81 Bullet Points (& snarky gifs and jokes) Roasting The Percy Jackson Movie // i watched this DISRESPECTFUL bad movie just for this post

Hello everyone if it’s not abundantly clear by now, I have become a Percy Jackson Stan account. I have zero chill. I recently reread all 10 books (PJO and HOO), made mini reviews of all of them, compared them, and did May’s book tag. I lost it and screamed for like a week straight (annoyed my whole family quarantined with me who had no choice but to put up with my craziness haha) when Uncle Rick announced a Disney+ adaptation!! The movies were so awful, we wanted it for ten years, and now we’re finally getting it!

Well, I originally watched the first movie, The Lightning Thief, when it came out in 2010. TEN YEARS AGO that’s crazy I can’t believe time flies. I remember thinking it was absolutely awful I hated it so much. And when the sequel, The Sea of Monsters, came out a few years later, I didn’t even see that one. And when they announced that the third movie was cancelled, my friends and I all cheered and celebrated.

Anyways, I remembered that the movies were awful, but considering it’s been ten years, I’d forgotten just why they’re so bad. All I remembered was that they aged up the characters which is terrible, but I basically forget (or maybe burned from my brain? who knows) the rest.

So fast forward to today, when I saw that the movie is now available on Disney Plus! Wellllll…. I admit, I was somewhat curious as to just how bad it was. And then… don’t lie, you like negative reviews just as much as me… admit it. So I figured I might as well give it a rewatch to see just how bad it is, roast it, and then end with a bit of positivity on some things I want to see in the Disney+ adaptation, which I’m super hopeful for because, unlike the movies, Uncle Rick is involved!

I watched the movie in one tab, and had this post open in another tab and these are my unedited thoughts I wrote down as I was watching the movie!!

asset 2

1. Why does Poseidon emerge from the water all giant like a weirdo? is he not a chill dude wearing a Bermuda shirt and fishing? the whole opening with the gods is so awkward and cringy

2. Percy just sitting underwater for so long is… does he not know he’s not normal seven minutes?? 

3. Ms Dodds is the English teacher? literally the first chapter title of the book is  I accidentally vaporize my pre algebra teacher really shows how little they care. I get that it’s to show his dyslexia but like… they could just have a pre algebra definition written on the board

4. The stupid voice of gods Poseidon in Percy’s head is the cringiest stupidest thing ever ahahaha I don’t remember it

5. they’re all. so. old.

6. I accidnetly vaporize my pre algebra teacher = he doesn’t vaporize her. makes sense

7. Why does Percy get the pen before he even gets to camp okay? he’s supposed to kill the minotaur with his bare hands and his own horn the disrespect to my boy’s strength

percy jackson gif | Tumblr

8. Wtf is the deal with grover not having “his horns?” what, is that like it’s a wonderful life he’s an angel? no. Also, the disrespect to Thalia he needs to redeem himself after failing to save her not some stupid nonsense about horns

9. Annabeth was supposed to tell him all about camp, after you drool when you sleep,not grover

10. I already said this but why does grover look like he’s, like, 30?

11. ANNABETH. IS. BLONDE. ANNABETH. HAS. GREY. EYES. thank you, goodbye

12. They make it so obvious that Percy likes Annabeth right away. excuse me, my boy Percy is supposed to be an idiot who literally sees Aphrodite looking like Annabeth and hates the idea of her being a hunter and carries her photo around and sees him tether him to the mortal world in the river styx and is still too dense to realize he likes her

13. Why are there randomly centaurs at camp? the disrespect to the party ponies they do not hang out at camp half blood. (also isn’t Chiron supposed to be a white horse?)

14. Grover chasing the “daughters of Aphrodite” lounging in bikinis on rocks while everyone else is training? hello, the disrespect piper would never they’re not all vapid they can fight too

15. Percy’s father built him that random ass cabin by the lake? oh, I suppose everyone else we saw throughout camp was just sleeping on the ground and only Percy gets a cabin. yes. that makes sense.

16. Also he was supposed to be claimed in capture the flag I guess everyone just knew he was Poseidon

17. I will concede, Logan Lerman is really cute. I like him as a 17 year old Percy, in, like, The Last Olympian and the Heroes of Olympus series. But he’s still way too old for this movie. Also, this is my thoughts watching this as an 18 year old now so my thoughts do not matter because I did not like him as Percy when I was watching this when I was Percy’s age and those are the thought that matter

18. Percy and Annabeth were supposed to be on the same team for capture the flag!! Also, the disrespect to the Supreme Lord Of The Bathroom I will not stand for this lack of toilets.

