I Should Read That Book Tag // Watching The Movie First, Ignoring Pretty Pictures, And Being Way Behind The Curve As Usual

Hey friends! It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a tag, so when Olivia from Purely Olivia tagged me for the I Should Read That Book Tag, I was immediately interested. Especially since it seems that I’m always saying “I should read that… and that… also this… and that…”

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The Rules

  • Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post
  • Link to the creator’s blog in your post
  • Answer the questions below
  • Tag 10 others to take part in the tag
  • Enjoy the tag!

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A book that a certain friend is always telling you to read


The Foxhole Court // I’m going to use the same answer as Olivia so clearly Malanie from Malanie Loves Fiction is doing something right with pitching this book! From all her ravings (and those from other reviewers too), this book sounds phenomenal, and now I just have to… actually read it.

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A book that’s been on your TBR forever and yet you still haven’t read it


Forest of a Thousand Lanterns // See, I’ve wanted to read this book since before it was announced and I was reading the Julie C Dao’s other work, The Pumpkin Patch Princess, on Wattpad in 2016, before I had a blog or goodreads or whatever and my only social account was Wattpad. She even replied to tons of my comments on her story! So when I heard she was going to be published I knew I had to read her book! And… three years later here we are whoops

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A book in a series you’ve started, but haven’t gotten around to finishing


Queen of Ruin // This book just came out last month, so there’s my excuse for not having read it yet. I definitely intend to, since I absolutely LOVED Grace and Fury! Also I requested an ARC for it and didn’t get it and that made me sad but I’ll still read it now that it’s out I promise

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A classic you’ve always liked the sound of, but have never actually read


A Midsummer Night’s Dream // See, I just don’t like classics. But if I had to choose a classic to be mildly interested in, I have always loved mentions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream because hello, faeries? King Oberan and Queen Titania of the faeries? Of course I’m interested! Also if I’m being honest I’ll probably never read this, but I might read it on Schmoop. Maybe Sparknotes. To get the story without actually reading it, you see.

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A popular book that it seems everyone but you has read

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo // I just… yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person in the universe who hasn’t read this. At first I didn’t want to read it because it’s not YA (and funny thing is that unlike most people who read YA, I’m actually a teenager) but I’ve seen so many amazing reviews gushing about it so… yeah…

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A book that inspired a film/TV adaptation that you really love, but just haven’t picked up yet

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The Book Thief // I just… this whole post is making me feel very sheepish. I watched this movie and loved it and cried and checked out the book from the library (especially since Kelly from Another Book In The Wall keeps pitching it I want to read it more and more!) but then… time passed, I didn’t read it, I had to return it…

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A book you see all over Instagram but haven’t picked up yet

Spin the Dawn (The Blood of Stars, #1)

Spin The Dawn // Also stealing Olivia’s response here because I’m tired and unoriginal although I don’t have bookstagram, I remember recently I kept seeing this everywhere! I think there were two simultaneous blog tours for it so it seemed like every other post in my reader was promoting it for a couple of weeks lol.

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Tag! You’re It

Kelly // Malanie // Kaya // Brittany // Tiffany // Siobhan // Leelynn // Jess // Keri // Margaret

As always, no obligation to do the tag, and feel free to participate if I didn’t tag you!

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Let’s Chat

Have you read these books? Are there any on this list that you really need to read too? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤




31 thoughts on “I Should Read That Book Tag // Watching The Movie First, Ignoring Pretty Pictures, And Being Way Behind The Curve As Usual

  1. I haven’t read The Book Thief either! I even had it checked out for a while like you, but I was never in the mood to read it 😅. It’s one of those books that I feel like I’ve read already because I’ve heard so much about it hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s like 1000 trigger warnings for it. It’s basically the most horrible series in terms of “things that happen to the MCs”, but the character growth and their storyline arcs are phenomenal, and I love them all 💕


  2. Thanks so much for tagging me! I definitely relate to saying “I should read that” to too many books 😅 Evelyn Hugo is SUCH an incredible and mind-blowing book, even if you mainly read YA. And The Book Thief is one of my all-time favorites!! The movie is really good but it can’t even compare to the book!!! You should definitely read it!! 😀

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  3. Don’t you worry, I also have not read Evelyn Hugo yet! The hype is huge, and I wanted to wait a little bit before picking it up. I read Daisy Jones before Evelyn Hugo actually, and while Daisy Jones was not particularly impressive, I have a feeling I’ll love Evelyn Hugo! ♥ I loved reading your answers Kay!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah yes, there was a moment when all I saw on instagram were pictures of Spin The Dawn, too, haha. I can’t wait to read it though, it sounds so good! 😀 And I’m so happy you loved Grace and Fury, I’ve been wanting to read that one. I hope I’ll love it 😀
    Lovely answers for this tag! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahhh, thanks for the tag! I will definitely be doing this because I could always need more motivation to read more books! 😉
    And yikes, the only book I’ve read on this list is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and that’s only because I had to read it in high school. I need to read all of these books also, particularly Queen of Ruin! I also got an ARC of the first book and I really wanna know how things play out!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Giiiirl I haven’t even read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo but I’ve put a hold on it in my library (since oh just lately they’ve decided to get some more books in that are very popular in the book community, they even went and got Daisy Jones and the Six to! Spin the Dawn .. well I just read that one recently not because of everyone talking about it but because of the ‘Mulan meets Project Runaway’ blurb for it, I love Mulan and this book was just soo good!

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  7. Aww, thanks for the tag, love! ❤ Ah, THE BOOK THIEF! That story stole my very soul! I really hope it does the same to you once you read it, Kay! 😉 I read Forest of a Thousand Lanterns earlier this year, and I surprisingly enjoyed it a lot! It's definitely an intriguing evil queen retelling!

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  8. Yay, I’m so happy you did this!! I loved reading your answers and either thinking in my head, “yep, I should read that too” or else just having already read the book.😂
    Ahh, I can’t recommend The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo or The Book Thief enough!!! Seriously both of those are probably in my top ten or top fifteen favorite books ever. I’d say I even liked The Book Thief more than I liked the movie, although the movie was excellent. Happy reading!

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  9. :”’) *wipes away tears of happiness that you’re going to read the foxhole court* *but cries some more because all my tireless work has paid off*

    omg I hope you love it, it’s one of those things where ppl either love Neil Josten or they cannot handle his drama


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