2018 Bookish New Years Resolutions/Goals || New Year, New Blogging Me!

New Years Resolutions. Everyone makes them, and then promptly breaks them on January 3rd or something. Anyway, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and in addition to making the generic oh, I’ll work out more and procrastinate less and all that jazz, make some for this lovely blog!

In addition, since it’s almost my One Year Blogversery (!!!!!), these will be the goals for my second year of blogging!! Perks of starting a blog in the first month of the year is how nicely it all lines up I guess haha!

1. Actually make blog graphics | I’m one of the few bloggers I know who has done so little in terms of branding myself haha. Recently though, I did make myself a Blogmas header, and I loved being able to put it on every post! I made it with Photoshop, which I have access to through my school, but I’m going to lose access to after June, so the time is definitely now to be making headers, before it’s too late!!


2. Go blog hopping more often | I went blog hopping all the time when I first started my blog, but now I can’t remember the last time I did it! It’s very time consuming, which is probably why I stopped, but it’s genuinely so much fun to discover new blogs and bloggers, and it’s definitely something I should be doing to interact in the community more!


3. Rediscover old bloggers | I definitely used to be a lot more active, and I was friends with quite a few bloggers who I seem to have lost track of lately! I was certainly more busy at the end of last year than the beginning, which is why I couldn’t interact as much, but I’d love to check up on those old bloggers I’ve fallen out of contact with and see their lovely blogs!


4. Read 100 books again! | With another year over, it’s time to reset my Goodreads Reading Challenge! Last year I set my goal to 100 and surpassed it with 117! This year, I’m setting it to 100 again!

Image result for goodreads

5. Focus on quality, not quantity | For a while in the beginning of last year, I was blogging every single day! I was determined to get good stats! Since then, I’ve gradually started blogging less and focusing on better quality posts instead of just churning them out, and I’d like to do that more this year!


Let’s Chat

What are some of your blogging goals for this year? What did you set your Goodreads goal to this year? I’d love to chat in the comments below ❤


23 thoughts on “2018 Bookish New Years Resolutions/Goals || New Year, New Blogging Me!

      1. Thank you. I’m pretty slow reader, well depends what book I’m reading so I thought I won’t go overboard with my goals so I won’t upset myself for not achieving it 😂.

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