Top Ten Books I Enjoyed Outside My Comfort Zone // Begrudgingly Liking Classics, Adult Fiction, And More

Hey loves! Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s prompt is Books I Enjoyed That Are Outside My Comfort Zone. 

My comfort zone is basically YA contemporary and fantasy. Here are some books outside of that I still loved!

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1. Red, White, and Royal Blue

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This book is outside of my comfort zone because it’s New Adult, not Young Adult. I don’t typically read adult romance because I don’t like all the smut and sex scenes, and the number of those in this book made me a bit uncomfortable, but the romance was so swoony and it was such a great book overall that I loved it!

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2. Becoming 


This is outside of my comfort zone because I never read nonfiction/biography! Michelle Obama is such an inspiration though that I knew I wanted to read this one, and I loved it!

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3. The Great Gatsby

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To say I loved this would be a stretch, but I definitely enjoyed it, and since I typically hate classics, that’s pretty crazy for me.

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4. Wuthering Heights


Same story as above. In a huge twist of fate, Kay actually enjoys and recommends a classic!

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5. This Mortal Coil

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Despite enjoying both science and reading, I typically shy away from hard science fiction because I’m too dumb to understand it. But I really enjoyed this one, probably because I’m such a genetic/biology nerd!

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6. The Hate U Give

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I typically shy away from books that deal with hard depressing real world issues; I read the news and am aware of them and like to escape with books. But this book had such hype I had to read it, and depressing as it can be, it was so meaningful and I absolutely loved it.

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7. Crazy Rich Asians


This one was also outside of my comfort zone because it’s adult and not YA, but after loving the movie, I knew I had to read it, and really enjoyed it!

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8. Illuminae

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With the weird way this was told, this was definitely way outside my comfort zone. I didn’t love it enough to want to continue with the series, but I did enjoy it a surprising amount.

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9. Pride and Prejudice


Another classic way outside my comfort zone with the dense prose that made it hard to read… still enjoyed though!

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10. The Fever King


The amount of hard science in this book was definitely a bit outside of my comfort zone but I ended up loving it!

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Let’s Chat

What are some books you enjoyed outside your comfort zone? Which genres do you usually go for? Do you usually read classics? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤


41 thoughts on “Top Ten Books I Enjoyed Outside My Comfort Zone // Begrudgingly Liking Classics, Adult Fiction, And More

    1. It’s a truly inspiring book I definitely recommend! I didn’t think it was too focused on politics; of course there was a bit, but 2/3 of the book took place before Obama was even elected, and there was a greater focus on her family and friends and how they, and being First Lady, shaped her life, rather than preachy politics or stuff like that!


  1. Great list! So many of these are on my TBR – Red, White & Royal Blue and The Hate U Give are two contemporary reads I need to check out soon, and I’ve been meaning to try Illuminae for the longest time. I’ve seen really good reviews of The Fever King all year. 🙂

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  2. I’ve been thinking about reading Wuthering Heights… I know it’s a classic but I’m a little worried the prose might be a little heavy to get through, but I’m glad to see you recommend it! Maybe I’ll give it a go 🙂

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    1. I definitely recommend! The prose isn’t bad at all for a classic–it’s certainly MUCH easier to read than Pride and Prejudice, which we read immediately before it in class, and that probably contributed to me liking WH more. The only hard part was one character spoke in a severe accent/dialect, but my book (the Barnes and Noble edition) had footnotes that “translated” them into regular English so it was fine!

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  3. I’m glad you’ve been able to find so many books outside your comfort zone! I don’t read adult nearly as often as YA, so it’s always exciting to find an adult book that I love 😀 Pride and Prejudice, The Hate U Give, and Red White and Royal Blue are all ones that I’ve loved, and I really want to read Illuminae and The Fever King!

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  4. Pride and Prejudice was for sure daunting when I set out to read it at about 12, but it’s become one of my favorite books over the years and I love returning to Jane’s complex, life-like characters.
    And I also have a bit of a complex relationship with classics, but when I end up reading them, I realize they’re “classics” for a reason…
    Great post! ❤

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  5. WUTHERING HEIGHTS IS THE ACTUAL BEST CLASSIC EVER! I honestly love that book so much that it hurts. And This Mortal Coil is sheer perfection. I recently read Illuminae, and even though it took me a little bit of time to get used to, I wound up loving it by the end. I just finished the sequel, Gemina, and it was even better than the first! Wonderful list, Kay! ❤

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