All Of My Book Boyfriends I Can Think Of Right Now || Ft. Incomprehensible Squealing

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Hello! So you may have noticed that today is Valentines Day! If you’re like me, that means absolutely nothing because #singlelife amirite and honestly the best part of Valentines Day is the day after when all the chocolate goes on sale!!

Anyways, despite being forever alone, I do enjoy romancy books, and I do have quite a few book boyfriends. So I decided why not squeal in an incomprehensible way about how much I love them??


Kaz Brekker

from Six of Crows


  • aoisjdfklaoisjdfkl
  • I love him so much
  • Life dealt him such a hard hand and he’s secretly just a smol tortured boy who needs a little love??
  • But also hes so ruthless and I’d be lying if I said I don’t like reading about bad boys
  • But like actual Kaz Brekker bad boys not like wimpy watered down high school bad boys because high school boys < kaz brekker
  • But you know what if something needs to be done he’ll get it done and that’s a trait that’s really valuable in people you know
  • tbh idek why I love him so much just accept it and move on


Peter Kavinsky

from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before


  • I mean he’s gorgeous isn’t he??
  • The way he gets Lara Jean out of her shell and gets her to really live her best life is so amazing omg I need someone like that in my life because I honestly live in my bed why get out of bed when you could be lying in bed??
  • Also he read Harry Potter for Lara Jean owiasjfldk get a boy who will read Harry Potter for you (although ngl it would be preferable if the boy had already read HP because everyone should have already read HP they should come out of the womb quoting HP)
  • He bakes with Lara Jean!! He bakes for Lara Jean!!!! He goes to get the perfect choco chip cookie for her!!! I need someone like that in my life so I don’t end up getting fat from eating all my cake (except I’m okay with eating all my cake bc its delicioso)
  • He’s so good with Kitty awww


Carswell Thorne

from Cress


  • He’s so hilarious omg I love his cocky attitude it’s the actual best he cracks me up I need this personality in my life
  • He’s so confident in himself even when he shouldn’t be loll and I love itttt
  • But also even though he seems so egotistical at first he’s secretly willing to put himself into so much danger to help save the world
  • He’s the best enough said



from A Court of Mist and Fury


  • I mean don’t we all swoon over Rhys a little? (or a lot)
  • Seriously he cares about Feyre so much its so sweet
  • But also not just Feyre he cares so much about his inner circle and the people important to him are really really important to him
  • Also he’s lowkey secretly a feminist promoting his High Lady of the Night Court stuff when nobody else would
  • Also he’s willing to suffer so much just to protect everyone he takes the weight of the world onto his shoulders so I must protect him


Michael Moscovitz

from The Princess Diaries


  • PSA: enough people have read this isn’t not that popular but tbh I love it way way way more than the movie
  • He’s such a nerd and I’m such a nerd and also nerds are the best people
  • Seriously he has such interesting intellectual conversations and thoughts I would love talking with him
  • But also he’s so sweet and designs an amazing Beauty and the Beast computer thing for Mia because he lurvessss her
  • Also he’s a dog person and also he’s so good with little kids ie Rocky such a sweetieeee



from The Cruel Prince


  • Ngl I wasn’t feeling him so much after I read The Cruel Prince but after reading The Wicked King I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY SOUL
  • He’s such a scheming bastard and cruel and wicked I guess but I still love him anyway again with the badboy thing
  • Because I can tell secretly he’s also a smol bean who wants to be loved and wants to prove his worth and trust???
  • Also I don’t know if I can forgive him after the ending of The Wicked King but I trust Holly Black will let me love him again so I’ll keep loving him for now



from Geekerella


  • He’s such a geek I am a geek geeks are the best people around honestly
  • Seriously I could spend so much time fangirling with him and it would be AMAZING
  • Like he secretly is such a fanboy and knows all the quotes and goes to the cons and its great
  • Also there is the fact that he’s a famous hot actor with insured abs
  • And he’s basically prince charming to cinderella and ily prince charming sweep me off my feet to disneyland pls and ty



Let’s Chat

Who are some of your favorite book boyfriends? Do you love these bois as much as I do? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❀



16 thoughts on “All Of My Book Boyfriends I Can Think Of Right Now || Ft. Incomprehensible Squealing

  1. I will always love Rhysand!!! When he first showed up in ACOTAR I was convinced I wouldn’t like him because I knew something would happen with him and Feyre, but he totally won me over and I enjoy him so much.

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  2. I LOVE THIS, OH MY GOODNESS. I forgot Peter Kavinsky read Harry Potter for Lara Jean?? Oh, wow, I need a Peter.πŸ˜‚(Though yes, he should have emerged from the womb quoting Harry, obviously.) Thorne! I only read the beginning of Cress (I think) but is he the one who pretended to be married to Cress (if that is not her name, I apologize, it’s been a few years) because if so, I remember liking him and thinking that was adorable. XD

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