19. Okay Percy running away from the people fighting and tripping and falling is awkward and very him I like that and actually laughed (shocker right?)

20. Why does Annabeth take off her helmet to fight Percy? To show her long sleek sexy brown (-.-) hair because this was directed by a man and a girl (who is supposed to be 12??) has to look sexy in battle? the disrespect to my queen

21. The Poseidon voice of the gods in Percy’s head sound so dumb ahhhh

22. Annabeth is supposed to fight with a knife not a sword. The disrespect to Luke’s knife. FAMILY LUKE, you promised

23. Percy defeats a couple Ares kids and Annabeth and everyone just lets him take the flag? lmaooooo they’re like ok this noob defeated 3 people and there’s like 20 of us better stop trying

24. Why is Annabeth’s actress like 30? Percy is way too old and Annabeth looks even way older than him

25. Why does Hades erupt in the campfire like a giant fire demon? so dumb. THE. GREEK. HADES. IS. NOT. CHRISTIAN. HELL. 

26. The disrespect to the oracle. they just sneak out? how is this going to set up Luke’s betrayal?

gifs edits percy jackson 4k sea of monsters oracle lukecastelland •
not in this movie sorry seaweed brain


28. The random ass lady (is she mortal?) in Auntie Em’s place is very random. also she just looks at Mesuda?? what an idiot

29. Aww an old iPod touch 3rd edition I had one of those in like 2012

30. Annabeth just stands there letting medusa annoy her and waiting for Percy to save her or something? the disrespect to my fierce knife fighting queen.

31. They’re supposed to be TWELVE they CANT DRIVE I swear half the stakes of the whole quest are gone if they can just drive

32. I do think the idea of them carrying around the head of medusa is amusing, although not as amusing as Percy mailing it to the gods at olympus

Percy Jackson Pj GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

33. So Percy can just heal anyone else besides him with water? the disrespect to Apollo and Will Solace okay Poseidon is not a healer

34. Speaking of Percy and Annabeth just talking hanging out chill the disrespect to Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl all I want is Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl but apparently that’s too much to ask

35. Wtf is this bs rule of the gods not seeing their children? No, it’s not because of a stupid rule that lets them off the hook for being jerks. They don’t not see their kids because of a dumb rule, it’s because they’re all jerks.

36. Oh no the voices of gods in their heads are coming back that’s the stupidest thing to come out of these movies ahhh I hate it every time.

37. I do appreciate Grover eating the tin cans haha and I do think ugly Gabe has been portrayed well so far. provided, that’s because he’s awful and this movie is awful

38. Wtf does Annabeth just casually carry around tranquilizers? ummm… should I be concerned?


40. Also the fact that they’re zooming (probably Skype or FaceTime or something in 2010) Luke amuses me very much in the 2020 quarantine zoom golden age. I am also mad though because demigods aren’t supposed to use technology and also the disrespect to Iris goddess of rainbows. But also hahaha in this context I can’t not laugh at Zoom they were Zooming before it was mainstream.

41. I am very mad that the chimera and St. Louis arch have been replaced by the parthenon and hydra. Just saying I want to see Percy jump off the arch and plummet 300 feet to his (not) death

42. Also the hydra is formed by 5 human looking janitors? the disrespect to monster donut #notmyhydra

43. Percy is an idiot. I thought everybody knew that when you cut off one hydra head two more grow back even if you don’t know greek myths isn’t that pretty basic?

44. Annabeth now has a random ass bow and arrows? okayyy… I guess she’s a hunter now

45. Percy should not have control of his water powers like that!!! He literally didn’t even know he was a demigod until like three days ago and he can already do this?? It’s not supposed to be until Battle of the Labyrinth!!! character development? we don’t know her

percy i always lose gif
tbh they shoulda lost this movie battle

46. I admit, the giant stone hydra statue looks pretty cool

47. They have them eating in a diner but no ares? just rubbing salt in the wound huh

48. Does this movie have any sense of time? and geography? did they just… drive from Nashville, Tennessee, to Vegas, Nevada in like… an evening?

