Sea Witch Review || A Magical Mermaid Twist

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Everyone knows what happens in the end. A mermaid, a prince, a true love’s kiss. But before that young siren’s tale, there were three friends. One feared, one royal, and one already dead.

Ever since her best friend, Anna, drowned, Evie has been an outcast in her small fishing town. A freak. A curse. A witch.

A girl with an uncanny resemblance to Anna appears offshore and, though the girl denies it, Evie is convinced that her best friend actually survived. That her own magic wasn’t so powerless after all. And, as the two girls catch the eyes—and hearts—of two charming princes, Evie believes that she might finally have a chance at her own happily ever after.

But her new friend has secrets of her own. She can’t stay in Havnestad, or on two legs, unless Evie finds a way to help her. Now Evie will do anything to save her friend’s humanity, along with her prince’s heart—harnessing the power of her magic, her ocean, and her love until she discovers, too late, the truth of her bargain.

“Though magic can shape life and death, love is the one thing it cannot control”

This book was such a roller coaster and I have such mixed feelings omg. But first thing’s first: the cover is GORGEOUS. It’s GOALS. Ngl the first thing I noticed about this book/made me want to read it was the cover and can you blame me?? So now I have these thoughts that’s like, well, a book that isn’t incredible shouldn’t be allowed to have such a gorgeous cover but also the ending made that cover worth it and I’m not even making sense anymore so lets just jump into the review of the actual book.

This book has the premise of being a sort of Ursula/sea witch from The Little Mermaid retelling/backstory and I was instantly captivated. But you should know that it really isn’t all about the evil sea witch–in fact, the main character Evie is the sweetest innocent ball of sunshine (like borderline annoying actually). And it really doesn’t become a retelling of the little mermaid until, like, the epilogue so if that’s what you’re expecting then change those expectations pronto. Still, even if it wasn’t a straight retelling, it was still w o w.

Evie and her best friend Crown Prince Nik lost their other best friend, Anna, who drowned at the sea a few years ago. Now, they’re 16 and Nik is getting read to wed when, surprise! This ex-mermaid named Annemette who looks exactly like their old friend Anna shows up needing to get Nik to fall in love with her or else she’ll turn to sea foam. But something is certainly not what it seems because how could she just not be Anna when she looks exactly like her?

The beginning of this book was very boring and very slow. I was pretty disappointed actually with the pacing and everything that was going on in the beginning, expecting this epic fantasy with mermaids and witches and amazingness and getting this sort of boring set up of people hanging out and talking and having not very great relationships. There were also these third person POV chapters from the past that showed up to slow down the action that I may or may not have skim read. All in all, probably 3 stars to the first 2/3 of this book.

BUT THEN! The ending! Was! So! Shocking!!! (sorry for the punctuation it’s annoying me too at this point but how else can I express my feelings of AAAHHH!) I definitely did NOT see the plot twist coming (although I’m pretty bad at seeing plot twists coming so that might just be me) but then I was completely riveted! Everything started going to hell pretty quickly and once it did I had NO IDEA how it was going to end, and then it did and I definitely did not anticipate it and I was hooked and on the edge of my seat and it was very insane and crazy and aoisjdfklw09eifopjsdlk. And it actually made me teary eyed and maybe I cried a little which is VERY RARE in books (although, admittedly I’m a hormonal mess right now and cry often) because I’m not a book crier so that’s when you know this was moving. All in all, probably 5 stars to the final 1/3 of this book.

The relationships in this book were kind of a mess and crazy. There’s the two girls, Evie and Annemette, and the two guys, Prince Nik and Ikor and it’s almost like it’s a love square or something. It’s not what it seems for sure. In the beginning I really didn’t like the ships and I was like eeeehhhh this is instalovey and cringy and I feel NOTHING but then ships were shipping and changing and in the end I am thoroughly satisfied and this is probably not very helpful but also if I say too much I’m going to spoil so lips are sealed.

Anyways, this review was pretty much a rambly mess and it was more emotions than actual logical review so sorry if that doesn’t help you haha. Probably because I just finished this book a couple hours ago and am still recuperating my broken heart and am not thinking clearly, but hey, better post it now than procrastinate to the end of eternity and then never post the review (like I’ve been doing for the past 2039w234 books) amirite?

★★★★ / 5 


3 thoughts on “Sea Witch Review || A Magical Mermaid Twist

  1. I’ve just got this book out the library (the gorgeous cover got me too) so I was very happy to read this review! I’ll brace myself for the slow start and look forward to the amazing end 😀

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