My Least Favorite Books From 2020 // trash books from a trash year :)

Hello I am returned from the dead to drag some awful books.

What better way to end this awful year than with some awful books?

I also have a list of my favorite books of the year that I will be posting soon but for now enjoy some complaining!! also ft some copy pasting of my chaotic goodreads reviews

Also I know some of these are very controversial lol just remember this is my personal opinion and if you love these books that’s totally valid!

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10. The Hummingbird Dagger


I read this book in January so I genuinely remember nothing about it except that I was super bored the whole way through and didn’t care.

Also, on Goodreads, the review I left right after reading it was “booooooring. that’s the review.”

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9. Three Dark Crowns

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Here’s the review I left I think it sums up my thoughts nicely:

“for a book that was supposedly about three queens killing each other, there sure was a lot of absolutely pointless flirting and courting and zero action”

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8. A Date With Darcy

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I was all ready for a cute YA contemporary retelling of Pride and Prejudice and I got… this mess. The main character was incredibly immature, selfish, and just dumb? Also all the characters were flat and underdeveloped, there was so much instalove. asset 1

7. And I Darken


I  would like to present my thoughts on this book from my goodreads review in bullet point form:

-that was a disappointment
-idk why I thought it would be fantasy but it’s not
-this was like 200 pages too long like some parts were good but wow it dragged so much
-seriously I was bored out of my mind for a lot of it
-I hate mehemed with every fiber of my being

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6. Wicked As You Wish


How can I not be mad at the book that put me in a reading slump for several weeks? This book had such messy convoluted world building (not talking about the Filipino influences, but I was so confused by wonderland… the ice kingdom… the royal states of America… Neverland… Arizona… wtf is happening with all these together) and 209381029381 characters too many so I was just ~confused~ for the whole book.

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5. Majesty


American Royals was objectively bad but it was such guilty pleasure trash that I really enjoyed it. Majesty was objectively even worse and had no fun fluff going for it. Every single character was a horrible person. The romance and ships sucked. Also the whole concept of white “American Royals” ruling over land they colonized and stole from Native Americans, and the inclusion of a Black character whose family was enslaved by the white royals, who was then freed but instead of being a king in his own right, decided to give up freedom to be a subject under his former enslaver?????? is very problematic

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4. Frankly in Love


Frankly… Frank Li is a horrible person and thanks to him I hated this book! Seriously was everyone conspiring to lie to me because I’ve heard such amazing things from people I trust about this book but I hated it. Frank was annoying, sexist, and treated his girlfriend abhorrently. He literally cheats and lies and it’s never addressed, he faces no repercussions for it. The book tried to address racism but ended up honestly feeling racist to me. Also it used a gay character’s sexuality as a plot twist and let him be all sad and yearning while the straight characters got their happily ever after.

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3.When Dimple Met Rishi


I also read Of Curses and Kisses this year by the same author and really enjoyed it but this… is all I had to say about this:

-why did a book that takes place at a coding camp have zero coding? just a lot of dancing and flirting
-can you say instalove?
-also we love that slut shaming and girl hate!!
-dimple is low-key a horrible person
-the writing style feels like I wrote this in 5th grade lmao
-no ❤

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2. The Kiss of Deception


This was so completely wholly awful I don’t even know where to start. Honestly, it was so bad I kind of blocked it from my mind. It was so unbelievable literally every other page was like ~how convenient~ The main character was selfish and unlikable, both men of the love triangle were bland, boring, and useless, the entire plot made no sense, the world building was a mess… I might have liked it more in 2014 when it was published but not in 2020!

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1. The Betrothed

36071008. sy475

Honestly this book was so laughably bad I kinda regret not writing a full length rant review lol. I know The Selection kinda sucks but it’s my guilty pleasure so I was ready to read this and love it for its cheesiness and sappiness even if it’s objectively bad but… wow I hated it. It was… an absolute mess. How did it get published?? Instalove, flat underdeveloped characters, clunky awkward dialogue and world building. It genuinely reads like a 2012 YA book, like literally The Selection but without any of the charm. The 2.9 goodreads average should tell you all you need to know lmao.

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Let’s Chat

Did you hate any of these books too? Or did you love them lol that’s okay too I won’t judge. What were your least favorite books this year? I’d love to chat below!



47 thoughts on “My Least Favorite Books From 2020 // trash books from a trash year :)

  1. I didn’t enjoy Three Dark Crowns, either. I thought the plot premise was utterly ridiculous, and I couldn’t figure out how a book that makes zero sense could become so popular. I don’t remember it all in detail, but, if my memory serves, three girls fight for the honor of becoming queen, knowing that, if they do, they immediately die after giving birth…. And princes from other nations are invested in marrying into this government even though they won’t get to rule and the island doesn’t seem to have any resources worth speaking about…. It just doesn’t make sense!

