Top Ten Book Redesigns // Beautiful New Artwork, Disgustingly Ugly Ruination, And My Beloved Harry Potters

Hey loves! Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s prompt is Cover Redesigns I Loved/Hated. Do I even know any cover redesigns? No, not really. But I guess I’ll just go with it.

asset 5

1. Royals/Prince Charming


They changed not just the cover, but also the title of Royals/Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins! The first one looks all Disney princess, but the second one is super cute with the illustrations and the pops of red in the hair and converse!

Verdict: Redesign


asset 1

2. Across The Universe

9583408. sy475


This one I’m rather conflicted on. I prefer the first one with the pretty pinks and galaxy sparkles, but it makes it look so romantic when it’s not really a romance, mostly just science fiction? The new one better reflects the content, but it’s just so… ugly?

Verdict: Originalasset 1

3. American Panda

35297380. sy475 42201385

I just love both of these! I love LOVE how there’s a beautiful Asian model on the cover! The font is so cute, and overall it looks super cute! Ultimately, I think I prefer the paperback redesign just because I love the color scheme more; I’ve always been a sucker for pink!

Verdict: Redesign

asset 1

4. Carry On


To be honest I don’t really like either of these covers that much. The original looks boring and the redesign looks too cartoonish for my liking. But I guess if I have to choose, I prefer the new one slightly.

Verdict: Redesign

asset 1

5. I Have Lost My Way

36470842. sy475 42729276

I don’t really like the original; what’s with the weird blobs and the random white O? But I hate the redesign. It looks so stupid and cringy, not like a legit book cover, more like something I’d find on Wattpad or something.

Verdict: Original

asset 1

6. White Cat

60877568058030. sy475

I like and dislike these both. The first one looks like of messy, but it gives me a vibe of the story, while the second one looks cooler but has basically nothing to do with the actual book? I guess it’s slightly better though because it’s so cool.

Verdict: Redesign

asset 1

7. Shadow And Bone


I like and dislike both of them? I like the colors in the redesign, but I like the font in the original, and I love how it feels more like Russia. Both of these are far inferior to the Six of Crows cover lmao.

Verdict: Original

asset 1

8. Modern Faerie Tales


Ahh, I remember reading this book back in middle school. I think it does a good job of capturing the slightly creepy faerie vibe. It’s not the exact same book since the new one is a bind up of the whole trilogy, but obviously given my intense love for the Folk of the Air covers, I prefer that one.

Verdict: Redesign

asset 1

9. Anna and the French Kiss


This is easy because I absolutely HATE the original cover. I was embarrassed to be seen reading it. It looks like such a cringy stupid romance. Why do we see so much more of Anna than Etienne? The font is terrible; it looks like something I would like trying to be fancy in fifth grade. The pink and green clash horribly.

Verdict: New

asset 1

10. Harry Potter!

3. sy475 72193

There’s a zillion versions of this, but I’m not going to compare any of them and just look at the original British vs. American versions because I own both! They’re both so nostalgic; I love seeing Harry on his broom by Hogwarts on the American, and of course the Hogwarts Express is so amazing on the British.

Verdict: I can’t decide!

Also, my beautiful, beat up, very very loved copies of Harry Potter below ❤


asset 5

Let’s Chat

What are some of your favorite and least favorite cover redesigns? Do you mostly agree or disagree with me here? What’s your favorite version of Harry Potter? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



34 thoughts on “Top Ten Book Redesigns // Beautiful New Artwork, Disgustingly Ugly Ruination, And My Beloved Harry Potters

  1. I think the random blobs on I Have Lost My Way is supposed to be a photo from underneath of people standing on top of frosted glass. You can kind of make out their shoes, and then the body gets more indistinct as it gets further away from the glass.
    Also, I think the redesign covers for the Curseworkers do relate to the story. The girl with the yellow hair with her head thrown back would be Lila, Cassel’s friend. (I assume this, anyway.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohh, I’ve never seen the paperback version of American Panda but it’s so cute!! I think I like it better than the hardcover, it’s just so aesthetic. Also, I love your Harry Potter versions aww😭❤️All of mine are the same (the American versions, that you have for 4-7) except 1-5 are hardback and 6-7 are paperback lol. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ooh yeah I like the cutesy redesign of prince charming. And yeah, after what you said about across the universe it makes sense they did a redesign… but I also don’t like that new cover. I like both the American panda ones too. I feel the same about the shadow and bone covers- there are pros and cons to both (and yeah the six of crows covers are better). oh yeah totally hear you about anna and the French kiss. Yeah I’ve got to admit that both the old HP covers are excellent (but I love my beat up British copy too much to choose anything else!) Awesome post- really enjoyed this!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I feel like Harry Potter, mostly everyone has their ‘favourite’ edition of it and usually it ties back into the first copy they read. I collect the series in many formats because ahhh I have such a soft spot for this world and I agree with you. It’s kind of impossible for me to choose. That being said, AH, the redesign for those Rachel Hawkins books own me 100%–I love the illustrated look that contemporaries are taking on recently. They’re so aesthetically pleasing.

    Liked by 1 person

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