49. I admit the lotus casino actually looks pretty cool! with the Ferris wheel amusement park stuff. The gambling though= no bueno. and the lotus flower cookies? stupid. I do like Lady Gaga’s Poker Face though

50. Percy sounds like a dolphin laughing. Maybe Mr D. who isn’t even in this movie, should turn him into one and his mess would end

51. THE VOICE Of POSIDON is back ugh it’s the cringes thing in this whole movie I hate it. also posioden is so useless telling Percy not to eat a flower after he’s already had a bazillion and been there for 5 days

52. Haha I love how the guy asks Percy “what’s a DVD” and that’s how Percy realizes the guy is from the wrong era but it also dates this movie because now nobody uses DVDs anymore and I’m watching this on Disney+ streaming haha

53. I hate how they changed Grover from awkward kid trying to look out for the environment and redeem himself to like fckboy 

54. Do casinos normally leave the prize car keys in the car? because I feel like a lot of cars would be stolen this way

55. The disrespect to charon’s Italian silk suits what is this ugly hoodie? Also, I miss Crusty and his water beds

56.  Hahaha grover mentions they’re in a recession oh, to be young and naive and in the 2008 recession instead of the COVID 19 recession

57. THE. GREEK. HADES. IS. NOT. CHRISTIAN. HELL. Why does this whole place looks like Tartarus? What do you mean all lives end in suffering and tragedy? The disrespect for my heroes who reach Elysium!!! I am offended on many levels. Even the Fields of Aphosodel aren’t like this. maybe even the fields of punishment aren’t all this bad. No.

58. Did someone really call Annabeth Annie?

59. Hellhounds? The disrespect to Cerberus okay he’s just a doggo who wants to play with Annabeth’s red rubber ball

60. Why is Persephone like a sex crazed person. excuse me she’s supposed to be happy goddess of flowers tired of her mom talking about cereal not like ooh… I haven’t had a satyr… visit before *wink wink nudge nudge* it’s weird now and who knows what I was thinking when I watched this when I was 10

percy jackson GIFs - Primo GIF - Latest Animated GIFs

61. Also why is Persephone in the underworld in the summer??? ummm….

62. “I’m already in hell” umm… no, YOU’RE NOT.

63. The disrespect to 10 ft Hades being the first god who looks like a god instead we have either fire monster or mick jagger

64. Why does the master bolt look like something from a middle school musical production? for the most powerful object in the universe… it’s awfully anticlimactic

65. Sally was supposed to stay in the underworld the disrespect to queen sally she would never leave Grover there

66. Also… when you think of the fact that Persephone seems to be implying she wants to have sex with Grover and you think about the fact that he’s supposed to be twelve… yeah, not great

67. The fact that the battle with Ares was left out is a CRIME

68. What was the point of Luke even giving Percy the shoes if they don’t try to drag him to Tartarus?? Ph right, I guess Tartarus and Kronos don’t matter if the whole underworld is basically tartarus

69. Oh right, they just take out the entire storyline of the titans. the whole overarching plot/conflice of the whole series is ignored. that makes sense

70. Why does Luke seem like a whiny git he’s supposed to seem like a charismatic friend

71. Okay I get the shoes now and I’M APPALLED Percy is flying?? The disrespect to Jason Percy belongs in the water not the sky my gods can Zeus just blast them both now and end my agony.


73. The scene with Percy fighting Luke and doing all the cool stuff with the water tanks actually looks very cool. Cool CGI for its time, and I like seeing my baby Percy use his power like that. HOWEVER in context I hate it because Percy is not supposed to be able to use his power like that until battle of the labyrinth and not that much in control of it until the last olympian!! character development? we don’t know her

lara-jean - The Everygirl
me watching the final battle

74. The disrespect to the Empire State Building elevator security dude

75. hAHHAHA the gods are supposed to have thrones and individual thrones to each of them and instead these little white chairs look like plastic chairs by the public pool

76. Poseidon stayed with Sally and Percy for 7 months? loll no he didn’t he’s not even that good he left before Percy was born

77. Why can’t I take Poseidon seriously lmao he looks like an idiot in that outfit isn’t he supposed to be good looking? I mean, Logan Lerman is cute why is Posioden so… not cute

78. That little mustache lmaooo his facial hair is like blonde iron man but it doesn’t look cool on him

79. Omg I forgot about that stupid Grover earning his horns thing from the beginning hahahahaha its so stupid. Although tbh it’s June but It’s A Wonderful Life is a good movie and I like the angel earning his wings maybe that’s what I should watch to remind myself that life isn’t all crap

