Books Set In Summer To Read In Summer // 13 Examples Of Beachy Times and Frozen Treats To Plan Your Summer Adventures By

Hey loves! It’s time to acknowledge two truths: I love summer, and I love reading summer contemporaries! Summer break is truly the best time in the world, and it’s so fun to read about these little adventures! Since I love summer so much, I thought I’d share some books that take place during the summer that are perfect summer reading!

Also, since Morgan Matson is the undisputed queen of the summer contemporary, check out my ranking of all her books!

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Beachy Books

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Summer Bird Blue


If this isn’t a perfect summer book, than what is? Just look at that beautiful cover! It contains themes of loss, maturity, and moving on, has incredible biracial representation, and all while set in Hawaii by the beach!

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Alex, Approximately


This book takes us right onto the boardwalk, watching movies on the beach and riding the Ferris wheel into the sky! It’s definitely an adorable summer time read!

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Second Chance Summer


Not by the ocean, but by a wonderful lakeside beach! From selling snacks to cute lifeguards, there’s so much fun in this book, even while it’s set against a heart wrenching loss.

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Small Town Hearts


This book is set in a sleepy Maine town with a main character who literally lives in a lighthouse! It’s so cute, and even has a sandcastle building competition which is honestly goals.

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Trips and Adventures

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You’d Be Mine


If you’re going to read about a trip or tour, might as well read about a wonderful music tour! I loved reading about Clay and Annie tour the country performing country music concerts, and basically just love music.

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Love & Luck


Another fantastic road trip would be to just road trip across Ireland. Seriously, the descriptions of famous spots in Ireland were just fantastic!

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Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour


Of course, this is my og road trip book. I absolutely loved reading about their driving across the US, stopping in fun spots, and all the schenanigns they got in along the way.

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Starry Eyes


This isn’t a trip by car, but an amazing hiking story! Get lost in this book like the characters get lost in caves, the woods, and under the stars.

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This isn’t really a story about a trip, but more about a character’s amazing growth as she learns to accept herself and follow her dreams. She does finally get out of her old town and travels to California though!

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Frozen Treats

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The Music Of What Happens


With a food truck setting, of course there’s some delicious food to drool over. Fried chicken, frozen prickly pear lemonade, cloud eggs… Of course the two guys, my two smol beans, working the truck, were amazing too.

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Since You’ve Been Gone


Food, as in the main character’s job at an ice cream store, is just one of the amazing things about this book like skinny dipping, party crashing, road tripping, and all the other things on a summer bucket list.

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Love & Gelato


I mean, the title about says it all. Anyone else want to read a book about gelato? And in Italy, no less? The adorable romance and strong family themes are just another plus!

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Stay Sweet


Although this wasn’t my favorite book, the descriptions of ice cream from girls working an ice cream stand all summer long, famous ice cream with a secret ingredient, were definitely a favorite!

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Let’s Chat

What are your favorite books set in summer? Do you prefer to read light fluffball summer contemporaries during the summer as well? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



22 thoughts on “Books Set In Summer To Read In Summer // 13 Examples Of Beachy Times and Frozen Treats To Plan Your Summer Adventures By

  1. I’m currently reading Summer Bird Blue and, wow, how did I not find Akemi Dawn Bowman sooner?! I’m only a few chapters in and I’m enraptured. It’s a sad story but she tells it really beautifully

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  2. Ahh what a wonderful, wonderful list, I love your recommendations SO much and they’re so fitting for the season. I loved Small Town Hearts, You’d Be Mine, Amy & Roger and Starfish SO much ahh. ❤ I need to read Summer Bird Blue someday 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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