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  2. Omg I vehemently HATED And I Darken. Like, thought it was supposed to be like a Dracula fantasy retelling and I was so so so so fucking bored. And just so long and I cant believe I even finished it.

    And I didnt pick up The Betrothed because of the super low goodreads average but have a copy bc I was hoping for a guilty pleasure read like The Selection but it doesnt look worth my time.

    And I have mixed feelings about Three Dark Crowns. Like I feel like the book dragged on and on just so they could make a series out of it (you know, like The Selection?!) And nothing happened til the very end. But somehow I still wanted to read the next book. (Just like I did with The Selection🤣)

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  3. I’m so sorry you didn’t like these books! But I definitely enjoyed reading your thoughts, this was very entertaining. The only ones I’ve read are Frankly in Love and When Dimple Met Rishi- I agree with you on Frankly in Love, and then I actually liked When Dimple Met Rishi the first time I read it, but I’m rereading it right now and I am not the biggest fan this time.👀 You’re right, where is the coding? Where is Dimple’s personality? Anyways, here’s to hoping you have a great reading year in 2021 <33

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    1. haha I aim to entertain. those two books I was just like… is everyone lying to me what am I missing why do you people like these books?? hope you’re having a good 2021 ❤ ❤ (I'm so late… let's just pretend I'm not so late at commenting… whoops)

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  4. ahah the selection is definitely my guilty pleasure too, though i see why so many people don’t like it!! three dark crows sounds like a good story, and a gripping fantasy, so i’m so sad you didn’t enjoy it!! although, a lot of other readers have also not enjoyed it, so i think i’m not going to make it a priority!

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  5. I didn’t enjoy Thee Dark Crowns either and I think you described it so well. Not a lot happened and it wasn’t that dark really. Plus there were so many characters so you ended up not knowing anyone!! I had high hopes for it but sadly it didn’t work for me.

    Yeah I don’t think I’ve heard a good thing about the betrothed at all 😂

    I hope you have lots of good reads in 2021 though !! 💛

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  6. i’m so sorry you didn’t like these books!! i’ve only read frankly in love from your list but i have to agree with you – i gave it 3-ish stars at the time, but looking back, i don’t think i would like it at all if i reread it lmao. the plot was so confusing and frank was a terrible character 😭😭 when dimple met rishi is on my tbr but i’ve heard such mixed reviews about it, i don’t think i’ll be picking it up anytime soon!!

    this was so funny to read, but i hope you’re able to have much better reads in 2021 💖💖

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  7. oh my god this post is AMAZING. i could just feel the salt radiating from it—i’m sorry that you had to read some awful books in 2020 but also this post was hilarious. LMAO i saw the rating for the betrothed and even though i haven’t read it and don’t plan to, it’s what she deserves!! literally when i read the synopsis i was like “this is gonna flop this sounds like it came straight from the 2000s” & it did, but it ended up on the NYT bestsellers somehow 😭 i can think of 2938239 other books more deserving of a spot on the list. & yes when dimple met rishi was horrible!! the writing was SO bad & dimple was horrible omg. the insta love was the worst thing ever & i had to dnf the book bc if not it would’ve put me in a months long slump. i don’t wanna say it shouldn’t have been published bc i know that there are people who love it, but :”) it could’ve used so much more editing imo

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    1. ahh thanks!! I am the queen of salt and I aim to entertain. lmao I saw the rating for the betrothed too and I was like lmao I’m gonna read it anyways because I’m trash surely it can’t be that bad… and then it was indeed that bad. truly sometimes I read books and I’m like… how… how did this get past an agent and multiple editors and rounds of revision and everyone thought this was a good book???


  8. Oof we love the salt in this household Kay ahahah. I,,, geez I haven’t read any of these yet and the only ones am interested in are Dimple and Frankly which I have very low expectations for now welp. So sorry these were all so disappointing though. I was gonna make my own list but I had zero brain power and I’ve just like burned them all in my head lmao

    Here’s to hopefully better 2021 reads welp

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  9. This actually made me laugh out loud, thank you. 😂
    Although, Wicked As You Wish is on my tbr so.. I’m slightly disappointed, it’s supposed to have such promise.

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      1. I bet! And then comes the time to write the review.. 😅
        I hope your other reads are making up for it! Have an amazing day!🌹


  10. Ha ha – I haven’t read any of these books [but I’m thinking that’s a good thing???] but I LIVED for the sheer amount of salt in this post. For me, it was a hard choose between Havenfall by Sara Holland and Crave by Tracy Wolff. In the end, Crave won out [and I’m still cursing myself for spending $30 AU on the freaking hardcover – WTF ALEXANDRA??? WHAT THE F???].

    Oh wait, I lie – unfortunately I did read And I Darken and I basically suffered through the exact same reading experience. Like, why was that book SO long and SO boring??? 😂😂😂

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