October 2019 Monthly Wrap Up // Ft. A Long Discussion On My First Month At College And Balancing Blogging With School

So it seems that the end of the year is quickly creeping up upon us, which is very shocking. This moth has been… interesting, for sure. This definitely isn’t going to be my normal wrap up, so stick around if you want a long ramble/discussion on my first full month at college, how that’s affected me, and how I’m struggling to balance book blogging and reading with college.

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1. Crooked Kingdom (reread) ★★★★★ // I wanted to settle in and feel at home in my new dorm so I decided to reread one of my all time favorites! I love it every bit as much as I did the first time ❤
2. Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things ★★★ // This was really cute and fluffy and enjoyable but had pretty much no substance. 

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WHAT? That’s it?

Yeah, that’s it. I’ve read 119 books this year, averaging 12ish books per month. In July I read 19 books. And this month I read two books.

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It may have seemed like I was blogging a lot this month… but I wasn’t. I put out a ton of blog posts but the thing is, I wrote them all during the summer. In the summer, I was posting 3 posts per week, but I was writing 6-8 posts per week. In fact, I have reviews prescheduled through the rest of this year!! (You can tell these are prescheduled because they’re all ARC reviews of books I read months ago haha).

It felt weird to be posting so much when I was almost never blogging. I almost didn’t want to post them since I knew I wouldn’t be checking the comments, replying to comments, commenting back, etc. But I already wrote them and I like them so I put them up anyways.

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Other Posts:

I also made a guest post over on Kelly’s blog, Another Book In The Wall! I talked about how important it is to have lower YA books, and listed off some of my favorites! If you didn’t see it, I’d love it if you checked it out (because tbh why wouldn’t you want to look at Kelly’s #aesthetic blog?)

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Your Posts

Blog hopping? Going through my reader? I might have done that one or twice this month. Not often enough, and that’s sad, but here are a small few I loved.

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And so now we come to the bulk of this post that I wanted to talk about: my first month in college. I don’t talk toooooo much about my life on this blog (I used to never talk about it lol and then I kind of lost my filter), but this is really my place to share my thoughts, so I kind of wanted to ramble on about it here so that I can look back at it, even if nobody else cares. Also I know most people reading this are probably older than me and already went through college so to you I’m going to sound childish probably–but hey, that’s just part of being a teen blogger (and by the way go check out Kelly’s teen blogger directory shameless plug haha).

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Moving to college has been… crazy. It’s definitely the hugest change in my life ever–obviously, I lived 18 years at home and now I moved out! I talked briefly on this in my September Wrap Up, but I just moved here in the last week of September so October was my first full month.

Overall, I’m really liking it. I definitely like the set up of it much more that high school–of course I want to be able to choose my specific classes and professors, and go to them throughout the days instead of just having a gigantic block of 8-3 school. I like getting to sleep in more before heading to 11AM classes for sure. I definitely like having more freedom, both academically and just in general life. I got into a pretty good university (top 30), so everyone here is pretty academic and studious so I’m really liking the environment and people I’m surrounded by. And my college is at a beautiful location that I love!

It’s definitely been insanely hard and stressful though–10000x more so than high school. Seriously, I’ve come to learn that high school AP classes are absolutely not college level courses–they’re much much easier. Lectures are so fast paced, and I feel like I’m studying 5 hours outside of class everyday. The homework never ends–if it’s not studying the textbook, then it’s doing those book problems, doing the online homework, doing readings, or something else. When I finally take a moment to breathe, I feel super guilty, knowing how much I have that I should be doing…

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Furthermore, I’m a biology major, which is one of the most intense there is. In high school I took basically an even mix of classes of all subjects–math, English, science, history, art, physical education, etc, and some were easy and some were hard and they balanced each other out. Now, I’m taking basically all hard STEM classes. I’m a book blogger so I shouldn’t say that STEM is harder than humanities… but it totally is.

It’s also rather disheartening that intro bio majors can’t take bio–instead, I’m slowly being murdered by intro calculus and chemistry classes that are prerequisites to bio that I have no interest in, yet must invest hundreds of hours of studying for. And on top of that, biology is one of the most popular majors with too many students to support, so these intro classes are designed to be hard weeder classes to get students to drop (the class average on my first chem midterm was a D-, which was a shock from high school, to say the least)… and I’m trying my hardest to not be one of the hundreds who drop the major.

