Top Ten Book Characters I’d Love To Be Friends With // My Aspirations To Bake, Geek Out, And Share Secrets Together

Hey loves! Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s prompt is Characters I’d Love To Be Besties With. asset 5

1. Lara Jean // To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


Because as I’ve said 20398190283 times, Lara Jean is basically me. We could bake together, chill inside reading romance novels instead of partying, and also relate over our half Asian-ness!

asset 1

2. Alex // Red, White, and Royal Blue

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This guy is the sweetest cinnamon roll and I want to be besties with him and hear all about his and Henry’s relationship.

asset 1

3. Elisabeth // Sorcery of Thorns


This girl is a straight up child of the library! She’s fun, smart, loyal, brave, and she literally hangs out with books and communicates with them weirjodskflj we could have such great adventures together

asset 1

4. Rosie // Love A La Mode

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Rosie is such a master baker we could bake together!! And she could show me around Paris!And she’s so sweet and such a great friend and promoting food from tons of different cultures I love her.

asset 1

5. Cath // Fangirl


Don’t we all love Cath? I would love to fangirl with her over various fandoms, write stories together, stress and angst about college…

asset 1

6. Hermione // Harry Potter

3. sy475

Every bookworm wants to be friends with Hermione, including me! I would love to do magic with her (still waiting on my letter…), learn about Hogwarts and spells, and have adventures because the books proved even she wasn’t above a little rule breaking…

asset 1

7. Elle // Geekerella


Elle and I would just click! She has a super popular blog (ahh, I’m jealous), she’s a huge fangirl, and of course I would love to hang out with her movie star friends… 😉

asset 1

8. Kimi // I Love You So Mochi

39828159. sy475

I would just love to be friends with Kimi! First of all, I know I would always be fashionable with her as my fashion designer friend 🙂 Then, I would just love to go on adventures with her in Japan! I could really relate to her being a fish out of water there so I think we could bond over that 🙂

asset 1

9. Kenji // Unravel Me


Isn’t Kenji’s friendship with Juliette absolute goals? I love hearing them banter, I love how cocky and self assured and funny he is, while still being deeply loyal and caring and I just he’s the best.

asset 1

10. Andie // The Unexpected Everything

17838528. sy475

Can I please be in Andie’s friend group? Hang out walking dogs all day, spend time together at a diner, making a friend text only with emojis, having epic scavenger hunts… summer friend goals!

asset 5

Let’s Chat

Who are some characters you would love to be friends with? Any of these ones? I’d love to chat in the comments below!


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