80. Oh my GODS they’re still milking the Perseophone sex thing it’s WEIRD it’s GROSS pls STOP


Dobby is a free elf ! – Cinereplicas USA

asset 2

Overall this movie was very bad. As a movie, it is bad and cringy and doesn’t make much sense, but it’s not the worst I guess. As a book to movie adaptation, it’s AWFUL. I feel like the first 2/3 of it was meh to bad, and the last 1/3 after getting to the underworld was just terrible to worse to atrocious to just ahhh end it now. Although, I will admit that I had a bit of fun watching it because it’s like so bad that it’s good?? As in, I liked watching it so I could roast it and writing this post was fun. If I went in expecting a good movie instead of going in expecting to roast it I would not enjoy it one bit probably.

asset 1

Anyways, that was fun, but I want to end this on a positive note so here’s a shorter list of things I want to see in the actual good adaptation coming!

  1. Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl!!
  2. The fight with Percy vs Ares!
  3. Annabeth and Percy’s chariot together (with Tyson’s help ofc!)
  4. Nico di Angelo!! My baby ❤
  5. The hunters of Artemis!
  6. Percy and Annabeth both holding up the sky!
  7. The dam joke hahahaha
  8. Rachel Elizabeth Dare!
  9. Silena leading Ares into battle!
  10. A million Percabeth moments like the kiss before the volcano, Annabeth pulling Percy out of the Styx, Annabeth taking the knife for him, and of course, the best underwater kiss of all time ❤

asset 1

Anyways, this was a very long post. If you enjoy long posts rambling about Percy Jackson,  check out my other PJO posts linked below! Will this be my last Percy Jackson post? Probably not knowing me. Stay tuned!

asset 2

Let’s Chat

What scenes and moments are you excited to see in the Disney+ adaptation? What parts did you hate in the original movies? Do you like this type of post or did I watch this movie for nothing lol. I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



60 thoughts on “81 Bullet Points (& snarky gifs and jokes) Roasting The Percy Jackson Movie // i watched this DISRESPECTFUL bad movie just for this post

  1. I cannot believe you watched this trash. Hopefully your eyes and sanity is alright. I legit got frustrated with the trailer. I personally call these movies ‘Peter Johnson movies’ lol.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ah, it will forever be funny that that awful movie just unites us all so much. Will you be watching the second movie as well? I feel like you should watch it. I have to admit that movie Tyson is pretty cute in a little brother kind of way. 🙂
    You know, the thing I’m really wondering about: Do you think we would have liked the movie if we hadn’t read the books?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha we really are united in hating them lmao. The second one isn’t on Disney+ rn so I can’t and I heard it was much worse so as of right now I’m not planning on… but we’ll see haha. I’ve heard that people who saw the movie first thought it was just kind of bad, didn’t hate it as much as we all hate it, but it’s still just an somewhat incoherent bad movie

      Liked by 1 person


    I actually also did this recently (because my little brother is possibly evil), and basically never shut up, I was too busy pointing out all the flaws.

    Have you read the emails Rick sent to the directors while in production? I haven’t, but I’ve seen snippets, and also watched a video of someone reading them, and it was amazing. Rick we love you 🙂


    I agree with all your hopes for the series.

    I just want them to…. actually.. listen to Rick? Please? And don’t re-murder our love? Is that too much to ask?

    This is amazing and you’re amazing for surviving the movie and then writing a good post about it

    (I’m sorry for a long comment but I just HAD to fangirl over your fabulous act of fangirling)

    Liked by 2 people

  4. This was HILARIOUS. I’m pretty sure I was so traumatized by this movie my brain blocked it all out lol. I forgot Annabeth looked so old? And what the heck with the whole Persephone thing? It seems like they put more effort into *not* adapting them properly than if they had actually tried haha. Great post!💜

    Liked by 2 people

  5. This is amazing and was so much fun to read!!!! I literally agree with everything you wrote, and now I kind of want to rewatch it and do my own reactions because the movie is so bad 😂 For what you want to see in in the new adaptation Disney + better put in the dam scene because it is so funny!!! Also, Annabeth must say your drool when you sleep’ because, if not, they’re basically leaving out one of the best moments in the series. I love Rachel Elizabeth Dare’s character so much, and I can’t wait to see how they do that in the series 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay glad you enjoyed 🙂 Haha I would totally read that; the movie wasn’t terrible to watch just to roast, this time I was just amused by how horrible it was instead of when I first watched it 10 years ago and actually expected/wanted it to be good and just… despaired. Yess I’m ready for you drool when you sleep, and all the seaweed brain/wise girl jabs ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t watch it when it first came out, but I watched it 2 or 3 years ago, and I remember it being terrible!! Anyways, I’m probably going to rewatch it and write down my reactions, because it seems fun!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Hahah I love this post! You remember PJO way better than me to be able to contradict all those horrific things in the movie (I think I first watched it in like 2013 and I’ll admit I went to see the sequel at the cinema but hey that was obsessed w/ cinema tiny me), the Disney+ version better be a lot better!!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Yep, we all love negative reviews. 😀 😀 I really haven’t read the books but been wanting too. I think one of the reasons why I haven’t them yet is because it is so famous that you can basically see something about it whenever I go online. But I watched the movie and yes, they’re awful and weird. Also, I think they made the characters old for romance’s sake which ugh!!! Not necessary,

