Hammock of Flowers?? || I Finally Drew Some Blog Graphics!

Hello loves! Well, I’ve been saying forever that I mean to make myself blog graphics, but of course, I’ve also been procrastinating forever! But I finally went and did it and made myself some graphics, and of course I’m vain and want validation so I wanted to share them here!


The Process

I’ve actually taken a couple of classes on graphic design, so it was really pathetic that I didn’t have anything designed for myself. Before though, I did have my old watercolor logo and header that I found with freepik.com. While that’s a great website, I really wanted to have something that was all my own, something I knew I didn’t have to credit anyone else for or worry I was overstepping copyright.

I decided to use Adobe Illustrator to draw some watercolor flowers! I haven’t done that much drawing with Illustrator, mostly just photo manipulations with Photoshop, so it was so much fun to play with all the brushes! They have a great collection of watercolor brushes that I used to draw the flowers! I took a few screenshots of the creative process to show off ๐Ÿ™‚

Experimenting with different colors, shapes and sizes for the flowers

From there, I wanted to make myself a watercolor wreath logo! I made flowers of different shapes and sizes, and arranged them with a few guides from Illustrator! It was quite the task grouping and arranging everything!

Laying out the flowers in a wreath

The final step was adding some leaves to make up the wreath–not just flowers! I really played with the different watercolor brushes and sizes here.

Adding leaves and stems to the flowers


The Result

After a few days and many hours of hard work, you can now see the finished result on my blog! I made myself a circle logo, a blog header, these dividers like the one right above, and a final signature with my name!

I also decided to color code the flowers to my blog posts! As you can see, I made four different colors of flowers: pink, blue, purple, and yellow. In my overall blog branding (header, logo), I decided to use all four flower colors together, and in my individual posts, I’m using one. This post I’m using pink! I’ve decided to do pink for discussions and posts like this where I’m just talking and sharing my thoughts, blue for reviews, yellow for wrap ups, and purple for tags and memes! I really liked the idea of using the different colors because I’ve always had a lot of rainbow colors on my blog!


Let’s Chat

Do you draw all your own graphics? What is your favorite color flower? I’d love to chat in the comments below โค




23 thoughts on “Hammock of Flowers?? || I Finally Drew Some Blog Graphics!

  1. Wow these looks amazing!! I recently did a bit of a “re-brand” on my website/blog myself, but I purchased my images as vectors from Shutterstock (I can’t really “draw” myself ๐Ÿ˜‚) and manipulated them in Illustrator. Isn’t Illustrator such a magnificent program? There’s so many things you can do!

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  2. Wow! These are so cute and it’s awesome that you designed everything yourself! I have Adobe Illustrator, but I honestly don’t really know how to use it. I’m a photoshop gal all the way. Anyways, thanks for sharing such a lovely post! I enjoyed seeing your design process ๐Ÿ™‚

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