June 2020 Monthly Wrap Up // Taking Finals, Baking Cake, And Writing

HALLELUJAH THE YEAR IS HALF OVER can 2020 pls pass faster??? but also the first half of the year was so bad do we even want to imagine what’s coming in the second half…

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1. Eclipse The Skies ★★ // I think I read a different book than everyone else lol because I was bored out of my mind by this book but it seems everyone loved it.
2. Wicked Lovely (reread) ★★ // I randomly decided to reread this series and wow so much nostalgia I love it. 
3. Fragile Eternity (reread) ★★★ // 
Objectively speaking this wasn’t that great it was the New Moon of the series but n o s t a l g i a
Darkest Mercy (reread) ★★★★// This series really isn’t as great as I remember but what can I say I’m n o s t a l g i c


5. Her Royal Highness ★★★ // This was super adorable I really enjoyed reading it!
6. Five Feet Apart
 ★★★ // This was so good and so sad ahhh crying. 
7. The Looking Glass ★★★★☆ //
This was a super unique moving story about a ballerina and fairy tales and moving on weird concept but it worked. 
8. The Goose Girl (reread) ★★★★★ // 
This book was just as amazing as I remembered it

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I posted seven times this past month, which is pretty good. I also posted two posts I really love, including my discussion on separating JKR from Harry Potter, and my random fun post roasting the Percy Jackson movie.

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Other Posts:

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Your Posts

I’ve been doing quite a bit more blog hopping this month! Here are some posts I loved ❤

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  • I finished my first year of college. It started with a bang and ended with a fizzle. It felt super anticlimactic, especially considering many of my finals were cancelled/made optional due to the current state of the world. (click here for BLM resources). But I did it, and I got straight As, so yay I guess.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of baking. June is a big month because it was my dad, brother, and best friend’s birthdays, so I made them all cakes/cupcakes which was super fun! I also made macarons, eclairs, lemon bars, and pavlova!
  • I’ve started a new WIP! I used to write all the time, but haven’t done any writing all year since last summer, so it feels wonderful to be writing again. Also, basically the way this came about was I was sitting on my bed feeling bad about myself and searching for a specific type of rep, and sad that no book with it existed. Then I was like… well shit, I guess that means I have to write it myself lol and here we are.
  • Splash Mountain is being rethemed to Princess and the Frog!! This has nothing to do with me lol its just Disneyland news but I’m obsessed with Disneyland so I need to gush about it! When I heard the news I was sad for like one minute because Splash is my favorite ride and nostalgia, but after 60 seconds of mourning I’m soooo excited! The ride was all sorts of problematic and needed to go, and I’m so happy Tiana is getting the recognition she deserves! Also the concept art looks amazing! 
  • I’m beyond stressed about what’s happening with college in the fall. My classes are online so I should stay home and save money but then I won’t have housing for spring if that’s in person and I don’t know what to do I’m a bundle of stress. Also when I see people going out and being so selfish and stupid and disregarding this horrific loss of human life just because they want a manicure… I just despair.

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Let’s Chat

How was your June? Have you read any of these books I read? Are you going back to college in the fall? (pls tell me let’s cry together because I am the stress) Are you super excited for the new Splash Mountain?? I’d love to chat in the comments below!



68 thoughts on “June 2020 Monthly Wrap Up // Taking Finals, Baking Cake, And Writing

  1. I know, 2020 feels more like a discarded plot line rather than real life. SO anticlimactic! But completing your first year of college is a major accomplishment in and of itself, so you should be proud especially with your stellar grades Kay! 😀 That’s so awesome too that you got back to writing this summer!! Writing is what keeps me sane, especially during these times. Sending you good vibes for July and keep going with your WIP! Can’t wait to hear more about it ❤

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    1. It really does haha. Except if 2020 was the plot of a dystopian I’d be like nahh that’s just plain bad writing? So many disasters in a row? Too much to keep up with edit that down lol

      Thanks 🙂 Writing can be really fun, and I hope you have a wonderful July ❤

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  2. Sounds like a pretty good month! I also read her royal highness and it was adorable!! All the baking sounds fun I want to try and bake more this month. Sorry about the college stress! I hope you have a wonderful July❤︎

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  3. Ahh, congrats on finishing your first year of college, Kay! I’m so sorry everything is up in the air for next year and I hope things get better this month.❤️I definitely get being stressed about school in the fall, mine isn’t as stressful as being in college, but I was hoping to have a normal senior year and obviously things are going to be different.

    The Looking Glass looks really good!! I just added it to my TBR because dance and fairytales are like two of my most favorite things ever. Also, ahh, you posted so much and I loved reading everything you posted this month!! Good luck with your WIP and I hope you have an amazing July! xx

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    1. Thanks Olivia ❤ Yeah it's definitely rough being a student right now and having no idea what the fall will look like lol. I'm sorry you won't get a normal senior year (but low-key first semester senior year was awful and second semester was so much fun so hopefully next spring will look more normal for us both, and just everyone).

