All 14 Young Adult Books I Own // A Mini Bookshelf Tour (???) Of My Mini Book Collection!!!

Hey loves! A few weeks months (I started writing this post over a month ago WHOOPS it’s been sitting in my drafts forever) ago, I published one of the posts I’m most proud of, Consumerism And Materialism In The Bookish Community // Bookworms Need Not Buy Books. In this post, I talked about how I own very few books, and read almost all of my books from the library!

Well, I’ve also of course seen a ton of bookshelf tours, mostly on booktube but also on book blogs, and considering I barely have a bookshelf, I obviously never made one. After that post, I thought about what a few comments mentioned, which is the fact that I own so few books makes each and every single one of them special to me. So I’ve decided to make a post listing every single YA finished book I own! I’m not going to be listing ARCs because those can’t be sold, and were free, so here I’m just showing the books that had to be bought, to show how I can be a bookworm without buying a bunch of books!

(I’m also only listing YA because half of my bookshelf is, like, rainbow magic fairy books, school yearbooks, and AP prep books soooo that’s not really relevant)

Listed in the order they are on my one single book shelf from left to right 🙂

asset 2

1. Renegades


This is the only hardcover book I own! I got it as a Christmas present from my parents last year in hardcover because I love Marissa Meyer so much I was just dying to read it and couldn’t wait!

asset 1

2. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


I bought this book for one dollar used from the friends of the library sale! It has some writing on it and some Cheeto dust, but that just shows me how loved it is and I’ve already reread it three times ❤

asset 1

3. Daughter of Smoke and Bone


This was my free book I received for completing the Teen Summer Reading Program at the library last summer! Yet another reason the library rules!

asset 1

4. A Court of Thorns and Roses

16096824. sy475

This is one of three books I purchased from Barnes and Noble with a $25 gift card from my grandma for Christmas 2017!

asset 1

5. Cinder


I got this book from my parents for my 15th birthday! I remember reading it in an Air BnB cottage in the mountains we stayed in during summer break (I have a July birthday), and asking to pleeease wait just ten minutes for me to finish a couple chapters before we went fishing one day haha.

asset 1

6. Scarlet

13206760. sy475

I received this book as a Christmas present from my parents in 2017. By then, I’d already read the entire series and I just loved it so much I wanted to own a copy (and I’ve definitely reread it a few times since)!

asset 1

7. Cress

13206828. sy475

This was the second of the three books I bought with that gift card!

asset 1

8. Winter

13206900. sy475

I received this book as a Christmas present from my brother just last Christmas 2018 and I was ecstatic to own the entire series! The only series that I own in full, so it’s extra special!!! (We have a full set of all 7 Harry Potters, but technically those belong to my brother, not me. They’re not on this list because they’re on his bookshelf, not mine!)

asset 1

9. My Lady Jane

22840421. sy475

This was the final book I bought with that gift card! It was so worth it since I laughed out loud reading it so much!

asset 1

10. Everbound


I received this book from a secret santa gift exchange in eighth grade! Thank you, secret santa!

asset 1

11. Delirium


I received this book from my brother for another Christmas present! Christmas 2014–now I feel so old!

asset 1

12. Red Queen

22328546. sy475

I got this one from my parents for Christmas 2015. It’s the only book I own that I don’t really like haha, but it was a present and I really appreciated the sentiment so I’ve held on to it.

asset 1

13. The Mediator


I got this from my parents together with Red Queen! This one, however, I really enjoyed!

asset 1

14. The Royal Treatment


This is barely YA; the main character is in eighth grade but the series is shelved in YA in my library so it counts! For some reason the library only had books 1 and 3, so I asked for this book, book 2, for Christmas to finish reading the series!

asset 2

And that concludes my Bookshelf Tour! Yes, I read over a hundred YA books every year, but I only actually own 14 young adult books. This just goes to show how amazing the library is!

asset 1

Let’s Chat

How many books do you have? Do you prefer paperbacks or hardcovers? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



31 thoughts on “All 14 Young Adult Books I Own // A Mini Bookshelf Tour (???) Of My Mini Book Collection!!!

  1. I have 40ish?? Some are children’s books and some aren’t even mine lol.

    I 100% prefer hardcovers because you can take off the dust cover and the beautiful art isn’t ruined. And if the actual book is messed up, you can’t tell when the dust cover is on.

    I loved this post! I’ll have to do it sometime! (And you have great choice in books- I have some of these on my TBR)

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  2. Ohhhh I have a lot of books, actually (and my dad hoards a lot of engineering textbooks haha) but I don’t really buy books lately either! I usually get them from the library (or sites like Netgalley) and/or ask my parents to buy them for me at birthdays or Christmas. Libraries are awesome! I didn’t get a free book from participating in a summer reading program, but I got some $5 Amazon gift cards. They are so generous to us bookworms who can’t afford to buy books!

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  3. Wow. I am so impressed! I wish I could have that much self-control and not over-buy so many books or at least have the decency to let some go (I have attachment issues tho) I own over 100 (not including the ARCs) but I’m hoping to do a clean out before the end of the month!
    Your collection may be small but it is mighty! I mean you own The Lunar Chronicles which is essential reading (and my fave series!)!!!

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  4. I have hundreds of books, but that’s because I go to op shops, garage sales and school fetes a lot and pick up books for a few dollars each. A bad trick I found is go at the end of the day at school fetes because they are just going to donate the books so I have picked up boxes of my favourite authors for about $10 a box.

    I do prefer paperbacks, because there is something satisfying about cracking the spine. Also i love the look of well read books. It means they are well loved!

    I have tried to stop buying though. To get through my TBR. Any tips for that?

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      1. Hehe, I used to be like that than I started working and I went downhill from there. I have too many books on my TBR now. Yet I still buy more and borrow from the library. I have a serious problem.


  5. The fact that you love these books is all that matters! When I was younger, and my parents bought my books mostly, I bought a lot of them used at garage sales, and found so many hidden treasures! ♥ Now, I mostly own ebooks (because my library doesn’t have the books I’d like since I read in English and live in France) and pretty much only buy books I’ve already read and loved. I remember reading Meg Cabot and her Princess Diaries so much as a kid, such good memories ♥

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  6. I love that you’re conscious of how many books you have! I probably own six books(? they’re scattered throughout my room hahaha) that I still need to read, otherwise I borrow books from the library (like you!) or friends. I think it’s really special that you’re able to identify when and where you got all the books on your shelf 🙂🌟.

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  7. Awesome post, Kay!! It wasn’t until this past year or so, that I began purchasing physical books. I buy 95% of these from used bookstores for under $3 each, because I don’t have the money to buy full price new releases! Haha! I own Winter, Renegades, Archenemies (ARC), and Stars Above from Meyer! I have so much love for her and her books! ❤

    I honestly think I own somewhere around 100 books now, if you can believe that! At least a 1/3 of them are classic novels that have just been passed down to me over the years tho!

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  8. I think i have like 400+ books, I have to buy because I live in a small town and the libraries around here don’t really have much in, they have like a few but I will have read them all before 6 months even passes. I wanted my own library anyway and I’m very selective on which books I want to get, but I do ask my boyfriend, friends and sister for books for Christmas and birthdays (valentines, anniversaries and whenever he wants to treat me – boyfriend)


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