Monthly Wrap Up || October 2018

Would you believe it–it’s time for another monthly wrap up! We now only have two more months of the year which is just beyond crazy for me! Although I haven’t really been posting this month, I’ve still been reading!


Books Read

  • Nothing Left To Burn: 4 stars. This one was kind of creepy and scary, and it dealt with an abusive relationship and, well, pyromaniac, and overall I did like it!
  • Holes: 5 stars. I wanted to reread a childhood favorite to get my mind off all of this stress and I still loved this book!
  • To Kill A Kingdom: 5 stars. I’ve heard a lot about this book, and it was certainly just as good as everyone said! I love siren books so much 🙂
  • Alex, Approximately: 3 stars. This book had a lot of problematic elements, but I did enjoy it overall as a fluffy guilty pleasure!

Image result for nothing left to burn goodreadsRelated imageImage result for to kill a kingdom goodreadsImage result for alex approximately goodread

  • If Only: 3 stars. This book was kind of strange, but also very unique and I appreciated the read.
  • Oedipus Rex: 3 stars. I read this for a class and my main takeaway is that Oedipus is literally a motherf*cker lol.
  • Across the Universe: 4 stars. Oh gosh this was so disturbing and terrifying as I could totally see parts of our messed up society in this messed up society…
  • El Burlador de Sevilla: 3.5 stars. This was the first full length book (or play, whatever) that I read in Spanish and I’m beyond proud! It was a struggle, took our class 3 weeks to get through, and I needed a significant amount of Google Translate, but not bad for a 4th year Spanish student!

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  • Prince in Disguise: 4 stars. Another total guilty pleasure haha very predictable but also I love it.
  • Emergency Contact: 4 stars. The main character was definitely flawed, but it was still a great book!

Image result for prince in disguise goodreadsImage result for emergency contact goodreads

Blog Posts

Well…not very many. Nonetheless, enjoy my shabby October:


Life Happenings:

Not gonna lie, November is probably going to be even worse than October in terms of how active I am. But this break is really necessary considering the other amounts of excessive stress in my life, and I would probably just combust if I was as active if I used to be lol. I definitely want to get back to blogging frequently in December, hopefully sooner!

Also, Archenemies by Marissa Meyer is coming out in November!!!!! I’ve literally been waiting a whole year for it and aoisekjfdwoaiejfdsklwoiejfsdk CANT WAIT.

Also, is anyone else totally overwhelmed in a good way by all the movies coming out lately?? In the next two months, I totally want to see

  • The Hate U Give
  • The Grinch
  • The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
  • Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
  • Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet
  • Mary Poppins Returns

Anyone else????


21 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up || October 2018

  1. I agree with you about Emergency Contact. I didn’t like Penny or her mother that much but I still oddly liked the book? Also- SO MANY MOVIES TO SEE!
    I already saw The Hate U Give, and just got my tickets for Fantastic Beasts the other day, but there are still so many coming out that I want to see!

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  2. omg omg omg…you are the love of my life. i also four starred Nothing Left to Burn and Emergency Contact!!

    i hope your november is a lil less stressful than expected!!

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  3. I am in awe! You had an AMAZING reading month!!! And the majority seemed to have been good reads too!! I’ve heard of Across the Universe before but I never picked it up, because I didn’t read Sci-Fi back then. But now that I occasionally dabble in Sci-Fi I may pick it up and give it a go?

    I hope November is less stressful for you ❤ Happy Reading!! 😀

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  4. Your Oedipus Rex comment made me laugh. I’ve been listening to a lot of the old myths and legends recently and I think that’s a common theme among the old/classic stuff. A lot of those guys were a**h****. 🙂

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  5. I’m sorry your month was so stressful but I am glad you are prioritizing things to help stay sane!! Your blog will still be here when you have more time!! Take care of yourself fist ❤

    And I am SUPER excited for Fantastic Beasts!!!

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