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On top of that… I don’t have any friends. I’m an introvert so it’s just so hard for me to talk to people and make friends. There are some days that I literally don’t talk to anyone except my roommates, and I eat every meal alone in the dining hall. It’s not terrible, but I do miss my high school friends a lot, and I remember how much fun we had together, and I’m not too much of an introvert that I don’t like spending any time with people–I rather enjoy spending some quality time with a few good friends, and it’s kind of hard that I have none here. Most days I’m fine, but some days the homesickness really hits me hard.

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Anyways… I wanted to bring this back around to book blogging because after all this is a book blog. I read two books, 10 less than average. I think the problem is that I like to read in large chunks of time–sit down for hours and read a book in one sitting–and I just don’t have that kind of time anymore. I have an hour here and there, but not huge chunks of time, and if I do have a big chunk of time that I’m not studying, I feel immensely guilty for not studying given how much I have to do. When I have little gaps of time, I prefer to just spend it on my phone, scrolling through social media or watching YouTube or something, instead of getting into a book and then having to stop. So I’ve basically stopped reading.

And blogging? What is that? I’ve barely written any blog posts since college started (8/10 I posted this month I wrote during the summer), and I’ve basically never blog hopped or gone through my reader, and I even neglect comments at times. I just don’t have time.

It’s definitely a struggle for me trying to figure out how to balance book blogging with college. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I almost want to just take a “hiatus” (that’s basically what I’ve done), but no because this is my life now. This isn’t a short term thing–this is the easiest it’s going to be for me and next semester I’m taking physics on top of calc and chem. I love book blogging (and reading!) so I want to figure out a way to do it more and get back into my grove, but right now… it’s just rough.

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Let’s Chat

This post was stupidly long, if you read it all you can leave a long comment in response??? Are you in college? How do you balance college with book blogging and reading? I’d love to chat in the comments below!


25 thoughts on “October 2019 Monthly Wrap Up // Ft. A Long Discussion On My First Month At College And Balancing Blogging With School

  1. Honestly, I had these *exact* feelings when I was a freshman in college last year as well. Trust me, I know how you feel. If you search my lifestyle tag on my blog, you’ll find a series of College Diary posts that I did that may bring you comfort! In particular, my “Life as of Lately” post is insightful for the whole “how do I balance this all?!” Crisis you’re experiencing. (Growing up is so fun! Here’s that link: https://cierrascynosure.com/2019/03/16/life-as-of-lately-college-diaries/)

    Nevertheless, trust me—it gets better. I’m an environmental science major which is also REALLY intense, so I understand and can relate to the onslaught of chemistry and math you’re enduring. Even then, In my second year I’ve been able to find a *much better* balance so far.

    Trust and believe in yourself. You can and you will get through this ♡

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  2. oh! college life sounds crazy at the moment! Take all the breaks from blogging or responding to comments you need! I totally get how STEM classes are hard!! I’m taking a general chem+bio class in my local college and it’s a lot of work definitely!

    You’re so amazing to have scheduled those posts in the summer! Way to go! ❤

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  3. I’m in my second year of architecture school (another intense STEM field!) and I definitely remember how it felt to start college and have zero time to read. You’re SO right about AP classes being nothing like college! It was kind of a shock at first to have so much school work, even outside of class, and not have time for fun things like reading. I still struggle to find time for blogging, but I know that I’m here for school and that has to come first. Taking advantage of breaks is a great time to get back into it, though! And I have found audiobooks to be really great in keeping up with my reading goals, some what! I hope that you find a balance that works for you!

