal’s blog! Today is Day 4, and in honor of that, we’re supposed to tell a Harry Potter related story. And, well, unfortunately, as much as I absolutely adore the series, sitting here (it’s 8PM on day 3 right now) writing this the day before the event, I can’t actually think of one specific Harry Potter story. Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life though, and instead, I wanted to tell the story of how Harry Potter has been in my life ❤

The first time I was exposed to Harry Potter was when I was young. I can’t even remember how old I was when I watched the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I think I was around five. All I can tell you is that I was pretty much absolutely traumatized by Voldemort on the back of Quirrell’s head, and from that moment on, I didn’t like Harry Potter.

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This continued on for a few years. I remember whenever we wanted to watch movies, I always wanted to watch Disney movies (let’s be real, I’m still like that today), and my older brother absolutely adored Harry Potter and always wanted to watch those! So the sibling rivalry commences haha. Also sometimes he would speak in “parseltongue” and I fell for it and would cry I was so scared.

So my fear of Harry Potter continued on for a few years. Especially when I watched Goblet of Fire, which was absolutely terrifying for someone who was only six or seven when there were people dying and the movie is rated PG-13!

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Well, I can’t really pinpoint the exact moment or year when I started enjoying Harry Potter, but it was sometime between the fifth and sixth movies, because the sixth movie, Half Blood Prince was the first one that I saw in theaters! It was frightening, especially the ending with Dumbledore, but I still enjoyed it!

And then, after the sixth movie came out, I decided to finally go for it and read the books! And it was such an absolutely magical experience! I don’t remember how long it took me, probably around a couple of weeks since I was still a kid and used to reading books much shorter and easier than the later ones, but I made it through!

What I remember most though, was the entire Snape thing going right over my head. I still didn’t like him at the end, was completely baffled and confused at why on Earth Harry would ever name his son after such a cruel person! My mom had to explain it to me, explain his sacrifices, his bravery. I think I still didn’t really comprehend it, but now that I’m older, it’s amazingly powerful.

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Well, I saw the last two movies, Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 in theaters, and really experienced the ending of the Harry Potter franchise and the magic and wonder that came with it. And I know that as time goes on, I’ve only grown to love the magical wizarding world more, rereading the books and re-watching the movies countless times.

Harry Potter has been such a gigantic part of my life, and I’m so happy that I’ve been able to experience the magic with Harry. (Although I do wish that I’d been able to read all the books before seeing the movies…oh well!) I remember being so jealous the year my brother was 11 and old enough to go to Hogwarts, and then thrilled when it was finally my turn. I remember playing with the wand and round glasses we had, dressing up as them for Halloween! I drew Hermione’s Yule Ball dress over and over again on everyone I drew, planned out Quidditch games to play with stuffed animals.

Image result for hermione yule ball

I don’t remember a time in my life without Harry Potter. And now, years later I’m still living Harry Potter–I’m currently rereading the series right now! I’m almost done with Order of the Phoenix 🙂

So that was my Harry Potter story 🙂 How did you get introduced to Hogwarts? Let’s chat in the comments down below ❤


10 thoughts on “Harry Potter Anniversary Day 4: A Story

  1. This story was lovely! Thanks for sharing. I don’t really remember when I got into Harry Potter (I think I was 8 when the first book was published so I pretty much read/watched along as I grew up and I remember wishing every year until I was 12 lol that my acceptance letter would come). I’ve made some great friendships over the years with it. It’s just a lot of fun to be all WHAT HOUSE ARE YOU IN at someone when you learn they like HP and go from there.

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