Weekly Wrap Up || February 23 2019

Hey loves! It’s Saturday again, which means it’s time for yet another Weekly Wrap Up!


Books Read

  • The Gilded Wolves: 4 stars | This book was so hyped and also it reminded me of Six of Crows so much I haven’t decided if that’s good or bad but I did really like it.
  • Siege and Storm: 3.5 stars | Not as good as the first book, and the love triangle (square? pyramid?) was infuriating but I did enjoy!
  • Ruin and Rising: 4 stars | I’m kind of indecisive about whether or not I like the ending, but this was my favorite book of the trilogy and now I can read King of Scars!


  • The Sound and the Fury: 1 star | I had to read this for AP English in school and I hated it so much also I didn’t even understand it at all and I’m fully convinced that Faulkner was doing hard drugs and high as hell when he wrote it.
  • The Girl at Midnight: 3.5 stars | This one reminded me a lot of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, which I loved, so good yay but also too similar.



Blog Posts



Life Happenings

  • I went to my high school’s winter formal dance (like homecoming and prom). Even though it’s my senior year this is my first dance I’ve been to and I had so much fun ❤
  • I’ve been spending a little less time blogging lately because I’ve been spending way more time writing! I’m about 30k words into the second draft of my WIP and it’s definitely much better than before so I’m excited for it!



Let’s Chat

How has your week been? Do you like stream of consciousness style writing (like The Sound and the Fury)? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤



18 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up || February 23 2019

  1. I feel exactly the same way about The Girl at Midnight, at first I was like YAY this reminds me of DOSAB. But then it got too similar and it just wasn’t as good. I’m super excited to read The Gilded Wolves! 😍 Hopefully that one isn’t too similar.

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  2. Glad you really liked gilded wolves- I definitely want to read it, even if (also partly because) it’s so like six of crows. hahaha that sounds like Faulkner! I’ve only read one of his books and *NEVER AGAIN*- I hate his writing style so much. Awesome wrap up!

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