My Good Reading Habits Tag || I’m Not A Complete Mess, I Promise!

Hello loves! For one of the first tags of this year, I’m doing My Good Reading Habits Tag! I was tagged in this by my friend Rebecca from Bookishly Rebecca, and this tag was originally crated by Ally from Ally Writes Things! Make sure you check both of them and their good habits out!


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  • List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well
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My Good Habits

Not Buying Books | Honestly, I’m continually amazed at the bloggers who seem to always buy books and have stacks of unread books! I have very very few books, and only bough four books in all of 2018, and three of those were with a gift card! Instead, I go to my library almost every week! And, to be quite honest, I would rather spend money on a nice boba or burger than a book because unpopular bookish opinion alert: food > everything.


Only Starting Books When I Have Time | I typically only read books on the weekends! This is because I’m the type of person to read a book in one sitting, and I know that once I start I’ll procrastinate everything so I can read. So I usually don’t read on weekdays when I know I have homework and things to be doing, and therefore, actually do those things instead of read.


Not DNFing Books | I just don’t DNF books I guess. I didn’t DNF a single book this year. I might read, say, two pages of a book and then decide not to read it, but after I’ve really started a book, I just push myself through it.


Tag! You’re It!

Ashley | Margaret | Lili | Tiffany |  You!


Let’s Chat

What are some of your good reading habits? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤


23 thoughts on “My Good Reading Habits Tag || I’m Not A Complete Mess, I Promise!

  1. Thanks so much for tagging me! 😀 Looks like you really do have some good reading habits – I’m very impressed that you’re disciplined enough to only read when you have the time! And I’m with you on the not buying a lot of books. Even though I probably buy more than, say, someone who NEVER reads, I get most of my books from the library or as gifts as well!

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  2. I never DNF a book either but I’m kinda guilty on the other two points 😆 but to be fair, I only buy books when I’m done reading all the books I have on my shelf, that’s a littlr good habit right there i think hehe

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  3. Ouuuh thoses are some nice ones I didnt even thought of! Though I am a sloow reader, finishing in one setting is just not doable for me unless it’s like, a poetry book or something super short 😅 but it does make alot of sense!

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