Top Ten Tuesday | Harry Potter Merch I Need

Top Ten Tuesday is a book blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s prompt is Bookish Merchandise I’d Like To Own. True story: I don’t own ANY bookish merchandise. NONE. I’m just a really stingy git (I have basically no books and literally no merch) who is also really broke and spends the small amount of money I have on boba instead of book stuff, but honestly some of the stuff I see looks AMAZING. So as I was writing this list, I quickly realized that everything I wanted was from Harry Potter, so I’ve decided to amend my list to just Harry Potter Merchandise I’d Like To Own ❤ For, you know, when I win the lottery in the future.

1. Funko Pops


2. Deathly Hallows Necklace


3. Stuffed Hedwig


4. Pins


5. This Shirt


5. This Bag


6. This Mug


7. This Pillow


8. Wands!


9. Time Turner Necklace


10. My Hogwarts Letter: It’s coming. I promise. I prOmISe!

Image result for harry potter letters gif


36 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | Harry Potter Merch I Need

  1. Plush Hedwig just hurt my soul, I NEED ONE!!
    I feel like, even though there is a lot of merchandise out there it ‘s really hard to find good quality and fairly priced merch ??
    Happy Reading!! 😊

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  2. am i a huge harry potter fan? no. am i still sure that my hogwarts letter just got lost in the mail for the past 10 years and will show up any minute now? of course

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