You’d Be Mine ARC Review || A Captivating Musical Summer Contemporary

36146624Annie Mathers is America’s sweetheart and heir to a country music legacy full of all the things her Gran warned her about. Superstar Clay Coolidge is most definitely going to end up one of those things.

But unfortunately for Clay, if he can’t convince Annie to join his summer tour, his music label is going to drop him. That’s what happens when your bad boy image turns into bad boy reality. Annie has been avoiding the spotlight after her parents’ tragic death, except on her skyrocketing YouTube channel. Clay’s label wants to land Annie, and Clay has to make it happen.

Swayed by Clay’s undeniable charm and good looks, Annie and her band agree to join the tour. From the start fans want them to be more than just tour mates, and Annie and Clay can’t help but wonder if the fans are right. But if there’s one part of fame Annie wants nothing to do with, it’s a high-profile relationship. She had a front row seat to her parents’ volatile marriage and isn’t interested in repeating history. If only she could convince her heart that Clay, with his painful past and head over heels inducing tenor, isn’t worth the risk. 

Publication Date: April 2nd by Wednesday Books

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Many thanks to Wednesday Books/St. Martins Press for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Little known fact about me: I occasionally try and fail to play guitar. (Trying to learn!) That’s part of why I wanted this book so much: because I love, love, love music. Upon reading this book, I immediately wanted to get up and play my guitar and sing, and just feel the intoxicating high that comes from music and performance. There’s a thrill from it, and this book managed to capture it perfectly.

Annie and Clay are musicians, first and foremost, because it calls them. It’s in their blood and bones, and they can’t live without it. The words to songs are in them, just bursting to get out and into the world. Annie especially starts out adverse to the idea of going on a music tour and the fame it might bring her, her mind telling her that it’s not smart, but in the end she’s a musician, a performer, and she’s drawn to the music. I’ve read quite a few books about musicians and bands, and no book like this one has ever managed to describe so perfectly that urge and need to be performing. This was one of those books where I really felt like I was there, swept away in the music playing in the back of my mind, not just reading words on a page.

Erin Hahn wrote a few songs in this book too, and they were absolutely beautiful! I wish I could hear them sung so I’ll just have to settle for listening to country music (also by the way I usually never listen to country music but this book was so amazing it has me rocking out to it 24/7 now) and reading her lyrics over and over again. The songs and truly beautiful, especially when you know the meaning behind them, and who they’re written about: the characters of this book!

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There were some super fun moments in this book! I loved seeing the characters hang out and joke around with their friends, especially the endearing friendship Annie had with her band mates! When I first picked this book up, I thought it would be like another one of the numerous fluffy books about famous people, rock stars, and their wild extravagant lives and I was completely 100% down to read a silly insubstantial story and absolutely love it.

Well, this book has all the fun stories that we love to read about famous people, the ins and outs of show business, problems with dealing with the media and fabricated relationships, that made it so much fun to read, but it also had so much more, deep, meaningful story that just brought it to the next level.

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Annie and Clay are such amazing characters, and experience an incredible amount of growth throughout the book; the people they are at the end are completely different from who they are at the beginning. This is a story of two people who are hurt and broken, a story of healing and finding themselves.

The relationship between Annie and Clay was just so amazing and perfection and cute as well ahh! They had their super cute moments, like when Annie is swooning after Clay and his amazing vocals (me @mycelebritycrushes notice me pls) and his excellent fitting jeans, and they were so amazing for each other too, bringing each other up and helping them grow.

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I’m such a sucker for summer contemporary/romance books and this book was the perfect summery book ahh! I read it in January when it’s all cold outside and I love winter but it’s making me long for languid summer days of sunshine and beaches. This book takes place on a summer tour, and I loved getting to see different places, from sunny beaches to cute little towns, especially since the beginning of the chapters all note where they take place.

Overall, I’m still in awe over how moved I was by a book that’s less than 300 pages! It managed to sweep me away and completely overtake me, to show me the happiest of moments and the hardest rock bottom, and everything in between.


4.5 stars



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