Blogmas Graphics || My New Header And Yours!

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 4.30.26 PM.png


After lazing around on my lazy butt for almost a year, I’ve finally conjured up the motivation to make myself a graphic! It’s pretty simple, just text, but I think it looks pretty cool and it took like an hour to make so i want the whole world to know so I’ll be posting it on all my blogmas posts this year! Except for the four that I’ve already posted because of course I always fail at getting things done on time!

Now, a large part of the reason I was motivated to make this header for myself was because I’ve been seeing such beautiful holiday graphics all around your blogs lately! I love Christmas and winter, so of course I had to get in on all the festivity! But since your blogs are just so gorgeous, I couldn’t just leave my post at this, and I decided that I just had to showcase your beautiful art too ❤

That Artsy Reader Girl: I’m sure we’ve most all been to Jana’s blog for Top Ten Tuesday, so let’s all be amazed at how beautiful it is together! The lights and snowflakes are just so cute!

That Artsy Reader Girl

The Bookish Chick has such pretty blogmas section headers! I could just eat this adorable little gingerbread house! Her blog has such a nice aesthetic you should totally check out!

Blogmas – Book Challenge – M

Bookishly Rebecca: Isn’t this just so pretty?? I love the little snowman and the out of focus holiday lights in the background! And the snow, of course!

Nerd Narration: I love the red and green themed holiday colors! The pine needle border on the top and bottom is so nice too!

Flying Paperbacks: This one is really playing up my sweet tooth haha! Those gingerbread cookies look just so delicious!

Books In The Skye: This one is simple but it works so well and looks so pretty! I love the red and green, and the little stack of color coordinated presents in the middle!


I’m sure I missed a ton, but here were some of the pretty holiday headers that caught my eye! Of course I should mention that all these blogs have amazing content too, so you should definitely check those out for that too if you aren’t as superficial and drawn in my graphics as me haha. Anyways, happy blogmas everybody ❤


19 thoughts on “Blogmas Graphics || My New Header And Yours!

  1. Oh my goodness thank you so much for including me among all these beauties!! I wish we got to keep the Christmas banners all year because it truly does make me more cheery lol!

    I also love your candy cane inspired header!! I really wanted to do one that way, but couldn’t make it work! You clearly did though!! ❤

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