Marvel Avengers Book Tag // Ft. My Thoughts On MCU Movies And Living Under A Rock

Hey friends! Confession time: I have never been into Marvel movies. When Endgame was released, I’d only seen a couple Marvel movies (and seen none in theaters), didn’t get the hype, and frankly didn’t care.

So a looooong time ago, when The Orangutan Librarian tagged me in the Marvel Avengers Book Tag, I ignored it.

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But then! I felt so behind since everyone in the world was talking about Endgame and I missed out on the hype! Walking around my high school, it seemed the only thing anyone was doing was raving about it. Also when we watched Infinity War in class and it was the second Marvel movie I’d ever seen, I was insanely confused (especially because I ditched class one of the days we were watching it so I only saw 2/3 of it), spoiled for everything (including Endgame thanks @the jerk who yelled “xx doesn’t die in this one, xx dies in Endgame!”) but intrigued. So I took it upon myself to catch myself up and crawl out at least a little bit from the rock I live under and start watching the Marvel movies!

Anyways, it was my summer mission to get caught up! So as of now, I’ve seen 10 of them (thank you very much to the library that has free movies in addition to books!!! library appreciation from your resident library user ❤ ). Overall, I enjoyed some of them, but I still wouldn’t consider myself the hugest MCU fan. I really enjoyed Spiderman: Homecoming (probably because Tom Holland is the actual cutest aoisdjfksadf), I was really bored by and disliked The Avengers and Captain America: The First Avenger, and, of course, I absolutely loved and had my heart ripped out and destroyed by Infinity War and Endgame.

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So in conclusion, I’m glad that I got caught up on the cultural phenomenon because it was getting lonely living under my rock. I’ll probably see a few of the ones they release in coming years (excited for Black Widow!), not a diehard fan, but not living under the gigantic rock I was used to.

But anyways, there’s my long winded nobody cares introduction. Now that I’ve gotten myself relatively caught up not really but shh, I remembered this old tag and decided to pull it out and finally do it!

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Iron Man // A Book That Made You Laugh Out Loud

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My Lady Jane // There are a lot of funny books, but very few in which I actually laughed out loud. Well, this was one of those few! There were so many jokes and I was cracking up all the way through it!

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Captain America // A Book That Sends A Positive Message


Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda // This book is so wonderful and sends such positive messages with it’s incredible representation–lgbtq+ as well as other types such as body positivity, poc representation, Jewish characters…

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Thor // A Book With A Character’s Strength You Admire


Inej from Six of Crows // Inej is one of the strongest characters ever! Life has dealt her such a hard hand, and she’s been put in these horrible situations at such a young age, but she keeps fighting, keeps her determination, and won’t be broken as she works together with her squad!

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Black Widow // A Book With A Kick Ass Female Protagonist


Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles // There are so many good options! Cinder is definitely amazing–just an ordinary girl going to the moon and leading a revolution against an evil queen is all!

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Hulk // A Book That Made You Incredibly Angry


Sweet Black Waves // This book was so bad I hated it and I was so angry because the main character got herself into so many dangerous near death situations and just refused to die. Like I hate you please go die already.

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Hawkeye // An Underrated Book You Think More People Should Pay Attention To


Wendy Darling // It seems that nobody knows this book series exists and that’s such a shame! I adore all three books, especially book two is one of my all time favorite books! I love the dark take on Neverland and Peter Pan!

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*Bonus* Loki // A Book With A Twist Or Surprise That Tricked You


The Cruel Prince // I can’t even say that this book had a twist that surprised me; it was more like the last hundred pages or so were so twisty that I was surprised by a twist and then surprised by another twist and then another one… rinse and repeat…

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Well, after a looong time, there’s my tag! I’m not going to tag anyone since I was tagged in this soooooo loooooong ago, but if it interests you, feel free to participate 🙂

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Let’s Chat

Have you read these books? What’s your favorite MCU movie? Are you a superhero fan? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤




12 thoughts on “Marvel Avengers Book Tag // Ft. My Thoughts On MCU Movies And Living Under A Rock

  1. I hadn’t seen any of the marvel movies, but went to see Endgame with my dad and was curious about the others, so I’ve been on a mission to watch them all! I’ve seen 11 I think? Anyways, you’re definitely not alone in having not seen all the movies and experience the hype with everyone else, though I’m glad to be experiencing it now! And, I recently listened to the audiobook of My Lady Jane, and I absolutely loved it! It’s definitely hilarious and the characters are amazing!

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  2. Trust me Kay – you are not alone in your rock! I’ve seen Captain America and The Winter Solider, Ant Man and Ant Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel and Into the Spiderverse but only because my brother literally forced me to. [Long story]. I’m not really into superheros [unless it’s superman] but I do kinda feel left behind the curve.

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  3. I feel very far behind on Marvel movies too although there are some that I love. I haven’t seen any of the Avengers as I didn’t like the first one 😅 but I love X Men and Captain Marvel

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  4. I’m so glad you ended up enjoying the marvel films you watched (especially that you loved spider man homecoming and liked endgame). I loved my lady jane as well! And really agree with you on simon vs the homosapien agenda. I loved inej too. Awesome answers! Fun to read this!


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