My Favorite Book Covers Of 2019 // Ft. My Attempts To Formulate Coherent Thoughts On This Eye Candy

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Happy December! I’m not doing Blogmas this year but I made this beautiful header last year and couldn’t resist using it again!

So it’s the end of 2019. And that’s absolutely insane!!!! Anyways, like everyone even the people who don’t admit it, I’m a sucker for beautiful book covers! I love them! And I’ve definitely read some absolutely gorgeous ones this year that I wanted to put here so you can feast your eyes!

All of these books are books I read for the first time this year! They didn’t all come out this year, but I’m behind on some trends deal with it. And I didn’t include rereads because I don’t want my list to be the exact same every year haha.

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I’m totally biased because I’m obsessed with anything Marissa Meyer but isn’t the cover epic??!?! I love how Nova looks so badass walking towards us, I love the contrast of the red on blue, I love the art style, and I just LOVE IT!

asset 1

They Both Die At The End

33385229. sy475

I just adore the minimalist art style of this cover! I love the shades of blue, and wow the imagery of the way there’s like a skull in the sky and the two boys’ shadows form the grim reaper just wow.

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34842208. sy475

This looks so beautiful and enchanting I am totally enchanted. The purples! She looks etherial! And the flowers! This is I swear like looking at a fairy princess and my eyes are blessed with the beauty.

asset 1

King of Scars

36307634. sy475

Leigh Bardugo has the best covers and that’s just the truth. I mean look at the details on this thing it looks like it’s 3D and right in front of me for all its beauty what a work of art.

asset 1

A Curse So Dark and Lonely

43204703. sy475

I am absolutely in love with this typography. It looks so amazing and I love how it’s entangled with the thorny plants just much wow.

asset 1

Ignite The Stars


Okay so I don’t love the way the model is integrated with the rest of the cover (but I do love seeing an Asian cover model!), but I absolutely LOVE the colors here wow the mist of all those colors is just breathtaking!

asset 1

Sorcery of Thorns


This is maybe even my favorite of all the amazing covers on this list! I just LOVE this artwork it’s so beautiful! I love how Elisabeth looks, I love her holding her sword, I love the font for the title, I love EVERYTHING!

asset 1

Girls of Paper and Fire


Another one that’s just stunning. I love how badass Lei seems with just her eye peeking out, I love how her hair swoops in front like that, and I just love the fire on the text! And the purple colors!

asset 1

The Wicked King


SO AMAZING! I love seeing the crown falling in the water, I love the text, I just love this cover so much and I love all the covers of this series but this is my favorite just owijesfkld.

asset 2

Let’s Chat

What are some of your favorite covers from this year? Do you agree with any of my choices here? I’d love to chat in the comments below!




17 thoughts on “My Favorite Book Covers Of 2019 // Ft. My Attempts To Formulate Coherent Thoughts On This Eye Candy

  1. Sorcery of Thorns is one of my favourites!! It is badass and beautiful and I love the green in it!! *all the heart eyes*
    I also love the shades of blue in They Both Die at the End. Plus the skull in the sky was so clever and such a good detail!
    And the colours in Ignite the Stars is just to die for!!
    I loved this post and gushing about covers!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with all of these! I also thought Queen of Nothing had a beautiful cover; the entire series was so well-done. It’s bad but I definitely judge books by their covers, lol.


  3. These are fantastic picks! I’m such a big fan of the Girls of Paper and Fire’s cover, it looks AMAZING. I also love the Sorcery of Thorns’ one and I NEED to read this book, I’ve heard so many good things about it all around! 🙂


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