Top Ten Hyped Books I Probably Won’t Read // Laziness, Disinterest, And My Unpopular Opinions

Hey loves! Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s prompt is Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading. Honestly… I don’t really have a TBR? I’m a mood reader, so I never do. There are just some books I want to read at some point, no distinct list. So there’s no books on the nonexistant list that I want to read but am avoiding reading?

So instead I decided to go Hyped Books I Probably Won’t Read, which is similar enough I guess because it goes with the theme of books I’m avoiding reading. Buckle in for some unpopular opinions!

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1. The Mortal Instruments 

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I just never heard of these books until a couple years ago, and there are so many I don’t even know where to start, and I feel like the hype train past long ago and it’s just an old book series I never read. I’m not particularly interested so eh.

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2. Eleanor & Park


Since I love Fangirl so much I thought I wanted to read this book, especially with the new  adaptation coming out, but since I’ve seen the racist parts, I figure I’ll pass.

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3. Thirteen Reasons Why 

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I read some reviews that said this glorifies suicide… needless to say, I don’t feel that’s something I need to read.

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4. Illuminae Series 

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I read the first book, Illuminae, and while it was okay, I definitely didn’t really like the weird unique quirky style, and didn’t like it enough to want to continue.

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5. Lola And The Boy Next Door


In other words, the rest of the Anna and the French Kiss series because I hated that book.

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6. Stalking Jack The Ripper

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I actually checked this out from the library and read the first few pages… and got grossed out haha it’s too graphic for my wimpy self.

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7. Ninth House


Everybody in the universe is talking about this book! I’m not interested although I love Bardugo’s works because it’s apparently very very adult, definitely not YA. Unlike most people here, I’m actually a teenager and feel uncomfortable reading some adult; I read YA because it’s targeted to me!

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8. Throne Of Glass


I’m not completely against this one!! I’m not! It’s just… I probably won’t read it because I’m not ready for that type of commitment. With seven books, some of the later ones being humongous 700+ page suckers, I’m just… that would take a long time to read and there are a lot of other books I could be reading. I read the ACOTAR series and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t absolutely love it and I’m not obsessed with SJM or anything so I don’t love her enough to want to buckle in for this type of commitment.

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9. Wires & Nerve


This isn’t I don’t think the most popular of books but it’s big for me because Marissa Meyer is my favorite author!! I just… am not interested in reading graphic novels.

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10. Red Queen Books


These were popular a million years ago but I read Red Queen and really disliked it so I see no point in finishing the series off.

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Let’s Chat

What are some hyped books you’re not interested in reading? What are some books on your TBR you’re avoiding reading? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤purplename


51 thoughts on “Top Ten Hyped Books I Probably Won’t Read // Laziness, Disinterest, And My Unpopular Opinions

  1. I haven’t even tried a Cassandra Clare book but I’m already kind of dreading it tbh🙈💀
    Like, the premise sounds really nice, it DOES but I’m not sure I’m ready to read them quite yet.
    I actually quite enjoyed the unique writing style if Thirteen Reasons Why but it did trigger me a bit and I can see why a lot if people dislike the book but yet on other levels I could understand Hannah Baker exactly.
    Tbh, I didn’t really care for Illuminae🙈 I liked the set up but it was the lack of character development that got me. Up until page 600 where they actually describe the character, I thought Kady Grant had brown hair but really she had pink. I don’t think I’ll be continuing🙈
    Ayyy I really enjoyed Stalking Jack The Ripper but I can see where it could get a bit gory at times so I totally understand why you DNF’d it!
    No matter how much I love ACOTAR I feel intimidated even thinking about starting TOG haha.
    Wires And Nerve was great if you ever do have an interest in picking up a graphic novel, I think you would like it but I see where you coming from💞
    I remember enjoying Red Queen but now I remember nothing about it so I probably won’t be continuing either😂💀
    I love your post Kay💜

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    1. Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t read Cassandra Clare, TOG, and didn’t really like Illuminae :/ I’m so obsessed with Marissa Meyer sometimes I feel like picking up Wires and Nerve but how to what is graphic novel lmao maybe someday and glad you enjoyed ❤


  2. I’ve had Eleanor and park for quite some time but I don’t think I’ll be getting to it either… I’ve tried starting it a fife times as well but somehow, it just never sticks 😅

    But I think you should read ahead in the illuminae files! Have you tried the audiobooks? Because they really are a game changer!

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  3. Gemina is a lot better than Illuminae imo! I pretty much gave up on the series and then the hype got to me, and I really ended up enjoying Gemina.

    I wouldn’t bother with the Mortal Instruments tbh. If you’re not interested now then you probably won’t be haha.

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  4. I liked Red Queen but I’ve heard so many mixed reviews I haven’t been able to bring myself to take the second book off my shelf.

    Tbh I feel like that about most fantasy books these days. The market got so slammed with the genre that I think I burned out on it a bit!

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  5. Honestly, you could read the first 3 Mortal Instruments books and be done with the series. I loved those 3. I pushed myself through the 4th and got through half of the 5th before I gave up on it. It should have been a trilogy.

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  6. Haha I completely relate to your not wanting to commit to huge, hyped series like The Mortal Instruments and Throne of Glass. Seems like a lot of work and I’m not that interested in them in the first place! Also, yeah, I don’t think you need to read Thirteen Reasons Why 😬 I haven’t read Wires and Nerve either, despite really enjoying the Lunar Chronicles, so I’m not sure why…I guess it just doesn’t appeal to me as much as those books, which is fine!

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  7. I can’t commit to Throne of Glass either 😂😂 Its just too long!!!! I tried watching the Netfliz show Thirteen Reasons Why and I ended up bawling so hard it kept almost turning into panic attacks, so I have no desire to attempt the book either

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  8. Thirteen Reasons Why is SUCH a hit or miss experience. Its been years and years since I read it, and I was much less informed when I did, so I have a feeling if ever I were to revisit it I’d agree with it glorifying suicide and that’s just…. not it, you know? As for the rest of these–TMI/Shadowhunter Chronicles is one of my all time favourite worlds/series but it’s definitely not for everyone so I 100% feel like you should stick with your gut on that one and not waste time on something you might not enjoy, you know? ACK. There are so many books out there where I am just like… that’s not my cup of tea and since taste is so subjective I’m always like *hides from said books* and trusting my instincts on steering clear haha

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  9. I did actually continue with the red queen series and I honestly regret it cos it got worse (imo). And I can understand why you wouldn’t wanna read mortal instruments, ninth house and gemina- it makes sense. And honestly I really didn’t like thirteen reasons why, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Great list!

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  10. I’m right there with you, Kay! So many of these are books that I frankly don’t see myself reading! I couldn’t bring myself to continue the Red Queen series, and although I’ve heard a lot of good things about them, I don’t think I’ll ever read the Mortal Instrument books. I did recently read Gemina, and I loved it more than Illuminae. I refuse to watch Thirteen Reasons and to read the book. I do not want to support a story that glorifies suicide as it does.

    Great post, Kay! ❤

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