    Will read the whole series before the adaptation comes out. 💙💙

    Liked by 2 people

  8. HAHA this post was amazing to read!! I haven’t seen the movie so reading this enlightened me to everything they did wrong. I knew the surface level things that they messed up, but hearing all the details that were just tossed aside and completely changed and ended up altering everything?? What. I’m so excited for the adaptation!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Hi Kay! I recently discovered your blog and it is so good, my kind of blog! BTW I love the PJ series as well and I literally threw my phone across my room, just for watching the trailer 😂 Keep blogging and stay safe
    xoxo Aanya
    Ps. Ur site is so aesthetically pleasing ( I hope I spelt that right 😂) and beautiful 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Aanya, I’m blushing ❤ I remember being so upset first seeing it years ago and since them I've just settled into a numb denial and hurt haha.

      Tysm, I'm so happy you like my blog headers ❤ I just use pages, which was already on my computer, but it's so low effort that tbh any processor like google docs or word would work probably. I made myself a template where I have the translucent white box and the text boxes, and an outline of the size/dimensions the header is supposed to be, and I just swap in a new background picture and change the title text for each post and then take a screenshot cropped to that size!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for sharing your process Kay! I also sent you a form asking if I could interview you for my blog! If it’s fine with you, feel free to reply to this comment with your answer ❤️


  10. This post was so fun to read! I haven’t watched this movie since it came out in 2010 and I can’t believe you watched it again (I have so much respect for you hahaha). I didn’t even watch the second movie (and I think I never will).
    When I heard the disney+ adaptation news my family and friends couldn’t understand my level of excitement. I’m really hoping that this time the adaptation doesn’t disappoint me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay glad you enjoyed! Haha I never thought I would either but then… I got bored, I got curious, and this post was born lmao. Nooo it can’t disappoint is after we all suffered through this movie the whole fandom would just like… sob hysterically if the series was bad. I have high hopes!!


  11. I had so much fun reading this! Provided a much needed laugh as I loved these books as a kid and HATED the movies with a passion. I can’t wait for the new adaptation that will hopefully do this series proper justice!!

    Liked by 2 people

  12. This was hilarious! I have seen the movie a few times but never actually read the PJ books (I’m sorry!). 😅 And, what makes me cringe is that I actually enjoyed iz when I first watched it… I mean I had no idea abour all the stuff that was wrong, left out etc. So, I need to catch up on that asap! This post was very fun to read. 😁💖

    Liked by 2 people

  13. This post was so fun to read ! I just found your blog and I am loving it …I love your writing style it is so fun and engaging 🙂 I remember watching these movies in school….i don’t remember why…but i suppose it was kind of a free period and ended up ranting the whole day about how the movies were utterly disgusting ! Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂 And getting to know you better !

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Ahaha this post was so fun to read, this movie is so bad lol. I remember watching this when I was younger but I, too, skipped the second one because of how awful the first was. I remember also being so mad about the toilet part being left out!!

    It’s so funny to me that just now, after what feels like ages since I originally watched this movie, am I in the same age range as Logan Lerman was when they made Lightning Thief, like…

    I did see someone on Twitter say that it would be amazing if the Disney+ show got Logan Lerman to play Poseidon, which I 100% agree with bc I do really like him! He’s just…way too old to be Percy lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked it 🙂 This movie is an absolute mess lmao. It really is crazy that I’m around Logan Lerman’s PJO age now like I watched the movie and I was like aw he’s kinda cute (obviously not good Percy age wise, but he might be a perfect like 17 year old Percy in HOO) but when I saw this the first time so long ago I remember being like ew who is this ancient grandpa or something lol. Ahh yess if he plays Poseidon I will love it ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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