Top Ten Childhood Favorites // Lots Of Weird Rambly Nostalgia Ft. Imaginary Lizards, Colorful Mice, and Fruit Cake

Hey loves! Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! This week’s prompt is Childhood FavoritesMore rambling here! This post is making me so nostalgic and what’s so crazy is that I’m turning 18 this month!!! About to be an adult!!!!! So this is truly the end of my childhood so what a perfect time to look back.

Of course, I wouldn’t exactly call high school my childhood, although that just ended last month too soooooo! For this list, I’m going all over my childhood, but mostly the books I first read and adored in elementary school. I’ve always been a reader, so there are books from all stages of my life I love love love.

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1. Harry Potter

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Of course Harry Potter is a childhood favorite. I loved the books back then when I read them in elementary school for the first time, and I still love them now. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving The Boy Who Lived.

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2. Ella Enchanted (+ Other Gail Carson Levine Books)


This one is a true childhood favorite. It’s the childhood favorite. Hands down my favorite “kid” book. I’ve read this book probably more than any other book ever, period. My copy of the book is falling apart. It can stand open to any page, the cover is peeling off, the spine is broken. It’s so loved, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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3. The Rainbow Magic Fairy Books


This is more of a series, a never ending series, a phenomenon, than a book, but nevertheless it deserves a place here. If anything, this series turned me into a reader. I remember going to the library and getting tons of these books at a time. I remember my box set of the Weather Fairies, dressing my bear as Amy the Amethyst Fairy, rereading Holly The Christmas Fairy every Christmas for like five years, proudly wearing my fairy necklace…

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4. Junie B Jones


I LOVE THIS GIRL! Seriously, I loved these books so much, and also Junie B First Grader. Her name is The B stands for Beatrice, but she doesn’t like that so she just goes by B. Also remember that time she sat on the fruitcake. And she tried to be a flower girl. Also the time she didn’t want cake just a bowl of whipped cream lmao what a mood.

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5. Ramona Quimby


MY GIRL RAMONA! And her sister Beezus. Also the girl with the curly hair she loved to pull on and go booooiiiing. Also remember when she had an imaginary pet lizard omg I loved that guy.

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6. Half Magic 

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There’s a whole series of books like this, I believe. I remember reading and loving then in fourth grade with my best friend Rachel (who moved away after that year… I wonder what happened to her). That book, about some ordinary kids discovering magic in their everyday lives, was so amazing!

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7. The Chronicles of Narnia

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They’re classics for good reason. I remember loving The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe when we read it in class in third grade, and then devouring all the rest of them myself. The world is just so amazing and magic, and it’s so easy to be swept away by the enthralling story.

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8. Year of the Rat (And Pig)


You wanna talk about diversity in literature? This was the first book I recall ever reading (in English at least lol a got a couple Chinese picture books) with a Taiwanese, or any Asian at all, protagonist. Reading about the eating Chinese food, Chinese New Year, having a zodiac animal (I’m a snake btw), lucky color red, all that stuff that my family does but I never found in another book…wow.

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9. The BFG (+ Other Roald Dahl Books) 


I love Witches, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but most of all I LOVE the BFG! It was the first of his books my entire family read, and I remember amiably chatting with my brother about how cool and friendly and fun and magical the Big Friendly Giant is!

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10. Geronimo Stilton


So… this is one of everyone’s childhood favorites right? I remember everybody loved these books! They’re so fun and colorful, from the fun fonts jumping out on the page, to Geronimo Stilton’s narrative voice, to the bright illustrations, to the fun and crazy interactions between family and friends…

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Let’s Chat

This was such a trip down memory lane omg. I’m so nostalgic now. Let me know if you have any of the same books on your lists in the comments below! Some of these are classics I expect to see, but others I’m wondering if they have to do with my age, and the years I grew up. Anyways, I’d love to chat in the comments below!



63 thoughts on “Top Ten Childhood Favorites // Lots Of Weird Rambly Nostalgia Ft. Imaginary Lizards, Colorful Mice, and Fruit Cake

  1. For our generation, if we talk about childhood reads, I’m sure it’s a must to have Harry Potter on it. Is Ella Enchanted the source of the movie with Hugh Dancey and Anne Hathaway?
    Great list this week! 🙂

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  2. The rainbow magic fairy books are ones that I remember as there were lots of them and everyone was always looking for their name!! I remember reading Roald Dahl– he had a fun imagination!! I think I remember the witches the most!!
    My favourite childhood author was Anna Wilson– she wrote really fun animal stories that I loved!! 🙂

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  3. Ahh this is such a fun post!
    Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart – have seen it in so many childhood faves and rightly so!
    Yess the BFG – the memories! Roald Dahl was one of my favourites!
    I also LOVED Enid Blyton’s books, especially the Malory Towers and Twins at St. Claire’s series – loved them!!

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  4. I LOVED the first three Narnia books (I read them before seeing the films), but never went back to finish them. Now I need to remedy this. Also, I read Ella Enchanted, though to be honest, I don’t remember much about it. 😀 Thanks so much for the Finding Wonderland visit, Kay. Happy Top Ten Tuesday.

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  5. Yesss, you are the first post I see that mentions Geronimo Stilton! It was so important for my reading habits, I remember checking them out of the library like three at a time

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  6. Oh I remember the rainbow magic books! I was reading in the library during class time and my class left without me and I never noticed! I must have been there for at least an hour without them! Shows that I must’ve been fully absorbed in reading from a lot younger than I originally thought!
    I love your answers 🙂

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  7. Happy early birthday!! We have so many books in common!! Ahh, I’m turning 18 as well (except at the end of the year), so maybe that explains it? Roald Dahl was such an amazing children’s author, one of the first books we read in class was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Lovely list, it brings back so many memories ❤

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  8. I love Harry Potter and I’m pretty sure I always will 😀 I really need to read Ella Enchanted sometime though as I never did. And I somehow never picked up a Roald Dahl book – despite loving all of the films /: I think I read quite a lot of Enid Blyton

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  9. AAAAA THIS POST BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES. there was a time in my life wherein my mission was the collect all the Geronimo and Thea Stilton books and now I look back and realize how much money I could’ve saved because they were all available at the library. ramona quimby is my all time fave childhood read and I just have so many good memories attached to it. The Rainbow Magic series was also my jam back in the day! also, an advanced happy birthday to you! i know you’re gonna be a great adult :))

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