Struggles And Insecurities With Online Friends ||Hard But I Love It

Hello guys! Today, I thought I’d write a discussion post on online/blogging friends! Since I started book blogging a little over a year ago, I’ve made some incredible blog friends I love with all my heart! However, there are definitely some things I struggle with that just isn’t the same with “real life” or “in person” whatever you want to say friends! These struggles can make me a bit insecure, so I really wanted to share out and see if anyone else feels the same way as me!

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Not Remembering Faces

For me, I tend to remember people’s faces more than their names. There are some people in my high school whose faces I know quite well, as I’ve had many classes with them, but I (shamefully) still don’t know their names! With blogging, many people (myself included) don’t put their face on the internet, using perhaps a picture of the back of their head, a vector drawing, or something instead of their actual face. And with the people who do upload their faces, it’s just that one picture of their face I have to associate with them, not seeing their physical body and their face with so many different emotions each day.

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Hard To Remember They’re A Person!

Sometimes, it’s kind of weird to think that my internet friends are real people to? I love my internet friends so much, but I’ve never interacted with them in person, only writing messages online and sooner or later another message appears back to me. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that there’s an actual person being the screen, an actual person who is writing back at me!

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Not Knowing Many Personal Details

Internet safety! There are a lot of things I don’t share online for obvious reasons, such as where I live and where I go to school. These things frequently pop up in conversation with my real life friends! I even haven’t shared my real name online–although it does begin with the letter K! As much as I love connecting with my internet friends, it does feel weird like we can’t have the closest relationship compared with my in person friends since there is a lot we don’t know about each other.

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Messaging Effort

Listen, I’ll say it here, I really suck at texting people. It just seems like that time could be better spent saying better things? I often leave my in person friends on read, or forget or “forget” to reply to their messages, which can annoy them, but in the end I still see them at school five days a week and we talk in person then so we’re still close friends! With internet friends, my only means of communication is messaging, so when I don’t message people, I just don’t talk to them at all! And that’s no way to have a friendship!

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Having So Many!

…for me, anyways. I have a fair amount of internet friends, some I know better than others. But in this case, counting the people I don’t really message, but I still try to comment regularly on their blogs, I have a ton! Compared to real life–I’m not a social person, at all. (and nobody is surprised lol). I have basically five friends who I’ll actually hang out with outside of school and I don’t instigate conversations with anyone else. I’m more comfortable having online bookish friends, but I definitely follow more than five blogs, and it can be hard to keep them straight!

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So there are a lot of struggles I have with having online friends. But the thing is, at the end of the day, it’s so incredibly rewarding and I’m so, so, so grateful to have these friends! I love how I can chat with people about books, which I do really do with my in person friends. I love how people from such different backgrounds, different ages living in different countries with different jobs who would normally not really be acquainted or friends can connect with each other! It’s so so clear to me that the number one reason I continue blogging and I love book blogging is without a doubt for this amazing community and the amazing people I can connect with ❤ ❤ ❤

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Let’s Chat

What are some things you struggle with having online friends? Can you relate to any of these? I’d love to chat in the comments below



14 thoughts on “Struggles And Insecurities With Online Friends ||Hard But I Love It

  1. Yep we’re all robots. 😝 I was always told not to have online friends because you can’t tell who’s being honest or not, but somehow blogging friends are different. We’re a community that helps each other! I’m sure I consider many bloggers my friends who wouldn’t think of me as one, though. Haha

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  2. I definitely feel the same way! I really feel super close to many of my internet friends, especially because we’ve all bonded over this shared love of reading and blogging, but at times, it does get a little weird (not necessarily in a bad way) because I know them so well in this regard, but I don’t know a bunch of other things like what they’re studying/working in, how tall they are, and a bunch of other random facts. :O

    Still, I’m so grateful to have made so many amazing friends ❤

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  3. I’m terrible at messaging people, so wish my real-life friends it’s easier to talk face to face … can’t do it with online friends. I’ve had a lot more online friends in my life though because people are a lot more approachable online!

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  4. This is such a relatable and wonderful post! Although I definitely am all for practicing Internet safety, I agree that it can be strange not to know personal details. It’s also hard because sometimes one of us will take a blogging break and we’ll go for a while without talking…but at the end of the day, I love that blogging lets us makes friends by getting to know each other in such a unique and fun way that really lets us connect with our common interests! ❤


  5. This is such an interesting discussion! I think it’s interesting because you can know a lot about a person’s reading tastes and preferences but know virtually nothing else about them, as opposed to real life friendships where you get to know more about a variety of topics. I really enjoy meeting bloggers in person for this reason! It’s one of my favorite things about book events. It turns the online friendship into something more tangible. Great post!


  6. Well I do felt that insecurity when I first interacted with strangers on the internet. I don’t like chatting much but I wish that I can learn things from them. And I do like to have friends who love books because I feel that talking with them will be equal to reading many books.

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