      Yesss, The Looking Glass was unexpectedly amazing! I loved all the magic of the fairytales, and it was cool seeing the life of a dancer, seeing how much hard work she put into ballet and how much she loved it ❤ Thanks, I hope you have a wonderful July too

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  4. Congrats on finishing your first year!! I just graduated, and it was definitely bittersweet having to be home instead of getting to celebrate on campus with my friends and classmates. As sucky as it is that everything’s online, at least you still (hopefully) have another few years to live the traditional “college” experience and get to be on campus!! I have my fingers crossed for all you guys who are in limbo right now, I totally feel for you.

    I’ll have to read some of the blog posts you linked about HP & *whispers* JKR, I’m super curious to see what bloggers and fellow Harry Potter fans are saying and opinions on how to further enjoy the series without respecting the author!

    Hope you have a great reading month in July, can’t wait to see what you read! 🥰

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    1. Thanks! Aww that sucks that you missed your on campus graduation, the class of 2020 really went through a lot. It’s definitely a rough time to be in college right now, but if anything now I know now to waste another second of college or take it for granted like I did last fall.

      Haha JKR is a hot mess but I really enjoyed reading those blog posts by such wonderful bloggers and seeing various perspectives about how to treat her/her work! I hope you enjoy them 🙂

      Hope you have a lovely July ❤


  5. Splash is my favorite Disney ride to but I was thinking about it and I love it more for getting a little drenched on a hot day 🙂 and the Princess and the Frog is going to look awesome! Hopefully by the time its open we’ll all be able to go back without worry!

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    1. Splash is my favorite too it’s honestly so perfect on a hot day ❤ I can't wait to ride the retheme! Although yeah lol I'm not going back to disney any time soon with covid so fingers crossed I'll love it in the far off future haha


  6. I had completely forgotten about the Wicked Lovely series!! I suddenly have a deep desire to reread those novels! And congrats on your first year of college! It sucks that you didn’t get to live the full experience. Still congrats on your straight A’s! Hopefully, next semester all is better!

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  7. you got straight A’s? wow, a smart queen ❤ i hope everything works out with college in the fall though!! & it’s so exciting that you’re working on a wip! i’m excited to learn more about if you decide to share ❤
    thank you so much for linking my post, and i hope you have a wonderful July 🥺

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  8. i’m wishing you all the luck with college in the fall, kay!! congrats on finishing your first year with straight a’s, that’s amazing ❤ and i'm so excited to hear that you started a wip — especially with the mindset that you're going to write rep that you don't usually see! i hope you have a great july, and thank you so much for linking to my post 🥺

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  9. My june was not that great ! I fell in a reading slump 😦 Reading has been pretty slow since then ….congrats on those straight A’s…..I am a tween so no worries about collage : ) And even I haave been doing loads if baking recently…in June it was my bday plus my mom’s .

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  10. that’s amazing!!! I’m so happy for you that you got straight A’s. And also, I’m so sorry that you’re feeling stressed 💕 Honestly, with the way people are treating the relaxation of the rules, we’re never going to be rid of this thing. And pavlova!!! I kind of want to make it, but I’m also a bit scared because eggs and egg white and all that-it seems too easy to ruin. Also….remember I said I’d make egg tarts? I did and IT WAS SO GOOD!!!! I love pastry desserts and it was amazing 🥺✨💕 (Tho I kind of made too much, and then ran out of dough and had too much filling and so that was a disaster, but the first ones I made were amazing 💖) And thank you so much for mentioning my post, I’m so glad you loved it ❤✨

    I hope July is much better!! as better as anything in this year can be 🤦🏾‍♀️ & good luck with your WIP!!!

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    1. Thanks Rukky ❤ Ugh yeah it's so frustrating literally just wear a mask it's not hard at all!! I was kind of nervous to make pavlova too but it was actually super simple–just whip up the egg whites and sugar and plop them in the oven for a couple hours and done 🙂

      AHHH YAYYY you made egg tarts and you liked them :))) Egg tarts are so wonderful I'm so so happy you made and enjoyed ❤

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  11. Oof your intro is relatable…I want this year to be over, but dread whatever is coming next 😭
    You know what, rereading The Goose Girl sounds like such a good idea right now!! Maybe I should do that, since I will literally never stop loving that book 😄
    Congrats on finishing your first year of college!! I can’t even imagine how weird that must have been, but I’m proud of you!! I hope things work out for you in the fall ❤️
    Thanks so much for sharing my post, and happy July!!

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  12. Congratulations on finishing your first year that too with such good grades. All my exams also got cancelled. But my result are not out yet. Next year is going to be my final year in college, so I will be really very sad if I have to do it on zoom.

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  13. Okay – I just have to take a minuet to fangirl with you because hdfgasdgfahdbashdoasihdfbgoashfg I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU RE-READ THE GOOSE GIRL – I FREAKING LOVE THE GOOSE GIRL!!! [You know what they say – great minds read alike!].