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  4. omg thanks for the shoutout ❤

    it is SO impressive that you scheduled so many posts. seriously. i have taken like 88 hiatuses in my life and have never really scheduled anything out in advance??? you're amazing.

    balancing time in college is NOT easy. esp b/c when you do have free time, you can feel so exhausted and depleted, and while blogging and reading are fantastic they aren't always the most low-energy activities. i think the key is to take advantage of times you do feel productive and energetic, but also not to pressure yourself! reading and blogging should always be fun above all.

    sending love!! ❤

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    1. Of course I was so happy to see you in my reader againnn ❤ Yeah I love reading so much but sometimes when I just spent the last two hours reading my dense boring frustrating confusing chemistry textbook I don't want to read another word in existence and just want to turn my brain off lol rip… *cries* thanks for the advice ❤

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  5. Rereading an old favorite when starting out college is ALWAYS a good choice in my opinion!

    I completely understand being overwhelmed by school. Adjusting to college is HARD. Hang in there!! It’ll get easier and you’ll get used to the pace, I promise. I wish I had a foolproof way to balance school and blogging, but I only have the advice that you’ve probably already heard plenty of times before: schedule time for blogging and reading so that you don’t feel guilty for taking time away from schoolwork. Don’t feel bad about taking blogging breaks or not reading as much! You got this, my dude.

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  6. Honestly, I wish I had the organisational skills to schedule my posts. Every time I start to developed a stock pile I end up going away or I get really busy and next minuet I’m behind again. I’m really hoping to work on that in November and December because Christmas in retail is hectic AF.

    Also it it weird to say that your college experience is 100% giving me serious Cath and Fangirl vibes??? Just remember to keep that chin up – you are an amazing person and you’ll find your people.

    Much love – Alexandra ❤

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  7. I really think that you should be proud of myself for being in college and being able to move out! That can’t have been an easy life change! I feel you so much about the workload, haha. I’m still in high school, so I know that the workload is easier for me, but I relate so much to not wanting to read after I’m done with everything and just wanting to watch YouTube or something. In my case, I scroll through Twitter.. Don’t beat yourself up about not being able to blog! It’s amazing that you were able to pre write that much! I’ve tried but I can’t ever do it, haha. Best of luck in college! Focus on that GPA ❤

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  8. I’m in my 3rd year of engineering (send help) and I completely relate, buuttttt first year is always the hardest but you’ll gradually get used to completing assignments and reports and exams and more in 2 days time, might be speaking from experience here. I’m not sure about your course/college but usually you get wayyyy lesser subjects in the later years so there is (v.dim) light at the end of the (v.long) tunnel!!

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    1. Oh gosh I have 102983% respect for engineering students that seems insanely hard I am now so amazed that you can book blog and study engineering much respect. So glad to know that there’s dim light at the end of the long tunnel… fingers crossed I make it someday and live to tell the tale lmao


  9. The first year of university is always SO overwhelming and I can definitely relate to that feeling of needing to always be doing something and being isolated in university. There’s no shame in taking a break from blogging and reading if you need to, and definitely schedule time for yourself in between all the work. Good luck with the rest of the semester though!

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  10. FALSKFJALSKJ (i always feel like a big sister when you talk about college bc i get so excited for you and i’m glad that you’re liking it) STEM classes are definitely very hard. I hope that you have time to go to office hours or reach out to the TA’s. and don’t worry to much about D- averages!! Professors will usually curve the class so just try your best to stay ahead of the curve.

    College can definitely be an isolating place too, and I’m really sorry that you’re homesick at times 😦 It’ll definitely get better, and I hope that the blogging community can also be a support system for you as you navigate this year. Try joining some clubs on campus that you’re interested in. It’s never too late 🙂

    It’s definitely a struggle trying to find time between classes and reading and blogging, but it’s still your first year!! You’ll take some time to find your balance because it’s a process of trial and error, but I’m rooting for you ❤

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    1. Tbh I’m starting to feel like you’re my college big sis and I’m loving it ❤ ❤ I'm so happy to hear you say that it eventually gets better…I went home last weekend and did NOT want to come back but here I am again lol trying my hardest to make friends 🙂 And definitely haven't found my balance yet but here's to hoping! ❤ ❤

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  11. I’m jealous of the amount of books you’ve fit in this month year! My books are all taunting me since I got a new job making me work 60+ hrs a week… but, I’m working on it!! I can’t wait to see more reviews from you! (I’ll live vicariously if I can’t find time to read for myself. Ha ha!)

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