Blogmas 2018! || I Probably Have A Death Wish

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Hey all! So…it’s been a while. Well, you might not have noticed, but I basically disappeared for two weeks and didn’t post anything or comment on anything. But now I’m back with a crazy impossible plan!

I’ve seen just a little bit about blogmas around here, and tbh I don’t really know if it’s a thing, but I love watching YouTubers do vlogmas and thought to myself, hey, I have a blog, I should do something festive too!


Also, I’m completely obsessed with christmas and the holidays! I put up christmas lights already and I’m sitting here in my santa hat listening to christmas music as I write this post! So naturally I wanted to spread the cheer here!

I’m going to try my hardest to post every single day for the 24 days leading up to Christmas! Every single day! (I want to die apparently .-.) This is probably not going to happen (especially since I have finals in three weeks hahahahaha *laughs hysterically*) but I’m going to try my hardest! And I’m definitely go to try to be more active with responding to comments, commenting back, blog hopping, etc šŸ™‚ Tis the season to spread the love ā¤

For the most part, my posts are just going to be normal posts: reviews, tags, memes, etc, but I’ll try to throw in a few holiday themed posts here and there!


Anyways, just wanted to announce this (and it makes for an easy first post lol)! Are you guys doing blogmas too? Comment below if you are šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see you all this month ā¤

13 thoughts on “Blogmas 2018! || I Probably Have A Death Wish

  1. I am so out of the loop. I didn’t know blogmas was a thing. I do try to post every day anyway, so I guess in a way, I am joining in! Just not officially.

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  2. I really like this post, I feel the exact same too, it’s my first time doing Blogmas and I think it’s both exciting but also terrifying!:)


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