    Also, random fact: I’ve never read the Wicked Lovely books and I get major FOMO. I honestly feel like I missed a cultural phenomenon…

    But congratulations on making it through your first year of college – WHOO HOO! That’s amazing and you should be so proud of yourself. I couldn’t even imagine how hard it must have been to navigate college during a national pandemic. You rock.

    And, I may have changed my mind about the whole Splash Mountain/Princess and the Frog thing because dang – the concept art is STUNNING. Consider this me officially joining the dark side! 😉

    Hope you have a fantastic, summery month! 💙

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    1. Goose Girl is so amazing!! I swear there are 100 new beauty and the beast and cinderella retellings coming out every day and I’m just here like you’re all sleeping on the best fairy tale of all…

      Tbh I had no idea the Wicked Lovely books were a phenomenon??? I first read them so long ago wayyyyy before I was online in the book community and none of my friends read irl so up until reading the comments of this post I thought I was like the only one who read them? But I lOVED them haha so I’m happy others loved them too–although tbh upon rereading them they’re not that great so objectively speaking you probably didn’t miss much.

      Thanks 🙂 I feel like I should get a “I survived” sticker for finishing the college year! Considering in the fall we had a mountain lion scare on campus and then we were all sent home for a week due to a wildfire and mudslides, then in the spring we were all sent home for the year due to covid, and finally we took finals right in the height of the blm movement… it’s been A TimeTM

      Yess the concept art is so gorgeous!! I just really hope they use lots of animatronics (I need a gorgeous Princess Tiana like that super realistic Belle in Paris I think from a couple years ago?) an not screens to do this iconic ride justice ❤ I'm super excited!!


  14. Five Feet Apart is such a sad book but is also so amazing!!! Also, I loved reading your post about watching the Percy Jackson movie that I’m going to do the same thing. Plus, with the amazing news about the Disney plus adaptation, it seems fitting (somehow 😂). I tried reading The Goose Girl a few years ago, but I didn’t like it that much. I do want to give it another chance though! I hope that you have a wonderful July 💕

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  15. Congratulations on all of your life things, with college and your WIP! 🙂 I’m also writing again and I’m so happy I finally have time to do it again, haha. I’m also super happy about Splash Mountain being rethemed into Princess and the Frog! I love Princess and the Frog, and basically all things Disney – I’m excited to see what the new ride will look like in both parks! My family was talking about it, and we think there should also be a Tiana’s Palace restaurant, too!

    I’m also nervous about the fall. 😦 I really want to go back and be a little independent, and to spend time with my friends, but all of my classes can be taken online so there’s really no reason for me to go back in person other than for socialization. And I also don’t wan’t to be put at risk, or to put anyone else at risk… 😦 Good luck with whatever happens in the fall, Kay! Congrats on finishing your first year!

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    1. Thanks Xandra! Ahh yes it’s so exciting! I need to have a Tiana’s Place serving beignets! Maybe overlooking the river?? it would be perfection ❤

      Ugh the fall is so stressful, at least we're not alone in being stressed and conflicted and nervous rip 😦 I'm scared to go back and there's no need to with online classes, but then I might lose housing for the next three years which is ridiculous that they're not making exceptions for a pandemic… good luck to you too!

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  16. Thanks so much for linking my post Kay! Omg I missed your post about the PJO movie but I’ve gotta read that once I catch up with blog hopping, it sounds hilarious. So excited for PJO to finally get the adaptation it deserves lol. Congrats on straight As! I’m so sorry about your college situation, that sounds really stressful. I’m going into my senior year of high school this fall and hoping that things will cool down enough that I’ll at least be able to visit a few colleges ahah 😭 I feel you on how frustrating it is that so many people are totally disregarding the virus bc they don’t feel like wearing a mask, not going to parties, etc :/

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    1. Of course 🙂 Haha that post was like all snark and roasting lol I hope you enjoy it if you read 🙂 I can’t wait for he Disney+ adaptation! Aw that sucks that your senior year will be during pandemic, hopefully it gets… better (is such a thing possible?) It’s really disheartening how some people are treating it for sure 😦

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  17. Congrats on completing your first year of college! Oh gosh I frankly don’t know if I am going back to college in the fall (and I believe my college doesn’t know either) so I am pretty sure things are going to be hectic. I heard fellow students mentioning that maybe we would have to go to college but that we’d have to wear masks. But I live in France so that may be the reason why we may not have online classes for the fall semester. To be completely honest, I don’t think that having physical classes (even if people have to wear masks) is the way to go… So yeah, one could say that I am stressing a bit about college in the fall.

    I have heard a few people mentioning that the Five Feet Apart movie is great so I should probably watch it (I usually read the book before watching the movie but, weirdly so, I want to watch the movie first this time).

    Great post!


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