Weekly Wrap Up || January 19 2019

Hello loves! Welcome back to another Weekly Wrap Up! Let’s launch into my week!

Books Read

  • Caraval: 4 stars | I’ve seen everyone talking about this forever and now I finally read it! It wasn’t perfect, but I definitely enjoyed, and the ending was crazy!
  • Always and Forever, Lara Jean (reread): 5 stars | I was feeling a bit nostalgic this week so I decided to just reread this book really quick, and of course I didn’t regret it!



Blog Posts


Life Happenings

It’s been so rainy–it rained every day this week and it was amazing! The perfect time to cozy up inside with a good book! And that’s precisely what I’ve been doing 🙂


Let’s Chat

What have you been reading this week? I’d love to chat in the comments below 🙂

10 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up || January 19 2019

  1. I read Caraval a while ago but I haven’t continued with the sequel yet. Ah the TATBILB books are just so adorable sdjbfks. I love rainy weather for reading!

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  2. I read Caraval this week too, and it probably deserves like 3 or 4 stars, the start took a long time to get into and I agree the ending was crazy, enough to make me want to read Legendary. I have Always & Forever on my tbr for this month ^_^

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  3. I’ve been reading Becoming by Michelle Obama and I had to stop halfway to return it to the library! The hold list is crazy, like there are 50 people putting a hold.

    I’ve just started Illuminae and I’m only 40 or so pages in but I’m already loving it! The format is so, so unique. Plus some certain characters are making me grin, and I’m sure they’ll pull a laugh out of me at some time.

    I’m also listening to Evermore and the reader is doing a fabulous job!

    Ok, that was a lot 😉

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