Top Ten (…twenty lol) Books On My Summer 2020 TBR // Backlist Titles, Hot New Releases, And More I Can’t Wait To Read

Hey ALL! Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s prompt is Books On My Summer 2020 TBR. It’s been a hot minute since I did a TTT and also I never make TBRs. And with college and covid I’m super out of touch and don’t even know what’s coming out when. I basically just scrolled through my TBR shelf on Goodreads for all the releases from the past year I still haven’t read… I am am mess. so why am I writing this post? good question.

it turns out after writing this post though I found a lot so let’s do a Top Twenty Tuesday instead of Top Ten Tuesday lmao.

one thing IS for sure though!! since covid cancelled my summer dream job that I worked super hard to get it seems like I’ll have tons of time for reading!!

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1. Incendiary

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I have this checked out from the library right now so I swear to god if I don’t read it I’ll be ashamed.

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2. Bookish And The Beast


I think this is coming out towards the end of the summer? I love the geekerella books so I’m excited.

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3. The Betrothed

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I am Kiera Cass trash. This is on hold at the library.

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4. We Are The Wildcats

52816899. sx318 sy475

Apparently this is about girls on a sports team and a coach that kinda sucks and if that doesn’t describe my high school self (I’m so old now cries) perfectly what does.

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5. More Than Maybe

51178403. sx318 sy475

I looooved You’d Be Mine so much and I didn’t get an arc of this so that was sad but you know what it’s going to be out soon and then I’ll read it.

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6. The Kingdom Of Back

45872054. sy475

This seems super intriguing and interesting and I swear I’m going to read it.

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7. All The Stars And Teeth 

38325332. sy475

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews from this but no matter what it sounds good to me lol.

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8. The Guinevere Deception


I like retellings therefore I must like this book right.

asset 1

9. The Shadows Between Us


I freaking loved Tricia Levenseller’s other books so I must enjoy this.

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10. Into The Crooked Place


I also freaking loved Alexandra Christo’s other books so I must love this.

asset 1

11. Loveboat, Taipei


Considering I’m Taiwanese and also was a dancer it’s really a shame and embarrassment that I haven’t read this yet oops this summer I swear.

asset 1

12. Of Curses And Kisses


Honestly you can never have too many Beauty and the Beast retellings.

asset 1

13. We Used To Be Friends

39324806. sy475

Where are all the books about friends??? Enough about relationships I’m ready for friends.

asset 1

14. Every Other Weekend


This seems like such an adorable contemporary I need.

asset 1

15. Our Wayward Fate

36596583. sy475

I also loved Gloria Chao’s other book American Panda and also this cover is beauty and I am simple.

asset 1

16. The Henna Wars

44286258. sy475

I’ve heard such good things about this!! Rival girls falling in love sign me up.

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17. The Stars We Steal


I love Alexa Donne’s youtube channel lol so I want to read this book.

asset 1

18. When The Stars Lead To You


I’ve been wanting to read this since last summer so knowing me I’ll never get around to it but it sounds super cool and beautiful also the cover is beautiful maybe one day little brown will send me an ARC.

asset 1

19. Color Me In

35442710. sy475

This seems super great since I am biracial I want to read.

asset 1

20. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

51901147. sx318 sy475

Well I’m library hold #14 out of 35 so that’s a pretty good position I think maybe I’ll get to read it by like August.

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Let’s Chat

Have you read any of these? Which do you like that I should prioritize? Are there any you want to read this summer? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



59 thoughts on “Top Ten (…twenty lol) Books On My Summer 2020 TBR // Backlist Titles, Hot New Releases, And More I Can’t Wait To Read

  1. hope you enjoy all these books, Kay!! i’m really excited to see what you think about Loveboat, Taipei since it has mixed reviews lol. I personally liked it though! the Asian rep in it is *chef’s kiss*. i really need to read When the Stars Lead to You as Well. hope we both enjoy it!

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  2. The only one I’ve read is Loveboat, Taipei and I can’t decide how i feel about that one haha. I enjoyed it when I read it but reading a lot of mixed reviews online has made me question it objectively. Interested to see what you think!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think 90% of these books are also on my TBR and I can’t wait to read them. They’ve definitely been really hyped up so I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy them as much as everyone else seems to. I’m particularly keen for Kingdom fo Back (ugh, that cover though, so gorgeous 😍)! I hope you enjoy all of these and happy reading!

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  4. Bookish and the beast looks so cute!! And the shadows between us and all the stars and teeth are on my TBR as well! I loved daughter of a pirate king so I’m really hoping to love the shadows between us! Fab post 💞💞

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  5. First- I am SO sorry that your dream job was cancelled. It’s such a bummer, since you worked so hard for it.
    Second- So many great books on this list!!! Shadows Between Us is so good!
    Third- I DNF The Betrothed @ 40%. I so enjoyed the first three books in the Selection trilogy but this new book is SO bad. I am still shocked! I hope that if you do read it, you like it more than I did! ❤

    My Top Ten

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  6. This is an AMAZING TBR!! I really want to read The Guinevere Deception, and Loveboat Taipei. I’ve heard amazing things about both of them!! I recently read The Henna Wars, and I highly recommend it! It is an amazing book 🙂

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  7. Twenty books! Yesss, love it–it is definitely the summer for reading (tho for some reason I’ve been slumping or struggling with motivation lately whoops gotta fix that). And I so feel ya on summer plans being cancelled! I was suppose to take an intensive summer course in NYC that was meant to help prepare me for my dream career and that def did not happen, so yeah, gotta make the most of this time and read lots! 😅

    Haven’t read any of these books, but I’ve been eyeing many of them (The Henna Wars, The Shadows Between Us, The Guinevere Deception, More than Maybe etc.). Hope ya love all these books when ya pick them up–can’t wait to read your thoughts on them!
    Happy reading!

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  8. Ummmm… How have I not heard of Bookish and the Beast??? It’s got my name all over that cover! I am so disappointed in myself right about now… 😂

    Also, would 100% recommend All the Stars and Teeth. The first 50 pages was a little ruff [there was a lot of info dumping and I was bored] BUT the story really picks up and doesn’t let up. Also, Bastian is this cinnamon roll disguised as a swaggering pirate and I am OBSESSED. #stickaforkinmeandhangmeouttodry

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